28 Best Golf Christmas Gift Ideas

28 Best Golf Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays can be hard. You want to find the perfect gift for the golfer in your life, but you don’t want to wrap the same old boring golf balls or another polo shirt. We can help you find a great gift that will make them smile and immediately start texting their golf buddies.

There are a million different golf gifts on the market, but we can help you navigate the noise and find the perfect one for your partner (golf partner or life partner). Regardless if you are looking for a stocking stuffer or a large gift, our list has the answer.

Top 28 Christmas Gift Ideas For Golf Lovers

Overall Best Golf Gifts for Christmas

1. Sunday Golf Loma Bag

The Loma bag by Sunday Golf is the perfect Christmas gift for both male and female golfers. It is a lightweight Par 3 bag that has been designed for the driving range, a par 3 course, or a casual afternoon 9.

Loma bag in heather gray at the driving range

Are you worried that the golfer in your life already has a golf bag? Not a problem - this gives them an alternative option when they don’t want to carry a heavy bag and all 14 clubs. At less than 2 pounds, anyone can enjoy walking the course and carrying this golf bag. 

This unique golf bag will cost you $129.99. Place it under the tree and get your phone ready to film the reaction when your favorite golfer unwraps it!

Shop The Loma Bag

2. Footjoy HyperFlex BOA Good Vibes Golf Shoes

We know what you are thinking - golf shoes are a boring gift. Well, you need to check out the HyperFlex BOA Good Vibes by Footjoy. This limited edition design is the perfect combination of style and high-quality performance.

Footjoy HyperFlex BOA Good Vibes Golf Shoes

Footjoy is the most popular golf shoe on the PGA Tour and it will be a hit with the golfer on your list. The great thing about golf shoes as a gift is that every player can always use an extra pair - as long as you know their size, it is a “can’t miss” present. Don’t mess around with golf gloves - spend $199.99 and get something your golfer needs - a new pair of golf shoes.

3. Callaway XR Complete Set Golf Clubs

Golf can be a hard game to start playing. You need so much golf equipment and golf accessories to play and you don’t want to be embarrassed when you get paired with someone new. Do you have a beginner that needs a little push to embrace the game?

Callaway XR Complete Set Golf Clubs

Give them a full set of Callaway XR clubs. Nothing shows them you support their new hobby more than a full golf set. This will motivate them to visit the driving range and work on their golf swing. Bring your credit card, because this complete set by Callaway will cost you $1,399.99.

4. Sunday Golf Ryder Bag

The Ryder bag by Sunday Golf is a versatile bag and the perfect gift for the cart lover that likes the occasional walk.

 Ryder bag by Sunday Golf in midnight green

This full size golf bag is lightweight (less than 5 pounds), has a full length divider that holds up to 14 clubs, and comes with a premium self-adjusting double strap. It's perfect for the competitive golfer who wants to make birdies and shoot low scores.

Shop The Ryder

5. Nike Dri-FIT Tiger Woods Golf Polo

The golf mantra goes “Look good, play good”. You can’t look any better than wearing a golf shirt that was designed for the G.O.A.T! This Dri-Fit polo by Nike is available in different colors, but if the person on your list is a Tiger fan, there is only one color to buy. Go with the “Sunday red”!

model wearing the Nike Dri-FIT Tiger Woods Golf Polo

This high-quality piece of golf apparel has been designed to be comfortable and to allow you to make your best swing. Don’t buy golf socks - get the golfer in your family a shirt that they will consider “better than most”. The Tiger Woods golf polo will cost you $90.

Personalized Golf Gifts

Are you worried the golfer in your life already has everything? Take a look at these personalized golf gifts for a true “one-of-a-kind” present.

6. Any Sunday Golf Bag

As you probably noticed, our list already includes two different golf bags from Sunday Golf - they make great gifts, but you can kick them up a notch by personalizing them. Here is how it works:

  • Visit Sunday Golf
  • Pick the bag you want to give as a gift
  • Select the color that you know your golfer will love
  • Click on “Personalize Your Bag”
  • You can put two lines of text - up to 8 characters on each line (most people go with first and last name, but be creative - maybe a fun nickname)
embroidered Loma bag pocket

    Let’s be honest, professional golfers use personalized golf bags, shouldn’t the golfer in your life have one as well?

    Shop Golf Bags

    7. Custom Golf Ball Stamp

    The rules of golf require you to mark your golf ball in a way that makes it easy to identify on the course. The average golfer uses a sharpie to draw a couple of dots or a line, but is your loved one just “average”?

    custom golf ball stamp

    A custom golf ball stamp will make their golf balls truly unique. One of the worst feelings in golf is getting to the putting green and realizing you have played the wrong ball. This Christmas gift will ensure your golfer never experiences this pain. This is a nice small gift or a stocking stuffer.

    8. Personalized Divot Tool & Ball Marker Set

    You know your co-worker or boss loves to play golf and you would like to get a nice gift for under $50 - a personalized divot tool & ball marker set is perfect. It's thoughtful without breaking the bank. This is a staple of any holiday gift guide.

    divot tool and ball marker set

    9. Custom Printed Short Half Length Pencils

    Similar to #8 on our list, this is another example of a fun and thoughtful golf gift that doesn’t cost you too much. Custom golf pencils are perfect for your co-workers or maybe the crew that goes on a golf trip every Spring. Get creative and you will create a gift that the golfers in your life will be talking about years. 

    custom golf pencils

    Practical Christmas Golf Gift Ideas

    Not every gift over the holidays needs to be flashy. Sometimes you simply want to give the golfer in your life something they use on a regular basis - this is where our practice golf gifts are the answer.

    10. The Mule Golf Travel Bag by Sunday Golf

    Ask yourself two questions. Does your golfer like to go on quick golf weekend getaways or bring their clubs when they travel for work? Does your golfer enjoy using a Sunday Golf bag (Loma, El Camino, etc.).?

    The Mule Travel Golf Bag by Sunday Golf

    If you answered these questions “yes” and “yes”, you need to get them the Mule this holiday season. It is the perfect golf travel bag for a quick weekend away that is going to involve a golf course. It is easy to carry and removes the pain of bringing your golf clubs on the trip. It will be the best $159.99 you spend this year.

    Shop Golf Accessories

    11. Taylormade Golf Gloves

    We are going to be honest - golf gloves are not a “sexy” gift, but they're something that every golfer on the planet can use. They may not be the highlight of Christmas morning, but we guarantee your golfer will get value from this gift.

    Taylormade golf gloves

    12. Sunday Golf Towel

    Practical doesn’t always mean boring and the golf towel's by Sunday Golf are a simple product that has a “cool factor” and comes in a ton of different colors.

    Sunday Golf tailgate yellow and green golf towel


    Shop Golf Towels

    13. Adidas Ultimate365 Tour Frostguard Jacket For Women

    There are two types of golfers in the world. Golfers only want to play when it is 80 degrees and sunny & golfers who are heading to the course regardless of the temperature. If you are buying for a golfer who isn’t afraid of the cold, you need to get her the correct golf gear to support her passion.

    Adidas Ultimate365 Tour Frostguard Jacket For Women in black

    The Tour Frostguard Jacket for Women will keep her warm without restricting her golf swing. Spend $230 for this jacket and let her keep playing throughout the “offseason”.

    14. Golf Valuables Pouch by Sunday Golf

    Golf is hard enough without having to worry about your wallet, phone, car keys, and jewelry while you play. Give the golfer in your life “peace of mind” with the Golf Valuables Pouch by Sunday Golf.

    Sunday Golf golf valuables pouch in midnight green

    Have you ever seen a golfer dumping their bag upside down in the parking lot looking for lost car keys? For $34.99 you can give the gift of security. Your favorite golfer may lose a few bucks in a side bet, but they won’t lose any of their valuables.

    Shop Golf Accessories

    15. Under Armour Unisex Iso-Chill ArmourDry Golf Socks

    We understand. No one sits on Santa’s lap and asks for golf socks, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great gift for a golfer. Under Armour has added technology to their socks to help your feet feel better after the round. They want you to strut into the 19th hole, not limp. Spend $25 and improve their on-course experience.

    Under Armour Unisex Iso-Chill ArmourDry Golf Socks

    16. Sunday Golf Porter Lite Hat

    Sometimes less is more. A simple gift can be the best gift for your golfer. The Porter Lite Hat by Sunday Golf simply does it better. It looks great, it's designed to be comfortable, and it has some sneaky cool features. For example, we love the golf ball marker holster on the side and the breathable back. We would call it simple, yet sophisticated. An awesome gift for $39.99.

    Sunday Golf Porter Lite Hat in tan


    Shop Golf Hats


    Christmas Gifts For Golfers Who Enjoy A Cold Beverage

    We understand - golf is more fun when you share a couple of cold beverages on the back 9.

    17. Sunday Beer Sleeve Cooler

    Let us paint a picture for you. It is getting warm on the back 9 and the beverage cart is nowhere to be found. Wouldn’t it be cool if your favorite golfer could be the hero of their foursome when they pull out a 6-pack of cold drinks from inside their golf bag? You can make this happen if you give the Sunday Beer Sleeve Cooler as a gift this holiday season. Comes in different colors, and $29.99 is a small price to pay to make your golfer a hero!

    Sunday Beer Sleeve Cooler in Americana

    Shop Golf Bag Coolers

    18. 19th Hole Custom Decanter

    Are you looking for a unique gift for the golfer in the family who enjoys a nice drink after their round? You know, something you can’t find in your local Dick’s Sporting Goods? A custom decanter to hold their favorite beverage is a great way to get invited to play the next time your golfer makes a tee time. It will only cost you $70.

    19th Hole Custom Decanter

    19. Big Frosty by Sunday Golf

    Are you looking for an alternative to the Beer Sleeve above (#17)? Check out the Big Frosty by Sunday Golf. It can hold up to 6 cans of your favorite drink and has an area for ice packs if you don’t want to risk a lukewarm drink. This great-looking product only costs $34.99.

    Big Frosty golf bag cooler in olive

    Shop Golf Bag Coolers

    20. Iceberg Cooler Pack

    We are going to make this simple for you. If you get your favorite golfer a Big Frosty you need to spend an additional $14.99 and get them the Iceberg Cooler Pack. Freeze them overnight, put them in the Big Frosty, and have a great time. It is a no-brainer. K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid)

    Iceberg Cooler Pack

    Iceberg Cooler Pack inside toasted almond Big Frosty

    Golf Accessories Christmas Gifts

    You don’t have to spend a ton of money to improve your golfer’s experience when they play. A small golf accessory can be the perfect gift or stocking stuff!

    21. Sunday Golf Lucky Bamboo Golf Tees

    We can’t produce evidence they are lucky, we just believe it is true. These Bamboo golf tees look great, play great, and are eco-friendly. Grab a pack of 80 tees for $14.99 and let us know if the golfer in your life agrees they are lucky!

    Sunday Golf Lucky Bamboo Golf Tees

    Shop Golf Accessories

    22. Money Golf Head Cover

    A golf head cover has two jobs. Protect your club and add some flair to your golf bag. Let everyone in your group know that you plan to hit every fairway because your driver is “money”! Is the golfer in your life a bit flashy and cocky? If so, he will love this golf accessory.

    money golf head cover

    23. Sunday Golf Shoe Cube

    Are you still searching Amazon looking for the perfect golf gift? Stop your search. Your favorite golfer definitely has golf shoes, but do they have a fashionable bag to keep them organized and safe? The Sunday Golf Shoe Cube is the answer. This stylish product can handle up to size 14 shoes and makes it easy to carry your shoes to the course or to your travel destination. A great gift for only $34.99.

    Sunday golf shoe cube

    24. Magnum Loma Golf Bag Rain Hood

    You may be shocked to hear this, but sometimes the weatherman gets it wrong. Don’t let a surprise shower ruin your day on the golf course. We mentioned the Loma golf bag at the top of our list - you might as well spend an additional $29.99 and get the golf accessory that will protect golf clubs from rain. The rain hood is available for the Loma XL as well. 

    Magnum rainhood

    Best Golf Gadget Christmas Gifts

    They are expensive, but one of our golf gadgets can greatly improve your loved one’s golf game.

    25. Garmin Approach S62 Premium Golf Watch

    It isn’t always possible to hire a caddy for your round - the next best thing is a device that will help you navigate the golf course. The Garmin Approach S62 golf watch gives you all of the data you need to play your best golf. It comes preloaded with 40,000+ golf courses and will quickly tell you the yardage to the green prior to each shot. The S62 even has a green contour view that will help you read your putts! This cool golf gadget will cost you $499.99.

    Garmin Approach S62 Premium Golf Watch

    26. Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Slim Golf Rangefinder

    The alternative to a golf watch is a rangefinder. The Bushnell Tour V5 allows you to “shoot” the flag or any object in the distance and immediately know the distance. The golfer in your life can always make the correct club selection with this Bushnell product. It will cost you $350 to make your golfer smile on Christmas morning.

    Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Slim Golf Rangefinder

    27. Flightscope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

    The best way to understand and fix your golf swing is to use a launch monitor. The Flightscope Mevo Plus will instantly provide you with all of the data you need to understand how to improve. The golfer in life will quickly understand their clubhead speed, ball speed, and smash factor, just to name a few.

    Flightscope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

    There is a reason why all professional golfers use a launch monitor on the driving range. Knowledge is power. This impressive device will cost you $1,979.

    28. Skytrak Golf Simulator Studio Package

    If the price is not a concern, you need to check out the Skytrack Golf Simulator Studio Package. This gift will allow the golfer in your life to practice year-round in the comfort of their home. Just a warning - if you set this up in your home you may never get rid of their golfing buddies. This game-changing golf gift will cost you $3,995.

    Skytrack golf simulator

    The Perfect Gift For The Golfer In Your Life

    Learn as much as you can about the golfer in your life. How seriously do they take the game? What golf gear do they need? What is their dream golf accessory or gadget?

    Once you have this information, finding the perfect gift won’t be hard. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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