Golf Hats

Protect your lid on and off the course with our golf rope hats and other styles.

You’ve Seen Hundreds of Golf Hats, But You Need to Check This One Out

Trust us, we know. There are tons of golf hats out there. It seems like everyone is trying to sell you a golf hat, but you need to give the Sundaze Crushable by Sunday Golf a second look. We believe it’s the best golf hat you can buy. Stop the search. We built this golf hat for the player that enjoys the game but doesn’t take it too seriously. You can keep looking at the thousands of golf hats for sale or you can make the right choice. The Sundaze Crushable.

Functional, Fashionable, and Always Ready To Go

We kept it simple. A sophisticated, yet casual black and white design. This golf hat can be worn with anything - it never goes out of style. When you get the “bug” to play some golf, the last thing you want to think about is your golf hat. We designed the Sundaze Crushable for you. The entire golf hat (including the brim) is unstructured - you can just throw it in your bag. This golf hat will always be waiting for you - ready to play.

Break the Mold, Not the Bank

Why spend $75+ dollars for a golf hat when you can get the best golf hat for less than $30? We can’t believe that some brands have golf hats for sale at these high prices. We built a golf hat that looks good, is durable, and let’s you spend your money in other places.