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The Top 8 Golf Tournament Prizes & Gifts

We all love playing in a golf tournament, but have you ever tried to plan one? If done correctly, golf tournaments can be a great way to raise money for your favorite charity or local sports team/league. Planning a fundraising golf tournament can be overwhelming at first. You have to find a host club, recruit players/teams, find sponsors, and determine the golf tournament prizes.

This final item is more important than you think. You want the golfers in your tournament to have a great time and tell their friends that they should play in your next event. The best way to differentiate your tournament from others is with high-quality tournament prizes and tournament gifts. 

A golf tournament gift is something all players receive simply for being in your event. They’re also referred to as “tee gifts.” A golf tournament prize goes to the top teams in your competition. Offer unique golf prizes and gifts to make your event memorable.

Don’t worry. We can help. We’ve developed a list of our favorite golf tournament prizes. Use this list to really “wow” your players!

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Top 8 Golf Tournament Prizes & Gifts

1. Golf Towels

A golf towel is the perfect golf tournament gift for several reasons. First, they’re inexpensive so you can afford to give them to every player in your field. Second, golfers can always use another golf towel because their clubs and ball are always getting dirty. Finally, your players can use it right away (during your event).

Sunday Golf golf towel

This waffle microfiber golf towel from Sunday Golf quickly removes debris from your clubs and is thirsty! It’s super absorbent and will handle the morning dew or a spilled beverage. 'Wow' your tournament players before they even tee off with this golf tournament gift.

2. Bamboo Golf Tees

Almost every golf tournament gives its players some golf tees. It’s a classic, inexpensive, and useful golf tournament gift. With that being said, what can you do to stand out from the rest?

Sunday Golf bamboo golf tees (100 count)

Check out these bamboo golf tees from Sunday Golf. Their cool design separates them from boring old white tees and the best part - they’re eco-friendly. 

3. Sunday Loma Bag

Do you really think golfers want a trophy that will simply collect dust in their garage? Instead, be creative with your golf tournament prizes. Give them a reason to try and win your event. Give the winning team Sunday Loma Bags!

Sunday Golf Loma Bag

The Loma is a super-lightweight bag (weighs 1.85 pounds) and is the perfect bag for a practice session or a par 3 course. Carry less and have more fun! Kick it up a notch by personalizing your golf tournament prize. What golfer wouldn't love a Loma Bag with “Champion” embroidered on it?

Sunday Golf Loma Bag in grey

4. Asher Golf Gloves

Are you looking for the perfect golf tournament prize for your “closest to the pins” or “long drive” champions? Golf gloves are a perfect choice. They never expire, so every golfer can always use another one. 

Asher Golf gloves in bone

Not just any golf glove, Asher provides a high-quality product with a stylish flair. Make your CTP and long drive contests worth winning!

5. Golf Valuables Pouch Dime Bag

The best golf tournament prize is one that the golfer doesn’t have, but desperately needs. We’d put the “valuables pouch” in this category. Players want to focus on their game while playing, not worry about their watch, phone, wallet, and keys. A valuables pouch is designed to protect these items and make sure they aren’t lost on the course.

Sunday Golf golf valuables pouch

The “Dime Bag” by Sunday Golf easily attaches to the side of your golf bag and has plenty of space for everything you want to keep safe. A perfect golf prize for your tournament.


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6. Vincero Watch

Have you ever won a golf tournament and been handed a watch as the prize? That makes an impression on all of your players and makes them want to come back and play next year. You want your event to feel prestigious and a Vincero watch as the golf tournament prize will help you achieve that goal.

Vincero watch

7. Golf Hats

Golf hats are the perfect golf tournament gift or prize. They’re one-size-fits-all and everyone can use more options when putting together their outfits. 

Sunday Golf Porter lite golf hat

The key is to give your players or champions a unique piece of headwear. You need to check out the different hat lines offered by Sunday Golf. The “Dad Hat” line is simple and classic. Do you want your golf tournament gift to have a bit more flair? Check out their “Rope Hat” line. The most important thing about any golf tournament prize is that you select something the player will use.

Sunday Golf rope hat

8. Big Frosty Golf Bag Cooler

Golfers sign up for tournaments for a few different reasons. Skip work and get some sun. Hang out with friends on the course. Compete for a victory. And, of course, enjoy a cold beverage. Why not have your golf tournament prize support this final reason?

Sunday Golf Big Frosty Cooler

The Big Frosty by Sunday Golf can hold up to 7 cans and has sleeves for ice packs to keep them cold. It fits nicely inside a standard golf bag and has water-resistant zippers. A golfer with cold beverages is a happy golfer.


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Golf Tournament Prizes: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be in a golf tournament?

The average cost for a golf tournament is $125 or $500 for a 4-player team. They can be as little as $100 per player or as much as $1,000 per player. The price will depend on the course you’re playing and the amenities you receive (gifts, prizes, meals, etc.).

What does closest to the pin mean in golf?

Closest to the pin is a contest for players in a golf tournament. The player in the event that hits the closest approach shot on a par 3 during the tournament wins a prize. Many golf tournaments offer this type of prize on all par 3s.

What are golf proxies?

Golf proxies are another name for closest to the pin contests during a golf tournament. Often used during fundraising or corporate events, the golfer that hits their shot on a par 3 closest to the hole would win the proxy prize. 

Is a golf tournament a good fundraiser?

Yes, if managed correctly a golf tournament can be a great way to raise between $5k - $20k. They’re often used by charities, youth sports teams, or school athletic departments. The key to fundraising is recruiting players/teams and sponsors.

How long does it take to plan a golf tournament?

It depends on how large of an event you’re planning, but you should assume 3-6 months. You need to find a host golf course, market your event to get players/teams, recruit sponsors, solicit or purchase prizes/gifts, and determine what food you want to serve. 

Make Sure Your Golf Tournament Stands Out

Most golf tournaments become annual events and you’ll be able to get more players and raise more money for your cause if you create a great experience. You want golfers to mark their calendars early and look forward to your event every year. “Word of mouth” marketing is the cheapest and most effective way for your golf tournament to grow over time.

There are many ways to make your golf tournament special and have your golfers leave with a smile on their faces. Provide great golf tournament gifts. All players receive “tee gifts” so even if they play poorly, they won’t leave empty-handed.

Finally, make your event worth winning! Provide the champions with an awesome golf tournament prize and you’ll have teams “knocking down your door” to play the next year. You want all of your players to have a blast, but you want to reward the winners! Make it special to win your tournament!

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