Golf Tees

You Can Do Better Than Boring White Golf Tees

Golf Tees? We’re talking about Golf Tees? You can find old golf tees at the course or borrow one from a buddy. Why would you buy golf tees? Do you want to be that playing partner who’s always asking to bum a golf tee? At Sunday Golf, we think you can do better than boring white golf tees. Put a little style in your tee shots. Leave a golf tee behind that will be cherished by other golfers when they find it.

There’s Nothing Like Bamboo Golf Tees

What are your golf tees made of? Most are plastic or wood, but what happens to them after you use them? Regular old golf tees can take anywhere from 3-5 years to break down (if they ever do). In the meantime, these used golf tees wreak havoc on the blades of mowers and adversely impact the environment. We decided to produce bamboo golf tees as an environmentally conscious alternative. Just as strong as your common golf tees, but they biodegrade in less than a year. So, you get a better looking golf tee that’s also better for the course. Sounds like a win-win.


Let the Golfer In Your Life Know You’re Thinking About Them

Are you looking for a small gift to let the golfer in your life know you care? A bag of Sunday Golf’s bamboo golf tees are the perfect option. A golfer can never have too many golf tees - most only last a few shots before they’re lost or broken. Golf tees are probably not a good idea for your next anniversary gift, but they’re the perfect “no reason” gift. Golf tees support the golf ball and you support the golfer in your life. Go get the best golf tees from Sunday Golf today!