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THE LOMA | S-Class Leather Par 3 Bag

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LOMA XL | S-Class Leather Carry Bag

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EL CAMINO | S-Class Leather Walking Golf Bag

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RYDER 23 | S-Class Leather Lightweight Stand Bag

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The Loma
Par 3 Bag
Up to 6 clubs
Loma XL
Carry Bag
Up to 8 clubs
El Camino
Walking Golf Bag
Up to 10 clubs
The Ryder
Lightweight Stand Bag
Up to 14 clubs
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The S-Class is our premium leather golf bag collection

Each golf bag in this exclusive range is a testament to our commitment to quality, blending luxurious materials with functional design. These leather golf bags are not just for your clubs; they're a statement on the course. Perfect for golfers who want to elevate their game, our S-Class leather golf bag collection is a perfect blean of classic style and modern functionality.

What is the best way to clean my leather golf bag?

To clean your leather golf bag, start by wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as this can damage the leather. Always allow your bag to air dry naturally after cleaning.

Is the S-Class leather golf bag waterproof?

No golf bag is completely waterproof, but the S-Class leather golf bag is water resistant. It’s made of PU leather and offers a good level of protection against moisture. It’s designed to withstand light to moderate wet conditions, however for heavy rain or prolonged exposure to water, additional protection may be needed. 

Can I customize the S-Class golf bags?

Yes, you can customize the S-Class leather golf bags. To personalize, select the S-Class bag of your choice, then choose the ‘Personalize My Bag’ option. From there you’ll be able to enter your embroidery text.