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15 Best Golf Headcovers Every Golfer Needs

We suspect you have golf headcovers on your driver, fairway woods, and putter, but have you ever asked yourself why? Most golfers agree that iron headcovers aren’t needed, so why put them on these specific clubs?

There are two basic benefits to using golf headcovers. First, they help protect your clubs. The padding in a golf headcover will prevent the heads from getting scratched up when they bang against other clubs. They also provide protection to the shafts and hosels on these specific golf clubs.

The second benefit of golf headcovers is all about style and appearance. You can use a golf headcover to tell your playing partners something about your game or personality. It could be your favorite golf course or even a character from a movie. Golf headcovers allow you to express yourself and add flare to your golf equipment

We want to help you find the best golf headcovers on the market. Below we highlight our favorite 15.

15 Best Golf Club Headcovers

We have picked 5 headcovers from each category (Driver, Woods/Hybrids, Putter). 

Best Golf Headcovers For Drivers

Most new drivers will come with a golf headcover. It’s perfectly fine to use that one provided by the driver manufacturer, but you don’t have to stick with this “freebie.” You can invest in something more exciting.

1. J. Lindberg Driver Headcover

Protect your driver in style with his “club hat.” The J. Lindberg headcover is made with synthetic leather and smooth fabric lining, this headcover was designed to fit all drivers. 

J. Lindberg Driver Headcover

  • Simple and sophisticated - will look good regardless of the color of your golf bag
  • High-quality product from a brand you can trust
  • We love the design of the “JL” logo - very cool
  • Limited color options - just black and white
  • An expensive product - you can find better deals

2. Seamus Golf Headcovers

With Seamus golf headcovers you encounter unique designs and construction. Instead of using leather, they’re made from densely woven cotton fabrics. This gives them a different look and feel. 

Floral Seamus Golf Headcover

  • Stand out on the first tee - they’re very unique
  • These golf headcovers look awesome - a combination of art and function
  • Several cool designs and colors - we love having choices
  • The woven cotton fabric looks great, but doesn’t perform as well as leather in bad weather
  • A premium product - expensive

3. Daphne’s Headcovers

Golf is supposed to be fun, right? What’s more fun than having your favorite animal protect your driver? Daphne’s golf headcovers allow you to have your favorite furry creature in your golf bag.

Daphne’s Headcovers

  • We love all of the options - you can go with a bobcat, boar, alligator, or a beaver (you have many choices)
  • Tell other players you are an animal lover without saying a word
  • Reasonably priced
  • You either love them or hate them - are you comfortable showing up on the 1st tee with a chicken on your driver?

4. Titleist Jet Black Golf Headcover

Do you want to look like a professional? Check out this Titleist golf headcover. It has a sleek jet-black quilted design that’s simply beautiful. Made from 100% leather and with a Titleist tour patch on the front. 

Titleist Jet Black Golf Headcover

  • Everything about this golf headcover is “first class”
  • Sophisticated style that will match any golf bag
  • High-quality product made with the best materials and by a golf brand you can trust
  • Expensive - you will pay to use this golf headcover

5. The "Lloyd" Tux Driver Cover by PRG


We are all guilty of it. We take the game of golf too seriously. Maybe all you need to relax is a “Dumb and Dumber” golf headcover for your driver. Check out the “Lloyd Tux” by PRG. If this doesn’t make you smile after a bad drive, nothing will.

  • Sure to get a laugh on the first tee - help your entire group relax
  • Designed to fit all 460cc drivers
  • Not for the serious golfer - you probably won’t see too many of these on the PGA tour

Best Golf Headcovers For Fairway Woods & Hybrids

Next up, our favorite golf headcovers for fairway woods and hybrids.

6. Scott Edward Knit Golf Headcovers

Looking for an “old school” vibe and a great price? Check out the Knit gold headcovers by Scott Edward. Made from soft Acrylic yarn these golf headcovers give your bag a unique look. 

Scott Edward Knit Golf Headcovers

  • Inexpensive - all golfers can afford these headcovers
  • They look great and you can choose from several different colors
  • Not as sturdy as headcovers made from leather - less protection and padding
  • Do not perform well in rainy conditions - get saturated quickly

7. TaylorMade Fairway Wood Headcover

The fairway wood headcover from TaylorMade has a classic look and is constructed with high-quality materials. It’s extremely durable and will provide protection for your fairway wood(s).

TaylorMade Fairway Wood Headcover

  • TaylorMade is a well-known golf brand that has a history of making great golf gear
  • We love the simple but cool look of this headcover
  • Inexpensive - buy 2 (one of your 3-wood and one for your 5-wood)
  • No diversity - only comes in one color scheme (black & white, with red accents)

8. Stitch Golf Headcovers

To put it simply, Stitch Golf makes “top of the line” golf headcovers. 100% hand-crafted leather that are water and stain-resistant. They’ve been engineered to properly fit and protect your fairway woods.

Stitch Golf Headcovers

  • They look and feel great - very cool designs are available (our favorite is the “sunny with a chance of birdies”)
  • Made with great materials - very high-quality product
  • They’re expensive - high-quality product for a high price

9. PING Liberty Knit Fairway Headcover

This golf headcover feels like a bit of a “mash-up.” A modern take on an “old-school” design. Made of acrylic knit, it also has the diamond and PING patch sewn on the front. Perfect if your 3-wood is feeling patriotic.

PING Liberty Knit Fairway Headcover

  • PING is an established golf brand that you can trust
  • Looks great in your bag - we love the multi-color pom on top of the golf headcover
  • Reasonably priced
  • Knit golf headcovers look great, but don’t handle the elements (rain) well
  • Easier to damage than a leather golf headcover

10. G/FORE Golf Headcovers

G/FORE golf headcovers are the perfect balance of style and performance. They’re handcrafted to protect your clubs and built to last. These golf headcovers are waterproof, easy to clean, and lined with ultra soft velour.

G/FORE Golf Headcover in white camo

  • They’re very fashionable - kick your style up a notch
  • Designed to fit all standard fairway woods - form-fitting elastic band holds them in place
  • Limited options on design, but they’re all beautiful
  • Higher priced than other options on our list

Best Golf Headcovers For Putters

You drive for show, but you putt for dough. We need to make sure your putter is safe in your bag. 

11. Scotty Cameron Putter Headcovers

You know your putter headcovers are nice when you can offer a limited release and golfers will rush to get them before they’re gone. Scotty Cameron makes the best putters and they offer the coolest putter headcovers.

Scotty Cameron Putter Headcover

  • They’re awesome - enough said. Each time they offer a limited release, it’s an event in the golf world
  • High-quality materials and next-level designs
  • Very expensive - some golfers consider them an investment
  • Hard to get - you can either buy one of their putters or join their online club to get access to limited releases

12. Dancing Flamingos by Pins & Aces

Are you looking for something fun, but at a reasonable price? Check out these Dancing Flamingo putter headcovers. They’re made from premium leather and have a magnetic closure. They’re available in both a mallet and blade style.

Dancing Flamingos by Pins & Aces

  • High-quality, well-made product for a reasonable price
  • The dancing flamingo style is fun - looks good in your bag
  • Magnetic closure on putter headcovers last longer than velcro
  • Not a well-known golf brand, if that matters to you
  • It’s possible you don’t like flamingos :)

13. Oh Baby I’m Hot Today by Odyssey

Are you feeling a little spicey? All golfers love a hot putter, so why not try a hot putter headcover? If you turn on the PGA tour this weekend, we guarantee you’ll see an Odyssey putter.

Oh Baby I’m Hot Today by Odyssey

  • Love the theme - small “hot sauce” bottles with the Odyssey logo as the label
  • You have options - you can purchase for your mallet or blade putter
  • Odyssey is the #1 putter in golf - you can trust their headcovers
  • Might be too “flashy” for more conservative players

14. G/FORE Sketch Velour-Lined Blade Putter Cover

G/FORE appears on our list for the 2nd time with their blade putter headcover. It combines a bit of edginess with luxury. We love the magnetic closure mechanism and the sketch (skull) print.


  • Looks fantastic - the sketch print is unique and beautiful
  • Magnetic closure works great - you won’t lose this golf headcover because it falls off your putter
  • Great padding to keep your putter safe
  • Luxury putter cover comes with a luxury price
  • Not available for mallet putters

15. 19th Hole Gopher by READYGolf

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have fun on the golf course. This is the idea behind the 19th Hole Gopher putter headcover. 

19th Hole Gopher by READYGolf

  • Great price for a cool product
  • The gopher design is fun and will give your golfing buddies a laugh
  • Well-designed magnetic closure
  • No brand awareness with this product
  • Slightly lower quality materials than other putter headcovers on our list

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Golf Headcover

When it comes to finding the perfect golf headcover we recommend you consider 4 different factors while shopping.

1. Material

The material of the golf headcover matters. Do you want premium leather or yarn? Both can be great but will perform differently. The quality of the material also makes a big difference. Your golf headcover should protect your clubs, you don’t want it to fall apart quickly. 

2. Closure/Fit

Pay close attention to the closure mechanism on golf headcovers. No one wants to lose a piece of golf gear because it fell off during your round. Putter headcovers will either have magnets or velcro. Driver and fairway headcovers will either be “hat” style or have elastic built in. You need to be able to trust that your golf headcovers will stay in place. 

3. Style

Go crazy. You can find golf headcovers in almost any style, so pick one that means something to you. It can be your favorite animal or it can be luxurious. There’s no wrong answer here, but don’t buy a headcover you don’t love. There are too many options to settle.

4. Cost

You should always consider the cost of a golf purchase. There’s no shame in buying an expensive golf headcover if it levels up your game on the course. On the other hand, if you don’t care what your headcover looks like, go for a cheaper option and spend your golf funds in a different way.

Golf Headcovers: Frequently Asked Questions

Which golf clubs should have headcovers?

Your driver, fairway woods, and putter should have a headcover. A headcover for your hybrid is recommended, but not required. You can get headcovers for your irons, but most golfers consider them unnecessary (and a bit irritating). 

What does a golf club headcover protect?

Golf club covers protect the head, hosel, and shaft of your club. The primary benefit is to protect your clubs when they hit each other while in your golf bag. This can happen when you’re walking or riding in a golf cart. 

What type of material should golf club covers be made of?

Golf headcovers are made from various materials. Leather is the most common, but you can also them made with yarn. Both can work, but yarn golf headcovers will quickly get saturated in a rain shower.

Golf Headcovers - Protection & Style

Make sure your golf headcovers serve two purposes. Club protection and style. Yes, you don’t want your clubs to get damaged, but you also need to tell the rest of the world about yourself as a person and a player.

Find some golf club covers that reflect your personality and/or make you smile. A round of golf can take 5+ hours, you might as well have golf gear that you enjoy. Good luck and play well!

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