The Mule | Golf Travel Bag

Carry up to 0 clubs

"Easy like Sunday..... Beautiful bag. I have the Mule which holds 10 clubs BUT beware. Oversized grips make it very snug....doable....but snug..amd the travel bag has alot more room than you'd think. Get It!!!" - Dmarsh, United States 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Product Details:

Tired of painfully transporting that enormous golf travel bag through the airport just to discover it won't fit in your rental car when you arrive there? We've all been there. Those times are now behind us. The Loma, Loma XL, and El Camino are just a few examples of Sunday golf bags for which The Mule was designed expressly. Traveling with golf gear is annoying, but this bag makes it simpler.


  • Tall, Dark & Handsome
  • 4mm Ultra-Thick Foam Protection
  • Concealed Valuables Pocket
  • Comfy Single Strap
  • Golf Shoes & Accessory Pocket
  • Easy Fold Design For Storage
  • Dimensions: 49" L x 14" H x 12" W
  • Will Not Fit Other Golf Bags

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Security Flaw

The bag is high quality but does not secure all items as the side pocket can not be locked. When this was first posted on Facebook, I pointed out the flaw. At that point, I guess it was already in production. Easy solution is making the pocket only accessible from the inside. You can somewhat maneuver it to lock the side, but in no way would I fly with items in the side pouch.

Mike Bowling
El Camino and the Mule

I am not one to write a review but wanted to toss in my two cents if you are on the fence. I have had the Mule and El Camino bag for a year, played in 5 states and recently returned from a trip. I took a half set with woods (removed heads and flipped shafts, grip up, tossed in a back bone to firm it up more). Worked perfect and had some great golf. If you want to carry a half set and travel this combo is a must. Awesome work Sunday Golf and great products.

Robert Potter
Don’t Do It

Very disappointed with The Mule travel bag. Unless you like to fly around to check out different par 3 courses, this bag is basically useless. I get it’s for their smaller bags, but the fact you can’t fit a driver really limits its practicality. Bag looks nice overall, but size seems like a design flaw and now they’re dumping them. Since I bought it during a sale they won’t let me return it or work with me. No more Sunday orders for me.

Rosemary Shannon

Have not traveled with it yet but wish it had wheels. Also is there a longer one. My husband has the same Sunday bag but his driver will not fit in. Thanks


Perfect Christmas gift for the boyfriend.

Jack Evanko
Excellent Travel Bag

If you can afford a second golf bag I encourage you to travel with a half set of clubs and use The Mule travel bag. It makes transiting through airports and train station very easy. I have even used it with a full set on occasion. I always remove the head of my driver and everything fits snuggly. Its great and I use it 90% of the time over my full size travel bag. As an extra bonus, it folds up when you need more space in the car or lodging.

Paul Dickey
Almost Perfect

Needs to be a few inches taller. Driver doesn’t fit. I will probably head up taking the driver head off or not bringing it with me. Good quality. Wish it was in other colors.

Carmen Thomas
Awesome bag

Gift for our daughter and she loves it. Easily fits all her clubs, very lightweight and loves the color. Nice! My husband now wants a Sunday bag.