Golf Hats

Protect your lid on and off the course with our golf rope hats and other styles.

You’ve Seen Hundreds of Golf Hats, But You Have Never Seen Anything Like These

Trust us, we know. There are tons of golf hats out there. It seems like everyone is trying to sell you a golf hat, but you need to give the golf hats by Sunday Golf a second look. We believe these are the best golf hats you can buy. Stop the search. We built these golf hats for the player that enjoys the game but doesn’t take it too seriously. You can keep looking at the thousands of golf hats for sale or you can make the right choice. Golf Hats by Sunday Golf. 

Functional, Fashionable, and Always Ready To Go

All golfers have their own sense of style and we have an option for everyone. Do you want to stand out on the first tee or do you prefer a more subtle look? Either way, we got you!

Golf Rope Hats

Golf rope hats started to show up on the PGA tour back in the 1970s and then disappeared for a while, but in recent years they have once again made a comeback. Is there anything more trendy than a cool golf rope hat? Sunday Golf has kept the design consistent with the originals, but added modern color combinations and technology. Made from a poly and spandex blend it’s lightweight and doesn't fade or deteriorate easily. 

Sundaze Crushable Hats

Yeah - the golf rope hats are cool, but you are looking for something simpler. You want a crushable golf hat. One that doesn’t have to be treated well to perform well. The Sundaze Crushable Hats are completely unstructured - play a round of golf, throw it back in your bag, and do it all again tomorrow. This crushable golf hat looks great on the back 9 or in your favorite bar.

Trucker Golf Hats

We all love having options. Sunday Golf also brings you sleek trucker golf hats. Adjust for the perfect fit and enjoy the ventilation on hot afternoons that only a trucker golf hat can provide. The curved bill not only looks awesome, but provides you with the best possible sun protection. Can’t decide if you want a golf rope hat, a crushable golf hat, or a trucker golf hat? We suggest one of each!

Break the Mold, Not the Bank

Why spend $75+ dollars for a golf hat when you can get the best golf hat for less than $30? We can’t believe that some brands have golf hats for sale at these high prices. We built a golf hat that looks good, is durable, and let’s you spend your money in other places. 

Best Golf Hats For Men And Women

You have been searching for the best golf hats for men and the best golf hats for women. You can top the search - you have found them. Sunday Golf makes the best rope golf hats, best crushable golf hats, and best trucker golf hats. Now that you have found the best golf hats all you need to do is decide which one to buy. 

You have tried the rest, now it is time to wear the best. Start building your collection of the best golf hats for men and the best golf hats for women.