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The Best Golf Hats In 2024 (For Every Style)

Most golfers wear hats on the golf course, but how do you decide which one to wear? 

Are you going for fashion?

It has to match your shirt, belt, and shoes.

Do you select your lid based on nostalgia? Did you select a logo of your favorite course, a gift from a loved one, or the time you scored tickets to Augusta?

Is function the most important thing to you?

Maybe you prefer the hat that provides the best shade, protects you from the sun's UV rays, and keeps you cool.

There’s no wrong reason to wear a certain hat during your next round, but we do feel that sun protection is important.

Keeping you safe on the course is one of the critical factors we considered when coming up with our list of the best golf hats in 2024.

Of course, “the look” is important.

Our goal is to help you find the best golf hats for sun protection and give you options to support your personal fairway style.

Look great, play great!

Best Golf Caps

Let's get our list started with the top ten best golf caps for 2024:

1. Porter Lite Golf Hat

The Porter Lite Golf Hat by Sunday Golf takes the stylish look of a rope hat and kicks it up a notch by adding performance elements. The nylon sweat proof, breathable material, and perforated design will keep you cool under pressure.

Don't like to carry loose change? The Porter Lite has you covered with a built-in ball marker. This hat will quickly become your favorite lid for the links.

Sizes: One size fits all (adjusts in the back)

Colors: Olive, Navy, Tan, & Black

Pros: Simple & cool design, looks great on all golfers; love the ball marker on the side

Cons: Sunday Golf brand is not as well known as others on this list - it does give you a chance to be unique

Sunday Golf Porter Lite Golf Hat  in Navy
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2. TaylorMade Tour Radar Hat

If you’re going to create a list of best golf hats, it’s going to include an option from TaylorMade.

You can wear the same golf hat you see on professional golfers -- worn by Dustin Johnson, Colin Morikawa, and Matthew Wolff. The Tour Radar hat is made from high performance fabric and has a dark underbill to reduce glare.

Sizes: One size fits all (adjusts in the back)

Colors: Black, Charcoal, Navy, Red, Royal, White

Pros: Sweatband made from moisture-wicking fabric, the same hat you see on TV

Cons: Nothing unique about this lid

Taylormade golf hat


3. Sunday Golf Rope Hat

Cool, casual, and ready to have a good time.

The Sunday Golf Rope Hat looks great on and off the course.

The classic retro-style rope hat has made a comeback, and this hat will help you stand out on the first tee. Made from a poly and spandex blend, it’s lightweight and doesn’t deteriorate easily.

There’s a variety of color options to choose from, possibly even matching any of your favorite golf gear.

Sizes: One size fits all (adjusts in the back)

Colors: Black, Green, Navy, Pink, Tropical, USA, White/Navy

Pros: Very stylish & great color options, made from high quality materials

Cons: Are you cool enough to pull off a “rope hat”?

Sunday Golf hats


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4. Callaway Tour Authentic Performance Pro Cap

This Callaway semi-structured, low profile design is a lightweight golf cap that’s popular on professional tours around the world.

The cooling sweatband and breathable fabric will help you stay cool on hot summer days. 

Sizes: One size fits all (adjusts in the back)

Colors: Black, Charcoal Heather, Navy, Red, Royal

Pros: Callaway is an iconic golf brand, this hat is simple (not flashy)

Cons: The structured design will be too high for some players (not a great look for larger head sizes)

callaway golf cap

5. Nike Dri-FIT 

This is a simple golf hat that’s perfect for all conditions. The Nike Dri-FIT Legacy is made of recycled polyester fibers with a sweatband to help you stay comfortable and dry. 

Sizes: One size fits all

Colors: Black, White

Pros: Look like Tiger Woods in his prime, cleaning looking lid

Cons: Metal buckle closure can slip - hat can become loose while you are on the golf course

Nike Dri-FIT Legacy91 golf hat

6. Ping Tour Classic Snapback

Classic style mixed with new technology to keep you comfortable on the course, the Ping Tour Classic Snapback is one of the best golf hats you can buy.

This golf cap’s built with 13% spandex to ensure it comfortably fits your head.

Sizes: One size fits all (adjusts in the back)

Colors: Black, White

Pros: classic looking golf hat, color options can be worn with any outfit

Cons: The material is a bit thicker than other top picks - can get hot on warm summer days

ping tour classic snapback

7. Under Armour UA Blitzing 3.0 Cap

This curved bill design comes ready to wear.

There’s stretch construction to ensure you get a nice fit. This cap is 100% polyester, designed to repel water without sacrificing breathability.

You can find the correct color to match any outfit in your closet.

Sizes: Small/Medium, Medium/Large, Large/X-Large, X-Large/XX-Large

Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Venom Red, Teal, Charcoal, Cyclone, etc,. (Under Armour offers their best golf hat in 30+ colors)

Pros: Simple design, we love all of the different color options, same hat that Jordan Speith wears

Cons: Material can make your head hot on a warm day, hat will be too high for some golfers

Under Armour UA Blitzing 3.0 Cap


8. Sunday Golf Dad Hats

We all like a good "dad joke" and you will love the Dad Hat from Sunday Golf. This low-profile golf hat is made with Cotton Twill and has a super-absorbent sweatband to key you dry in the heat. The adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit every time you wear it.
Get your "dad hat" today!
Sizes: one size fits all (adjusts in the back)
Colors: Matte Black, Seafoam, Khaki, Olive, & Coral

Pros: Simply the perfect “dad hat”, he can keep it in his golf bag and pull it out on sunny days

Cons: If you are looking for flashy, you probably don’t want a “dad hat”
Sunday Golf Dad Hat in Olive Oil
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9. Oakley Ellipse Golf Hat

The next addition to our best golf hats list is the Ellipse by Oakley, which includes UV protection and a dark underbill to reduce the impact of bright sunlight.

The fabric is 100% polyester and machine washable.

Sizes: One size fits all (adjusts in the back)

Colors: Black, Jet Black, Atomic Blue, Navy Blue, White

Pros: Simple design, has technology built in to help keep you cool

Cons: Oakley isn’t really a golf brand, and this lid is a bit boring

Oakley Ellipse Golf Hat

10. Mizuno Tour Performance Golf Hat

The Mizuno Tour Performance golf hat has a clean, classic look with a curved visor and a performance sweatband.

This hat is very lightweight and available in 4 standard colors -- definitely an option worth your consideration.

Sizes: One size fits all

Colors: Black, White, Navy, Royal

Pros: Very lightweight and comfortable design, unstructured means it will fit all head sizes

Cons: Solid color with Mizuno logo - nothing about this hat will help you stand out on the first tee

Mizuno Tour Performance Golf Hat

11. Cambridge Golf Cap by Tenth Street

The Cambridge golf cap by Tenth Street is a retro-look that’s perfect for a rainy day on the course. Made from a water resilient cotton blend, it’ll be comfortable regardless of the conditions. It’s crushable and easy to keep in your bag.

Sizes: Medium, Large, XL, XXL

Colors: Black, Khaki, Navy

Pros: A different style than other hats on our list, comfortable on your head

Cons: Less sun protection than other caps, a bit of a “grandfather look”

Cambridge Golf Cap by Tenth Street

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Best Golf Bucket Hats

If you’re looking for the best golf hats for sun protection, you’ll want to pick from our favorite golf bucket hats.

12. Bridgestone Boonie

When you talk about the best golf hats for sun protection, a key factor is the size of the brim and the Boonie doesn’t disappoint. It also has UPF 50+ UV Sun protection and a CoolMax sweatband.

The Boonie is the perfect golf hat for a long day out in the fairways.

Sizes: Small-Medium, Large-X-Large

Colors: Khaki (with black outlines), White (with black outlines)

Pros: Great sun protection for your face and the back of your neck

Cons: The large brim can be distracting for some players - not a great hat on windy days


Bridgestone Boonie

13. Callaway Golf Sun Hat

UPF Protection 50+ UV Coating and Poly Fabric makes the Callaway Golf Sun Hat one of the best golf hats for sun protection.

It’s lightweight, has a moisture-wicking sweatband, and is constructed from breathable mesh. We also find it on the more stylish end of golf bucket hats on our list.

Sizes: One Size fits Most

Colors: Black, White

Pros: The mesh helps you feel the breeze and stay cool, great protection from UV rays

Cons: One of the pricier hats on our list and bucket hats aren’t for everyone

Callaway Golf Sun Hat

14. Hummingbirdie Bucket Hat By Waddaplaya

Are you looking for a little more style from the best golf bucket hats?

If so, the Hummingbirdie is perfect for you. This bucket hat is made with a soft brim, so it’s ideal to store in your bag and is very lightweight. The fabric remains dry in all conditions.

Sizes: Medium, Large

Colors: 1 option - fully reversible (blue or trees/hummingbirds)

Pros: Extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, very stylish

Cons: The soft brim can be irritating to golfers - feels like a hat you might wear on the beach, not the golf course

Hummingbirdie Bucket Hat By Waddaplaya

15. Under Armour ArmourVent Warrior Bucket Hat

A comfortable and stylish option, the Under Armour Warrior bucket hat is made with a combination of Polyester & Elastane. This is one of the best golf hats for sun protection with an extended brim and UPF 30+. 

Sizes: One size fits all

Colors: Black, Green, White

Pros: Economically priced and keeps you cool in the summer

Cons: A unique shape that will bother some golfers - drawstring can be irritating on the course

Under Armour ArmourVent Warrior Bucket Hat

Best Golf Visors

Do you have a full head of hair and like to let it flow?

You may want to consider one of our best golf visors.


16. Wilson Staff Visor

The Wilson Staff golf visor is a classic look that’ll always be popular on the course. It’s made from quick drying material in case you get caught in a quick shower on the back 9. 

Sizes: One size fits all

Colors: Black, White 

Pros: A classic visor - nice and simple, no bells and whistles

Cons: The small profile of this visor will only work for players with smaller heads

Wilson Staff Visor

17. Puma Racket Adjustable Visor

The Puma Racket Adjustable visor was designed for the tennis courts, but is perfect for your next round of 18 holes.

The entire hat is made from moisture-wicking mesh to keep you cool, and the reflective puma cat on the front adds a fashionable flair.

Sizes: One size fits all

Colors: Black, Grey, Red

Pros: Puma is a cool brand and this visor is extremely lightweight, we love the Puma logo

Cons: Designed for tennis, so you might want to stick golf products

Puma Racket Adjustable Visor

18. Imperial Tour Visor

This is a classic and iconic visor.

Make a statement on the first tee with the Imperial Tour Visor, which is made with a cotton/polyester blend and a terry cloth sweatband.

You might need more than one, and lucky for you, there are plenty of colors to choose from. This visor is also offered in a “junior fit” for the younger golfers in your life.

Sizes: One size fits all

Colors: White, Black, Blue Pincord, Columbia Blue, Grey, Khaki, Navy, Red, Spruce, Sunshine, Thunder Green

Pros: We love all of the different color options and that they offer a “junior” size - visors are a cute option for kid golfers in your life

Cons: Terry cloth sweatband doesn’t perform as well as other options on our list

Imperial Tour Visor

19. Titleist Tour Performance Visor

The Titleist Tour Performance Visor is the most recognizable option on the list -- this is the visor you’re most likely to see on your TV during PGA tour coverage.

This is the best golf visor for sun protection, with both the front panel and brim treated for UPF 50+ protection.

The sweatband is both moisture-wicking and antimicrobial.  

Sizes: One size fits all

Colors: White, Black, Charcoal, Island Red, Sky, Storm

Pros: Titleist is a major player in the golf industry, this visor is worn by professional golfers around the world

Cons: A bit pricey for a visor, small profile doesn't work well for golfers with larger heads

Titleist Tour Performance Visor


Best Women's Golf Hat


20. Women’s Titleist Nantucket Cap

The first women’s cap to make our best golf hat list is the Nantucket by Titleist.

Made from 100% unstructured cotton, this cap will be comfortable in any weather. It has a curved bill and an antimicrobial, moisture-wicking sweatband.

Sizes: One size fits all (adjusts in the back)

Colors: Black, White, Khaki, Navy, Charcoal, Island Red, Royal

Pros: A beautiful & simple women’s golf hat for the competitive player in your life, Titleist is known for making high quality products

Cons: It is a bit plain - not the hat for you if you are looking to make a fashion statement


Women’s Titleist Nantucket Cap

21. Women’s Linear Adidas Visor

Add a sporty look to your outfit with the Adidas Linear visor.

The soft all-cotton construction features a moisture-absorbing sweatband inside.

One of the best golf visors for women, the Linear has a pre-curved bill and a moisture absorbing sweatband.

Sizes: One size fits all

Colors: Glory Pink, White/Black, White/Purple, Yellow Tint

Pros: Great sweatband and beautifully designed visor - will instantly improve your golf look

Cons: Very small visor - doesn’t provide much sun protection


Women’s Linear Adidas Visor


22. Nike Dri-FIT AeroBill

Bring some shade to your outdoor activity with the Nike Dri-Fit Featherlight AeroBill Visor. The breathable design allows for ample airflow to keep you cool on a hot afternoon. We can’t promise this visor will fix your golf game, but it will keep you comfortable and protected.

Size: One size fits all (adjustable velcro strap)

Colors: Pink, Blue

Pros: Looks great and very comfortable to wear, simple design with “swoosh” logo

Cons: Designed as a cross-trainer hat - not the one for you if you are looking for a golf hat


Nike Dri-FIT AeroBill


23. Scala Women’s Medium Brim Cotton Hat

The Scala Medium Brim Cotton hat is a unique option on our list of best golf hats. It is made from cotton and is shaped similarly to a small bucket hat. The perfect hat if you want to look elegant on the links.

Sizes: One size fits all (adjustable inner drawstring)

Colors: Agua, Banana, Black, Rose, Desert, Linen, Blue, Natural, Navy, Olive, Periwinkle, Pink, Red, Taupe, White

Pros: We love all of the color options, an easy hat to store in your car or golf bag

Cons: It will work on the golf course, but designed for the pool or the beach


Scala Women’s Medium Brim Cotton Hat

Different Styles Of Golf Hats

Above, we’ve selected the best golf hats for 2024, but let’s talk about the differences in the styles of hats.

Golf Caps

The golf cap, quite possibly the most common form of golf hats, may also be referred to as a “baseball hat.”

If you can think of the color, you can find a golf cap to match. Some players like to curve the brim, while others will keep it perfectly flat.

Some are sized, while others come with adjustments on the back to make them fit almost any head. Golf caps do a nice job shadowing your face and protecting it from the sun.


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Golf Bucket Hats

Golf bucket hats are starting to make a comeback.

Often considered “goofy,” they’re starting to show up more and more on the course.

Joel Dahmen recently won on the PGA tour and is known for wearing a bucket hat. The other famous wearer of bucket hats? Spaulding from Caddyshack: “You will get nothing and like it!”

Golf bucket hats are the best golf hats for sun protection. They help shade your neck, as well as your face.

Golf Visors

The golf visor is more of a retro-look.

They have no top, so they can help keep you cool if there’s a nice breeze.

They do a great job keeping your face shaded, but make sure you have a full head of hair on top. There’s nothing more painful than a burned scalp because you decided to use your golf visor on the wrong day (and forgot the suntan lotion).


What To Look For When Buying A Golf Hat

You’ve read about the 20 best golf hats for 2024, but what now?

It’s time to make your choice and either start or grow your golf hat collection. It can be overwhelming, since there’s so many great options.

Here are 6 things we consider before we buy a new golf hat:

  • Type - Cap, Bucket, or Visor? It’s nice to have options, depending on the weather and time of year, so what do you already own? Maybe it’s time to try a new type of golf hat.

  • Sun Protection - Do you typically get home from the course with a bit of a burn? If so, protecting your skin is critical - try one the best golf hats for sun protection. It might be time for you to add a bucket hat to your closet.

  • Brand - Are you brand loyal? Do you want a famous golf brand like Titleist or Callaway, or do you want something that is new-to-the-scene and unique? If you like the idea of the latter, give the Sunday Golf Rope Hat a second look.

  • Twin with Your Favorite Pro - Are you going for the same look as JT, Rickie, or Lexi? If you have a favorite PGA/LPGA tour pro, you can buy their hat. You may not be able to swing like them, but you can look like them.

  • Fashion - The best golf hat is the final touch of a great golf outfit. It’s the “cherry on top.” For this reason, you probably need more than one golf hat. Build your collection over time.

  • Find The Best Golf Hat For You

    What do you think of our best golf hats list?

    Do you have a favorite hat picked out that you’re ready to buy? Find the perfect hat for you.

    If you look good, you’ll feel confident. And remember, the confident golfer plays better.

    Protect yourself from the sun, improve your fashion, and represent your favorite brand.

    Enjoy your next round. Go low! Roll in some birdie putts and tip your golf cap to the gallery.

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