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109 Of The Best Gifts For Golfers (Updated)

Golfers are notoriously difficult to shop for, especially if you’re not familiar with the game. How do you find the perfect Father's Day or gift for the golfer in your life?

You can reach out to his or her friends for golf gift ideas, but that will be time consuming.

We think we can help you find the perfect golf present. We have scoured the marketplace looking for our favorite gifts for golfers. Anyone can find 20 golf gift ideas. Identifying the 50 best gifts for golfers seemed a bit too easy for us.

Yes, 90 golf present recommendations is impressive, but we still wanted to kick it up a notch. We’ve found 109!

Regardless if you’re shopping for a family member, a friend, or your boss, we’ve identified amazing golf gifts that will make their day. 

109 Best Gifts For Golfers

1. Sunday Golf Loma Bag ($129.99)

Midnight Green Loma Bag


Source: Sunday Golf

This Sunday Golf bag is the perfect gift for the golfer that enjoys having a good time on the course. They’re designed for a trip to the range, a casual 9 holes, or playing a par 3 course. Weighing less than 2 pounds, this bag is great for men and women, and can carry up to 6 clubs, all your golf essentials (balls, tees, etc.), and has a frosty pocket. Does this golfer you’re shopping for already have a bag? No problem, this is the perfect “2nd” bag or accessory for an avid player.

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2. Bamboo Golf Tees (starting at $14.99)

bamboo golf tees

Source: Sunday Golf


A perfect little golf present to include with a larger gift or potentially in a holiday stocking. These bamboo golf tees are eco-friendly and come in a pack of 80. A great gift for the golfer in your life to know that you’re thinking of them.

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3. Putting Green ($174.99)

golf putting mat

Source: Birdie Ball


The best gift for a golfer is one that will help them improve. Even better, a golf present that allows them to practice from the comfort of their home. Get them an indoor putting green and challenge them to a putting contest.

4. LOMA XL by Sunday Golf ($169.99)

Loma XL by Sunday Golf in midnight green

Yes, the Loma bag already appeared on our list, but the Loma XL by Sunday Golf is the “super-sized” version! This minimalist carry bag has all of the great features of the LOMA bag, but it can hold more clubs (8), comes with a double strap, and has a 3-way divider. Your back doesn’t need to worry. The Loma XL is very lightweight (3.4 pounds). The perfect gift for the golfer that has everything!

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5. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers ($25.00)

golf ball whiskey chillers

Source: Uncommon Goods 


Regardless if they’re celebrating a great score or trying to forget it ever happened, a post round drink is common. Get this golf ball whiskey chillers for your golfer they can enjoy while swapping stories with their buddies. 

6. Driver Drink Dispenser ($71.99)


drive drink dispenser

Source: Sharper Image 


A golf gift idea that will make them smile. This dispenser looks like a driver, but actually can hold up to 48 oz. of their favorite drink. You get thirsty on the tee box? Simply go to your bag and pour a delicious beverage.

7. Golf Personalized Letter Photography Wood Sign ($55.00+)

golf family wood sign

Source: Etsy Shop Simpson Hill Designs


Such a cool gift for the golfer in your life. Get them a personalized name sign that uses golf equipment to make the letters. You can select from 3 to 12 letters. The price goes up based on the number of letters you choose. A true work of art.

8. Range Finder ($89.99)

range finder

Source: Amazon


Club selection is critical to the golfer in your family. Here is a golf gift idea that will help them do this quickly and accurately. A range finder allows them to shoot the yardage and hit the shot. No guesswork needed.

9. Golf Ball Glass ($14.99+)

gift for golfer: golf ball glass

Source: Etsy Shop BenShot


An instant conversation item that’ll make them laugh when they unwrap this unique golf present. Personalization options are available for a small up-charge. The perfect gift for the golfer that likes to have a cold one after their round.

10. Phone Caddy ($25.00)


golf phone caddy

Source: Desert Fox Golf


Easy access to your phone on the course is now a necessity, and the Phone Caddy is the perfect gift for the busy golfer. Safely holds it in plain sight. Makes it easy to quickly respond to a text or read incoming emails.

11. Men's Golf Ankle Socks ($49.50 3-pack)

men's performance golf ankle socksn

Source: Bombas


You’re probably thinking - “socks?, what a boring Father's Day gift”. Think again. High tech socks that help protect your feet and keep you comfortable are a great gift for your golfer. Not to mention for every pair of BOMBA socks you buy, they donate a pair to help the less fortunate. Win-win.

12. Chipping Net ($14.99)

chipping net

Source: PodiuMax Sports


Do you live with an avid golfer? Do you ever have to listen to them provide a full summary of their round? Do you hear words like duff, blade, shank, and chilly-dip? Show them you actually listen by giving them a golf present that will help them improve their chipping. 

13. Leather Scorecard Holder ($75.00+)


leather scorescard holder

Source: Bluegrass Fairway 


A nice monogrammed scorecard holder has recently been in fashion on the PGA tour. Bryson DeChambeau has his initials (B.A.D) on his and while we wouldn’t recommend his diet, the golfer in your life would love this leather scorecard holder.

14. S'Well Hole In One Stainless Steel Bottle ($35)

stainless steel waterbottle

Source: S'well


Hydration is important on the golf course. COVID-19 concerns have forced some courses to remove water stations. Give a gift that will help keep your golfer enjoying cold water during their next round.

15. Personalized Photo Golf Balls ($14.95)

personalized photo golf ball

Source: Zazzle


great gift for a new parent golfer. Get them a pack of balls with a picture of their child or children. If no children, maybe their favorite pet? Be creative - any picture can go on the balls.

16. Golf Hats By Sunday Golf (<$30)

Sunday Golf Porter Lite Hat in Tan

Source: Sunday Golf 

We are sure the golfer in your life already has a golf hat, but does it fit their style? Golfers always love getting a new & unique hat to add to their collection. Sunday Golf has options that you don’t find in the Pro Shop.

Try a “dad hat”, a “rope hat”, a “crushable”, or one of each. Your golfer will love the designs and the color options. 

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17. Mulligan Golf Petitpoint Belt ($175.00)

 mulligan golf belt

Source: Scully & Scully


Could your favorite golfer use a fashion upgrade? If so, this is a great golf gift idea. High quality, hand-stitched belt that will be noticed on the first tee.

18. Golf Personalized Booblehead Doll ($65.00)

personalized golf bobblehead

Source: Bobbleheadsme


Looking for a fun Father's Day gift that can be part of their office setup during Zoom calls? Simply upload a picture and you will get a personalized present for their desk. A gift for the golfer that has everything.

19. Phantom 2 GPS by Bushnell Golf ($129.99)

Phantom 2 GPS by Bushnell Golf

Source: Bushnell Golf


No one has their own personal caddie, so get the golfer in your life the next best thing. This GPS device by Bushnell Golf provides you with the yardage to the front, middle, and back of the green in seconds. Never pick the wrong club again!

20. Golf Valuables Pouch ($29.99)

golf valuables pouch

golf valuables pouch clipped onto golf bag

A great gift for golfers to hold extra items on the course! This golf valuables pouch is waterproof, easily clips to your golf bag, and can hold a variety of items like your keys, cellphone, extra tees, jewelry, etc.

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21. Pro Chip Island Pool Golf Set ($47.99)

golf chipping pool set

Source: In The Swim


How about some golf-related fun while hanging out at the pool? Fun for the whole family, not just golfers. 

22. Personalized Golf Bag Tag ($6.29+)

personalized golf bag tag

Source: Etsy Shop CraftWorksNW


Every golfer needs a bag tag, so why not give them a personalized one. A nice, inexpensive gift that reminds the golfer in your life that you were thinking of them.

23. Golf Towel ($34.99)

sunday golf american flag towel

sunday golf miami vice towel

Source: Sunday Golf


Are you looking for a cool golf gift idea? Look no further than a golf towel by Sunday Golf. High tech, with tons of unique design options, this towel will make your golfer look slick on the links. A truly eye-catching product.

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24. Golf Ball Bottle Opener ($10.97)

golf ball bottle opener

Source: RMRK


A great item to add to a gift basket or a holiday stocking. You never know when a golfer might be stranded on the course with a non-twist off bottle. Help solve this problem. Easy to store in their bag.

Shop The Loma Bag

25. Custom Built Golf Pong Set ($249.99)

custom built golf pong set

Source: Etsy Shop CustomOutdoorGames


Do you want a golf gift idea that will blow them away? A custom golf pong set will produce hours of fun in the backyard or at your next tailgate. Build to order based on your favorite teams. A gift your golfer will never forget.

26. Ben Hogan Golf Shot Icon Canvas Art Print ($49.00)

Ben Hogan Famous Golf Shot Icon Canvas Wall Art Print

Source: Amazon Shop Martidn


Golfers love to study and learn the history of the game. This wall print will look great in an office, game room, or your den. Ben Hogan’s swing is a gift to all golfers.

27. El Camino Golf Bag by Sunday Golf ($189.99)


El Camino golf bag

Sunday Golf knows that golfers like having options. Sometimes you want to walk the course, but other times renting a cart is the right answer. If the golfer in your life likes flexibility, the El Camino is the mid size golf stand bag for them.

The weight (3.9 pounds), duraflex stand, and the double strap make it perfect for walking, but the plastic bottom has been designed to function when you ride. It can hold up to 10 clubs and has plenty of storage for your golf gear. This is one cool golf bag!

Shop The El Camino

28. Personalized Golf Keyring ($10.41)

Best Gifts For Golfers By Sunday Golf

Source: Etsy Shop BellaAniela


What a cool golf present. A charm based personalized key ring that you can help your favorite golfer build over time. 

29. The Ryder By Sunday Golf ($229.99)

The Ryder Bag by Sunday Golf in Toasted Almond

Introducing the Ryder Golf Bag – the perfect companion for golfers who love both cart rides and occasional walks. This full-size golf bag is designed for ultimate convenience with its hidden flat base, self-balancing padded shoulder straps, and ample pocket space. The innovative 4-can Frosty Pocket keeps beverages cold, while the Smell Proof Pocket adds extra utility. Weighing just 4.9 lbs and accommodating up to 14 clubs, it's a lightweight game-changer. Say goodbye to heavy bags and hello to a smarter, stylish, and efficient golfing experience. And it comes with a rain hood!

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30. Golf Home Decor ($10.00)

golf home decor

Source: Etsy Shop SportsHomeDecor


Even when they are not playing, golfers love to be around the game. A perfect golf present to place on their desk or coffee table to keep the game close all the time.

31. Funny Golfing T-Shirt ($17.99)

funny golfing tshirt

Source: Etsy Shop CrazyDogTshirts


Have you ever noticed how much golfers like to discuss the game? They can talk for hours with perfect strangers. This t-shirt is a great conversation starter. A casual gift for golfers to wear around town.

32. Custom Golf Pencil ($10.99)

custom golf pencil

Source: Etsy Store 


The perfect little gift for a bachelor party or a holiday stocking. Customized pencils for a special event or with your favorite golf quote.

33. Micro Fiber Ladies Golf Gloves ($9.99)

micro fiber ladies golf gloves

Source: Lori's Golf Shoppe


We can’t forget about the ladies! Nice, inexpensive golf glove that comes in 15+ different colors. One thing to keep in mind - if you are buying a glove for a right-handed player, they wear the glove on their left hand! 

34. Titleist Men's Golf Gloves ($25.00)

gift for golfer: titleist men's golf gloves

Source: Titleist


When you are looking for a Father's Day gift you can never go wrong with a famous golf brand like Titleist. Golf gloves will wear down after a couple months of playing, so golfers can always use more.

35. North Face Men's Golf Vest ($80.00)

men's northface golf vest

Source: North Face


Stylish golf apparel will always be a great golf gift idea. This vest is perfect for fall temperatures on the course and makes an impression after the round in the 19th hole.

36. Under Armour Men's Golf Shirt ($65)

under armour golf shirt

Source: Under Armour


Golfers can always use more golf shirts, in different styles and shades. Choose from 20+ colors.

37. Big Frosty Golf Bag Cooler ($34.99)

Sunday Golf golf bag cooler

Sunday Golf golf bag cooler


 All golfers love the 19th hole, but does the golfer in your life enjoy a cold beverage while on the course? Every round is more fun with a cold drink. The Big Frosty golf bag cooler keeps up to 6 cans cold and easily fits inside their golf bag.

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38. The Iceberg

The Iceberg by Sunday Golf

Meet The Iceberg – your ultimate golf course cooler companion. This slim ice pack is custom-made for the Big Frosty golf bag cooler. Freeze it overnight, slide it in, and enjoy frosty drinks and snacks all day, whether you're playing 9 holes or a full 18. Upgrade your golf bag cooler and say goodbye to warm drinks with The Iceberg. Grab one now, or double your cooling power for just $4 more!

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39. Athleta Women's Golf Shirt ($64.00)

athleta womens golf shirt

Source: Athleta


Are you shopping for a golfer that loves to play golf and wants to look good while doing it? The women’s golf shirt by Athleta is the perfect golf present for that aspiring LPGA professional!

40. Golf Club 3-Piece BBQ Tool Set ($40)

golfers bbq set

Source: Uncommon Goods


The best gift for a golfer is always the one they have never seen before. How about this sweet BBQ set with golf grips as handles? Maybe this gift will encourage your golfer to cook more!

41. Sunday Golf Shoe Cube ($34.99)

Sunday Golf Shoe Cube

The Shoe Cube is the perfect solution for shoe lovers on the move! Stylish and functional, it keeps your footwear organized and protected during travel. This high-quality, durable cube packs flat for easy storage, has a spacious, easy-to-clean interior, and features breathable mesh panels to keep your shoes fresh. Whether it's a weekend getaway or a gym trip, the Shoe Cube has you covered. It fits shoes up to size 14, dries shoes with vented zips, and even has a luggage pass-through strap. Travel smart and keep your shoes in top shape with the Shoe Cube!

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42. FJ Flex Men's Golf Shoes ($79.99)

FJ Flex Men's Golf Shoes

Source: FJ


They look like tennis shoes, but they have the traction required on the golf course. The perfect gift for a golfer who enjoys walking the course and getting some exercise. Pick from 4 different colors.

43. Personalized Golf Socks ($7.37)

personalized golf socks

Source: Etsy Shop LavendarEight


Everyone needs a pair of lucky socks, right? A unique gift for a golfer who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Customized with the player’s name.

44. Women's Gallivanter Golf Shoes ($225.00)

Women's Gallivanter Golf Shoes

Source: G/Fore


My guess - she doesn’t want the boring, old golf shoes. The Gallivantor by G/Fore is a great golf present for the lady on your shopping list that wants to make a statement with her footwear.

45. The Mule Travel Bag ($159.99)

The Mule Travel Bag Sunday Golf

Does the golfer in your life enjoy quick weekend trips to try new golf courses? Or maybe, they like to mix business with pleasure when traveling for work. Regardless, The Mule travel golf bag will make flying with their golf clubs easier. Help them keep their clubs safe without hurting their back in the airport.

Simplify their travel experience with The Mule. 

46. Travel Trunk Golf Organizer ($110.00)

Source: Macy's


So much more than a shoe bag, the Samsonite Trunk Golf Organizer is the gift for a golfer who likes to keep their golf gear nice and organized. Plenty of room for shoes (multiple pairs), clothing, socks, etc.

47. JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speakers ($69.95)

JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Source: JBL


Music on the course is becoming the norm. This bluetooth speaker is a great golf gift idea if you know someone that loves both golf and music. Easily clicks on to a golf bag and is available in 10+ colors.

Shop The Loma Bag

48. Head Tie ($10.00)

gift for golfer: head tie

Source: Nike


Stay cool and keep your hair out of your face. You want a clear view of that drive you just ripped down the fairway. An awesome golf gift idea for that friend with the flowing hair.

49. Loud Mouth Stars & Stripes Golf Hat ($32.00)

Loud Mouth Stars & Stripes Golf Hat

Source: Golf Galaxy


This gift will make your golfer standout. Loudmouth is known for making bold products and this Stars & Stripes hat is no exception.

50. UPF Perforated Sun Hat ($36.99)

UPF Perforated Sun Hat

Source: Carl's Golfland


The most dangerous hazard on the golf course isn’t a lake or bunker. We all enjoy an afternoon in the sun, but we need to protect our skin. Give a gift that shows your golfer you want them to stay safe and healthy.

51. Golf Ball Water Globe ($24.99)

golf ball water globe

Source: Bits & Pieces


Can you get the ball to stop on the tee? Looks easy, but hard to do. A fun gift for the golfer in your life. Place this on your coffee table and everyone who visits your home will give it a try.

52. Golfers Putter Pool Game ($29.99)

golfers putter pool game

Source: Carl's Golfland


A great golf activity that 2-4 people can play indoors during a rain delay. Challenging enough to test the best of putters. A golf present for the whole family.

53. Varispeed Golf Putting System ($99.99)

Varispeed Golf Putting System

Source: Carl's Golfland


More than just an indoor putting mat, the Varispeed Putting System is a short game training aid. A gift for the golfer that hates to 3-putt.

54. Needlepoint Bottle Opener ($28.50)

Needlepoint Bottle Opener

Source: Carl's Golfland


Perfect for the kitchen or for your golf bag, this fashionable bottle opener will be a golf present your friend uses hundreds of times. Several patterns and designs to choose from.

55. Garmin GPS Golf Watch ($399.99)

Garmin GPS Golf Watch

Source: Garmin


Make club selection easy with the Garmin GPS Golf Watch. The golf present that helps the player pick the right club and make more birdies.

56. Automatic Putting System ($24.99)

Automatic Putting System

Source: Carl's Golfland


You can putt for hours without retrieving the ball from the hole - as long as you roll it in, it will come right back to you.

57. Oncourse Oversize Golf Driving Net ($129.99)

Oncourse Oversize Golf Driving Net

Source: Carl's Golfland


Do you know a golfer that loves the game, but due to their busy schedule doesn’t get to practice very much? Give the golf gift of practice time. The driving net can be set up at home for quick practice sessions between Zoom calls.

58. Golf Swing Speed Training Aid ($99.99)

golf swing speed training aid
Source: Super Speed Golf


Golfers feel the need - the need for speed. More speed in the golf swing produces more distance and who wouldn’t love to hit the ball farther? One of our favorite gifts for golfers.

59. Callaway Golf Scorecard Reader Glasses ($49.99)

Callaway Golf Scorecard Reader Glasses

Source: Callaway


The golf scorecard is quite small and your playing partner may not have the best handwriting. Callaway offers these reading glasses specifically designed to be kept in your golf bag. 

60. 18' Ball Retriever ($49.95)

18' Ball Retriever

Source: Carl's Golfland


Losing a golf ball is the same as losing money. Here is a gift for a golfer who likes to save cash by snagging balls from hard to reach locations. Over time, this golf gift idea pays for itself.

61. Golf Ball Dimpled Shot Glasses ($29.99)

 Golf Ball Dimpled Shot Glasses

Source: Carl's GolfLand


These eye-catching shot glasses will become a tradition following a good round. Have a shot of your favorite adult beverage - you played well - you deserve it.

62. Corkcicle 16oz Canteen ($19.99)

gift for golfer: Corkcicle 16oz Canteen

Source: Carl's Golfland


The golf present that will keep cold drinks cold and warm drinks warm. Easily fits in the drink sleeve of a golf bag and available in 11 different colors. 

63. Golf Accessory Kit ($19.99)

Golf Accessory Kit

Source: Carl's Golfland


A great gift for the beginner golfer. Provides them with everything they need for a successful round of golf. The kit includes a club brush, some tees, a hat clip magnetic ball marker, and divot repair tool.

Shop The Loma Bag

64. Rechargeable Cleaning Brush ($24.99)

Rechargeable Cleaning Brush

Source: Carl's Golfland 


A set of golf clubs is a significant investment. Give the gift for a golfer that wants to keep them in tip-top shape. This motorized brush will keep their clubs cleaner than a personal caddy.

65. Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater ($99.99)

Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater

Source: Carl's Golfland


The gift for the golfer that plays year round, regardless of the temperature. Mr. Heater will keep their cart nice and toasty when it is chilly outside.

66. Callaway Thermal Winter Cart Mitts ($39.99)

Callaway Thermal Winter Cart Mitts

Source: Callaway


Golfers that play in the winter know that it is critical to keep your hands warm. A perfect gift for the golfer that doesn’t mind a brisk walk around the course.

67. Winter Golf Beanie ($19.99)

gift for golfer: winter golf beanie

Source: Carl's Golfland


Another selection from our winter golf idea collection, is the classic beanie by Callaway. Keep the ears and head warm while looking fashionable.

68. Warm Up Golf Vest ($70.00)

Warm Up Golf Vest

Source: Amazon


Regardless if they are on the course or walking around town, this stylish golf vest will turn heads. A gift for the golfer that wants to look good while playing.

69. Oakley Split Shot Polished Black Sunglasses ($250.00)

Oakley Split Shot Polished Black Sunglasses

Source: Carl's Golfland


You don’t want to play golf in just any sunglasses. You need glasses designed for the course. Give the golf gift that shows you understand how serious they are about the game they love.

70. Portable Personal Launch Monitor ($499.99)

Portable Personal Launch Monitor

Source: Amazon Store FlightScope Mevo


Watch the pros warm-up and you won’t find a single one that isn’t using a launch monitor to determine key metrics about each shot. Are you looking for the gift your golfer will love? Look no further.

71. Golf Hitting Mat ($119.00)

Golf Hitting Mat

Source: The Golfers Pick


The gift for the golfer that wants to practice anywhere. Just throw down this mat and start making some swings. Includes an option for hitting shots from the fairway or off a tee. The perfect compliment to a backyard practice net.

72. My Golf Retirement Plan T-Shirt ($19.95)

My Golf Retirement Plan T-Shirt

Source: Amazon Store Ann Arbor T-Shirt Company


You know his or her plan for retirement, right? You might as well give them the golf present that says it! 

73. Partage Smash Bag ($25.99)

Gift for Golfer: Partage Smash Bag

Source: Amazon Store Partage


Simple and effective, the Smash Bag will help the golfer in your life improve their swing. Can be used indoors or outdoors. A golf present that will directly help them shoot lower scores.

74. All-Weather Golf Notebook ($14.95)

All-Weather Golf Notebook

Source: Rite In The Raid


Competitive golfers love to take notes during practice rounds and this all-weather notebook will ensure this info isn’t lost because of a little rain. A gift for the golfer who is still striving for tournament greatness.

75. Magnum Rain Hood By Sunday Golf ($29.99)

PONCHO rain hoodThe perfect compliment to your Loma bag, the Magnum Rain Hood will keep your clubs dry in the rain. Adjustable snap buttons ensure a tight fight to keep water away and the full-length water-resistant zipper provides easy access to your clubs. The forecast may say partly cloudy skies, but why risk it? Give the golfer in your life the gift that will ensure a stray shower doesn't ruin their round.

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76. Finger Ten Golf Putting Gates ($25.99)

Finger Ten Golf Putting Gates

Source: Amazon Store Finger Ten


Tiger Woods has made putting gates famous. Setup 2 to 3 gates on the line of your putt and roll it through all of them and into the hole.

77. Glow Golf Balls ($25.00+)

Glow Golf Balls

Source: Glow Products


Night golf is a blast. A unique golf gift idea that will give your player an experience they will never forget. Crush a drive and watch it fly through the darkness!

78. Emoji Golf Balls for Kids ($27.99)

emoji golf balls

Source: Amazon Store DesignSavy


A gift for the junior golfer on your list. What kid wouldn’t love hitting a poop emoji ball? Keep the game fun and your child will be hooked forever.

79. 12-piece Golf Set for Dads ($29.99)

12-piece Golf Set for Dads

Source: Amazon Store Double Take Gifts


Here is a Father's day golf present idea for any day you want the “Dad” in your life to know you are thinking about them. Comes with a gift box, greeting card, divot tool, 3 golf balls, and 6 golf tees. 

80. Callaway Tumbler Gift Set ($34.99)

Callaway Tumbler Gift Set

Source: Rock Bottom Golf 


A gift set for golfers who want a famous golf brand, this Callaway set offers golfing essentials plus a 30 oz. stainless steel tumbler. It also includes a couple golf balls, some tees, a divot tool, and a poker chip.

81. Cool Golf Socks ($16.99)

Cool Golf Socks

Source: Ridge Supply


These socks were designed for biking, but work perfectly on the golf course. Longer, wilder socks is a fad that started over the last few years in junior golf. A great golf gift for the player that wants to turn heads on the course.

82. Golf Pen Holder ($20.98)

golf pen holder

Source: Amazon Store 10LOL Golf Cart


Do you want to help decorate their home office? Here is a great golf gift idea that will make them smile. A mini-golf bag with 3 clubs that are actually writing pens.

83. Standing Crystal Cube With 3D Golf Ball ($27.99)

Standing Crystal Cube With 3D Golf Ball

Source: Amazon Store Meifare


A cool golf knick-knack that can help decorate any part of your house. Place it in your den, on your mantle, or in your office to let everyone know you love the game.

84. Leather Golf Log Journal ($29.95)

Leather Golf Log Journal

Source: Gift Tree


Golfers love to discuss their best rounds and best shots. Give a golf present that will help them track their game over the years. Personalize with up to 15 characters. Get creative.

85. Mini Golf Cart Clock ($20.99)

Mini Golf Cart Clock

Source: Amazon Store 10LOL Golfcart


Never miss a tee time with this golf themed alarm clock. A cute golf gift idea that the player in your life will surely love.

86. All-In-One Stainless Steel Golfer's Tool ($9.97)

All-In-One Stainless Steel Golfer's Tool

Source: Amazon


Perfect for a gift bag or a holiday stocking, this golf tool is a great gift for a golfer. Includes a key ring, pocket knife, ball cleaning brush, removable pen, a club cleaner, and a divot fixer. Everything you could possibly need on the course.

Shop The Loma Bag

87. Golf Bag Shaped Beer Mug ($15.95)

Golf Bag Shaped Beer Mug

Source: Gimme Golf Beer Mug


Does the golfer you know enjoy the 19th hole more than the first 18? If so, this is the golf present you should give. A beer mug shaped like a golf bag that will allow them to enjoy a cold beverage while discussing all the putts they missed!

88. Golf Night Light ($15.99)

 golf night light

Source: Amazon


A gift for the junior golfer that still likes a little light while he or she sleeps. Beautifully designed and soothing - they will sleep soundly while dreaming of birdies and eagles.

89. Golf Themed Basket ($109.99)

Golf Themed Basket

Source: Great Golf Memories


What golfer wouldn’t love to receive a basket full of golf-themed treats? The basket is a classic range bucket and it includes items like "Par-Tee" Nutty Club Mix, Bruschetta Sourdough Crisps, Smoked Almonds, and Seasoned Dipping Pretzels. All great treats for the course.

90. Golf Clock From Vintage Recycled Irons ($67.95)

Golf Clock From Vintage Recycled Irons

Source: Vintage Golf Gifts


More art than clock, this gift for golfers will be proudly hung on their wall. Made from recycled golf irons, this piece will always turn the conversation to the sport they love.

91. Golf Ball Washer Cleaner ($27.99)

Golf Ball Washer Cleaner

Source: Amazon


Perfect to attach to their bag or golf cart, this gift for golfers will ensure they are always playing with a clean ball. Add to a gift bag or holiday stocking and watch the excitement as they see this unique item.

92. Personalized Golf Glove ($25.99)

Personalized Golf Glove

Source: GroomsShop


The perfect golf gift idea for your groomsmen or golfing buddies. A leather golf glove with a monogrammed, magnetic ball mark. 

93. Tee Toss Golf Game ($45)

tee toss golf game

Source: Uncommon Goods


This game can be mesmerizing. Looks simple, but will keep you and your friends entertained for hours. A gift for the golfer that has everything. Give them a golf present they can enjoy with the whole family. No golf skills required.

94. Golf Darts Dart Board ($120.00)

Golf Darts Dart Board

Source: Etsy Shop Handmade Dartboards 


A golf gift idea for the man-cave or the she-shed. Play darts, but with a golf twist. Fun for a group of people. 

95. Animal Themed GolfDotz ($5.99)

Animal Themed GolfDotz

Source: Golf Dotz


A cute gift for the animal lover golfer on your list. GolfDotz are decals to decorate your ball. They are easy to apply and stay on your ball for well over 18 holes. Legal to use in tournaments.

96. Desktop Golf Game ($29.99)

desktop golf game

Source: Hobby Lobby


A fun little golf present to let that player in your life know you are thinking about them. Designed to help decorate their workspace or home office. Perfect to tinker with while on your 4th Zoom call of the day.

97. Triple Golf Club Plaque With Clock & Ball ($225.00+)

Triple Golf Club Plaque With Clock & Ball

Source: Jack's Golf Gifts


Home decor gift for golfers. A mounted plaque that includes a clock, three clubs, and a golf ball. Price will increase slightly depending on the clubs you choose.

98. Sweet Roll Rail System ($124.99)

Sweet Roll Rail System

Source: Golf Training Aids


The best way to shoot lower scores is to improve your putting. The Sweet Roll Rail system allows you to get a better understanding of how a solid putt should roll. Using this device, the golfer in your life can quickly determine why putts are missing. Knowledge is power.

99. Six Pack Cooler Tote ($24.95)

Six Pack Cooler Tote

Source: Premier Home & Gifts


Golfers are always thirsty. Help them stay hydrated or enjoy a cold beverage. Easily fits in your cart and light enough to carry if you plan to walk. 

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100. Clown Club Cover ($48.00)

Clown Club Cover

Source: Barstool Sports Store


Golf is supposed to be fun, right? Here is a gift for golfers that don’t mind poking fun with the accessories they choose for their clubs. 

101. SIM Fairway Headcover ($24.99)

SIM Fairway Headcover

Source: Taylor Made


Golf clubs, especially fairway woods, are expensive. Do you want to help the golfer on your shopping list keep them safe? Even if they don’t have a SIM wood, they will appreciate the head cover.

102. Golf Ball & Tess Stemless Wine Glasses ($49.00)

Golf Ball & Tess Stemless Wine Glasses

Source: Premier Home & Gifts


Finally, a gift for golfers who also enjoy a nice glass of wine. Beautifully etched, these wine glasses will be a hit.

103. Super Speed Golf Training System ($229.99)

Super Speed Golf Training System

Source: SuperSpeed Golf


One of the best gifts for golfers is more distance. The SuperSpeed training system can do it. Proven workouts with weighted swinging sticks that are guaranteed to improve your favorite players clubhead speed.

104. Golf Swing Analyzer App ($99.00)

Golf Swing Analyzer App

Source: Swing Profile


Golf lessons are pricey, but all golfers could use some help from the professionals. A cool golf present idea - help them download this free application and cover an annual subscription to get them help.

105. Putting Tutor ($49.99)

Putting Tudor

Source: Pelz Golf


Dave Pelz is widely renowned as the best putting instructor in the world. He built this device to help players hit more putts online and to improve their ability to read greens. This is a gift for golfers who are serious about improving on the greens.

106. Shanker Golf Exploding Golf Balls ($12.99)

Shanker Golf Exploding Golf Balls

Source: Amazon


Why not start your round with a bang? Convince one of your buddies to try his new golf ball you found that goes a mile. Watch them take a huge swing and at impact, the ball explodes into a puff of white smoke. Your whole group will be rolling with laughter. You will probably have to let your buddy take a mulligan.

107. Golf Cart Seat Covers ($158.95)

Golf Cart Seat Covers
Source: Golf Cart Tire Supply


Make that golf cart stand out from the others. Give a Father's Day golf gift that makes a statement. The golf cart seat covers come in 10 different color combinations.

108. Vintage Women's Golf Clock ($41.15)

Vintage Women's Golf Clock

Source: Zazzle


Golf should not be a men’s club. Here is a gift for the golfer on your list that is proud to “hit it like a girl”. This clock would look great in a home office or den.

109. Golfer Women's Leggings ($43.95)

golfer women's leggings

Source: Etsy Shop StylishPros


Make a fashion statement with these golf-themed leggings. Red and green colors make these a perfect holiday golf present for the lady golfer on your list.

Gifts For Golfers

That’s it! 109 great gifts for golfers. Was that enough or were you hoping for 200 options? We hope you found it helpful and happy shopping! You can’t go wrong with any of these items. And if you're still uncertain, consider the convenience of a gift card, which allows the golfer to select exactly what they want from their favorite golf store.

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