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"Easy like Sunday..... Beautiful bag. I have the Mule which holds 10 clubs BUT beware. Oversized grips make it very snug....doable....but snug..amd the travel bag has alot more room than you'd think. Get It!!!" - Dmarsh, United States 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Product Details:

Tired of painfully transporting that enormous golf travel bag through the airport just to discover it won't fit in your rental car when you arrive there? We've all been there. Those times are now behind us. The Loma, Loma XL, and El Camino are just a few examples of Sunday golf bags for which The Mule was designed expressly. Traveling with golf gear is annoying, but this bag makes it simpler.


  • Tall, Dark & Handsome
  • 4mm Ultra-Thick Foam Protection
  • Concealed Valuables Pocket
  • Comfy Single Strap
  • Golf Shoes & Accessory Pocket
  • Easy Fold Design For Storage
  • Dimensions: 49" L x 14" H x 12" W
  • Will Not Fit Other Golf Bags

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Security Flaw

The bag is high quality but does not secure all items as the side pocket can not be locked. When this was first posted on Facebook, I pointed out the flaw. At that point, I guess it was already in production. Easy solution is making the pocket only accessible from the inside. You can somewhat maneuver it to lock the side, but in no way would I fly with items in the side pouch.

Melissa Curmi
Love it so much I bought two!

Great travel bag. I bought the travel bag to bring one set of clubs back to Australia and left it there. I bought another travel bag to keep with my set in the US. It fits my Sunday Loma XL perfectly with room for all golfing things you need. I also happen to have a bigger golf bag from Stitch that fits perfectly in this travel bag (in case anyone was wondering). I will say that I don't use my Stitch ever since I got the Loma XL!

Dave Edinger
1-2 inches from being perfect.

Really attractive, sturdy bag. Almost fits my El Camino bag perfectly, but have to force the driver to fit it in. I'm not that tall either, someone with a longer club might have an issue.

Austin Mach

Love the travel bag!! It fits perfectly all of my clubs. Easy to travel and carry around with you.

Makes Travelling With Clubs a Breeze

My wife and I were able to use our Mule to transport our two Loma bags, along with a box of balls, and my golf shoes. The bag was less than the 80” linear inches that constitute it as a regular checked bag. BONUS My wife and I are looking forward to using it again sooner than later! If you travel and have Sunday Bag you need to grab one of these ! Best purchase I’ve made in a long time! Wonderful people to order from!

richard bernstein
Mule bag

Heading on a flight with it. Feels loggt and durable. Only wish my driver would fit in it

Josh Chung
Good bag with flaws

Used travel bag for recent golf trip to Hawaii. The bag shipped with a broken padlock so I had to purchase one on my own to lock the zippers together. In addition, the bag does not lock on the outer pouch (intended for shoes) and does not have the ability to hold longer drivers. Otherwise, the bag was able to successfully transport my clubs back and forth with no issue.

Chang Koh
This + El Camino = my fav travel combo

My other two travel bags ($50-80 from Amazon) were torn at the handles by TSA on trips 1 and 2. They were very large and did not fit into trunks of sedans.

This one used with my El Camino bag is the business. High quality plus smaller footprint means much simpler handling. I have to leave the 5w and 5h at home but I don't need em. 2 areas of improvement: a) wish it was 1.5" longer for my driver. b) if they put wheels on this thing, game over.


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