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The Best Microfiber Golf Towels: Everything You Need To Know

Microfiber golf towels are game-changers when it comes to golfing.

Have you ever hit an iron shot when the ball has dirt on it? It’ll curve and you’ll miss the green. What if you need to spin a wedge shot close to the hole, but the grooves on your iron are filled with dirt and sand? The ball will bounce over the green. Have you ever cracked open a cold beverage on the back 9, but it explodes and spills all over your pants? Now it looks like you had an accident! What if an afternoon shower interrupts your round? Now all of your grips are wet, making it impossible to hit solid golf shots.

The right golf towel can solve for all of these potential calamities. It may sound crazy to say, but your microfiber golf towel can actually save you strokes and lower your score. 

Keep your ball clean. Remove debris from the face of your clubs. Eliminate moisture from your grips. Wipe sweat off your hands and arms. You may not give microfiber golf towels much thought, but if you leave it at home, your experience and scorecard will suffer.

Not all golf towels are the same. There are several factors to consider prior to just grabbing that dish towel from the kitchen. First, what size towel is best? Also, what about material? It used to be that all towels were made from just plain old cotton, but now you have options. Microfiber towels will perform better for you, last longer, and look better hanging on your bag. Trust us, you are going to want microfiber!

What Are Microfiber Golf Towels?

Why are microfiber golf towels better? Simple question, but the answer is slightly complex. Let’s start by discussing what we mean when we say “microfiber golf towels.” Just like it sounds, a microfiber golf towel is made with fibers that are smaller than your average towel -- in this case, less than one denier and having a diameter of less than ten micrometers.

Ok great, so my golf towel has really small fibers... Why should I care? There are two primary advantages to a microfiber golf towel when compared to “your grandfather's” golf towel. 

First, they’re far more absorbent and can hold more water/moisture than your classic towel. They can hold up to 7 times their weight in water. If you’ve ever played in the rain, you know that a standard golf towel is worthless once it gets saturated. A microfiber golf towel will last much longer and allow you to confidently finish your round.

Second, the microfibers can get into small crevices and remove particles of dirt, sand, and grime. Why would this help on the course? Keeping your golf clubs’ grooves clean can be the difference between making birdie or bogey. You should get in the habit of wiping off the face of your club after every shot.

Have we convinced you that you need a microfiber golf towel? Now the question becomes: How do you pick the right one for your game?

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How To Choose The Best Microfiber Golf Towels

How would you approach buying a car or a new refrigerator? We recommend developing a list of the key features to determine which ones are the most important to you. We’ve identified six features that you should keep in mind when buying your new golf towel.

1. Material

This one is fairly obvious. In fact, it’s the topic of this entire post! We strongly feel that microfiber golf towels will perform better on the course than a plain, old cotton towel. Go with microfiber ten out of ten times!

2. Size

Probably larger than a washcloth, but smaller than a beach towel. You might be surprised by the large number of options, but we’d recommend something large enough to keep your equipment clean without adding additional weight to your bag. 

You also want to avoid the towel dragging on the ground or getting caught up in the stand of your golf bag. Your golf towel doesn’t need to be large if it’s made from super-absorbent microfiber.

a man walking with his golf towel hanging from his golf bag

3. Shape

This is more of a personal choice than a performance-related decision. Square, rectangle, or circle (not sure we’ve ever seen a circular golf towel, but why not?). Size is a more critical feature for most golfers than shape.

4. Attachment

Pay special attention to how the microfiber golf towel attaches to your golf bag. No golfers enjoy the long walk back to a previous hole because you dropped your towel. Or having an awkward conversation with the foursome behind you when you ask if they found your towel.

You’ll find microfiber golf towels with no attachment, a cheap metal attachment, a carabiner, a ribbon, or a slit. Avoid “no attachment.” The metal attachments, carabiners, and ribbons all work at first, but we have found they can break or rip over time. Our preference is the slit. No additional equipment is required -- simply hang your microfiber golf towel over any club in your bag.

example of a golf towel hanging from a golf bag with a slit

5. Fashion/Color

Everything you put in, on, or attach to your golf bag is a chance to make a statement. A chance to add some flair or a conversation starter. Find a microfiber golf towel that tells other players something about you. Never miss the chance to make an impression on the course.

6. Price

Cost is always a factor. High quality microfiber golf towels will typically run between $25 - $75. Any money you save on your new golf towel can be used on green fees or 19th hole refreshments.

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The Best Microfiber Golf Towels

Sunday Golf considered all of the above when designing their golf towels and released the best microfiber golf towels you’ll find.

Let’s take a look at the options.

1. Crabcakes And Golf Microfiber Towel

We know Terps need a high quality microfiber golf towel.

Crabcakes And Golf Microfiber Towel by Sunday Golf

2. Sonicsgate Golf Towel 

If you’re from Seattle, you aren’t afraid of a little rain -- keep your clubs dry with a Sonics inspired towel.

Sonicsgate Microfiber Golf Towel by Sunday Golf

3. Mile High Golf Towel

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado -- A microfiber golf towel that is perfect for a mountain course.

Mile High Golf Towel

4. Mud City Golf Towel 

This towel will help you conquer “mud city.”

Mud City Golf Towel

5. Bear Republic Golf Towel 

Do you believe the left coast is the best coast? Show your California love with this microfiber golf towel.

Bear Republic Microfiber Golf Towel

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6. Texas Wedge Golf Towel

Everything’s bigger in Texas. Well, this microfiber golf towel is the same size, but makes a large statement. Don’t mess with this towel.

Texas Wedge Golf Towel

7. Stars And Striped Microfiber Golf Towel

Use this patriotic microfiber golf towel year round or break it out for Memorial Day & July 4th!

Stars And Striped Microfiber Golf Towel

8. El Clasico Golf Towel

Simple, classic, and professional. This microfiber golf towel will show your opponents you’re ready to play.

El Clasico Golf Towel by Sunday Golf

Get Your Microfiber Golf Towel Today

How old is your current golf towel? Did you “borrow” it from a hotel or steal it from the kitchen? It’s time to upgrade this critical golf accessory. Get a microfiber golf towel that’ll keep your clubs clean, keep your grips dry, and help you make more birdies!

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