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Budget Golf: Low Priced Golf Gear That Will Shock You

We love the game of golf. We’ve written many times about our love for the game and everything that it offers. Get some exercise, spend time outdoors, and enjoy making new friends or being with old ones. There’s one obvious problem with golf, though: it can be expensive to play.

You need all types of golf gear to play the game. You need clubs, balls, a golf bag (or two), and golf shoes, just to name a few. All of this can add up quickly, especially if you go to your local golf superstore and try to purchase all the golf gear you see the professionals using on TV.

But, we think you can enjoy golf without breaking the bank. If you shop smart, you can get everything you need without maxing out your credit cards. We call it “budget golf.” With budget golf, you can get all of the golf gear you need and still have some money left over for your other life passions.

What Is Budget Golf?

Budget golf is a simple idea. It’s the idea that you can find high quality golf products without paying premium prices. You don’t need to swing the exact same club as Rory McIlroy or Dustin Johnson to enjoy your afternoon on the course. You don’t need the same high-priced outfit and shoes as Brooks Koepka to hit the driving range or visit your local par 3 course.

In other words, budget golf is finding good deals! It doesn’t mean you’re buying cheap clubs or that you’re sacrificing performance. We believe there are great options in the market for everything from the best budget golf shoes to the best budget golf balls. Below, we’ve compiled some ideas for every type of golf gear you’ll ever need.

Low Priced Gear And Where To Get It

For each category below, we’ve highlighted 3 different budget golf options that you should consider. Are there more than 3 available? Of course. Do you have a budget golf product that we didn’t mention that you would like to share? Feel free to do so!

Best Budget Golf Clubs

Finding the best budget golf clubs is an important category. You can easily spend thousands of dollars on a new set of 14 clubs, so this is an area where the idea of budget golf can make a big impact on your golf expenses. We’re going to cover this section with two different categories. First drivers, and then irons.

The budget golf rule for getting a high-quality driver for less is selecting a new one that was released at least a couple years ago. For example, if you go buy a newly released driver, it can cost you $500 or more, but if you go with a similar model from two years ago, you can find them for less than $200. Here are some of our favorites:

TaylorMade M1

The TaylorMade M1 was first released back in 2016 and has performed well ever since. You can find a used one for well under $200. We would recommend you check eBay or a retailer that focuses on used equipment, such as Second Swing golf.

TaylorMade M1 golf club

Cobra LTDX

The Cobra LTDX is an example of high-quality driver that we feel is undervalued. You can find a new one for $250 or a used one for closer to $150. Check Amazon or used club retailers to find the best deal.

Callaway X Hot

The Callaway X Hot is another example of a driver that has been out for several years, but continues to perform well. To get the best price for this budget golf club we recommend you check out eBay or Second Swing. Go used and you can save a nice chunk of cash.

callaway x hot driver

You’ll notice that for our driver choices, we stayed with “name brands.” There are some cheaper alternatives, but from our experience, the “alternative” brands don’t provide the same level of performance.

Next up, your set of irons. One quick budget golf note - do you really need a full set of irons? A full set is typically 7-9 clubs, but we think many casual golfers can enjoy the game with only 4-5 irons. Less clubs, less money. Just something to keep in mind as you review our budget golf iron selections.

Callaway Strata Irons

While Callaway is a premium club manufacturer, they do offer a budget golf version with their Strata irons. They’re typically sold as a full set (including driver and bag) and you can find them for less than $400. You can buy them on Amazon or in Walmart.

Callaway Strata Irons

Ram Golf EZ3 Iron Set

We’re starting our list with a true budget golf option. A premium set of irons can cost you north of $1,000, but the Ram Golf EZ3 set you can find for under $200. Are they as good as a premium set? Probably not, but if you’re a casual player you might consider pocketing the savings. You can find them on Amazon or Walmart.

Pinemeadow Irons

You may not be familiar with the Pinemeadow brand, but they offer budget golf options that perform well for the price. They have a couple different sets for you to choose from and will cost you less than $300. The best place to purchase is on their website.

Best Budget Golf Balls

The challenge with golf balls - newer players need more, because they will lose more than an advanced golfer. The good news - there are plenty of budget golf balls available. The best budget golf ball really comes down to your personal preference. 

Titleist TruFeel

Titleist is the number one golf ball brand in golf, but their Pro V1 can cost you $50+ per dozen. The good news is that you can get a dozen TruFeel for a fraction of that price (<$20). You can buy them on Amazon or from any golf superstore.

Srixon Soft Feel

Another budget golf ball option in the $20 per dozen range is the Srixon Soft Feel. They’re sold at all golf retailers and you can find them online.

Srixon Soft Feel golf balls

VICE Golf Balls

Vice is an interesting golf company and they offer several different versions of budget golf balls. Their model is to only sell directly to the consumer and reduce prices by eliminating the “middle man.” You can also save significant money by buying their golf balls in bulk. For the best pricing, buy 5 dozen at a time from their website.

Best Budget Golf Bags

There are many different types of golf bags. You can have a cart bag or carry bag. Your carry bag could lay on the ground or come with a stand. For the purposes of this budget golf conversation, we’re going to focus on carry bags. Cart bags are more expensive and force you to rent a cart - we think golf courses were designed to be walked.

Loma Bag By Sunday Golf

The Loma golf bag is the ultimate budget golf choice. It’s designed for the casual player that’s looking to enjoy the game without being weighed down by too much equipment. You can purchase it here for less than $115.

budget golf bag by Sunday golf

Sunday golf bag with tees

Shop The Loma Bag

Cobra Golf Ultralite Stand Bag

Cobra has done a nice job designing a carry bag for a reasonable price. You can purchase this bag for between $150 - $175 through online golf stores or Amazon.

Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

Titleist is well-known throughout the golf industry for making quality products and this stand bag is no exception. It costs between $160 - $200 and you can find it via most online golf retailers.

Titleist Players 4 Stand Budget Golf Bag
Yes, this is an article on budget golf and yes, you could find some golf bags for cheaper than the ones we highlighted, but you can use a golf bag for years. In this case, we recommend you get a quality product like the items we have listed above.

Budget Golf Apparel

If you want to look like a pro, you will have to spend some money on your golfer’s apparel. That being said, there are some nice threads available to the budget golfer.

This section is less about specific brands and more about how you approach finding your budget golf attire. The key here is smart shopping. You can find some of the top brands (Under Armour, Greg Norman, Footjoy, etc.) for low prices if you look in the right places. First, always checkout the clearance rack in golf superstores. If you prefer looking online, shop around before you buy. A shirt that was $75 last year might now be available for less than $20.

Best Budget Golf Accessories

Budget golf accessories can be a broad category. Golf towels, golf hats, golf umbrellas, and valuables pouches, just to name a few. We’ve selected three budget golf accessories that we think every player needs.

1. Golf Towels by Sunday Golf

Trust us, you need a golf towel. Keep your clubs clean, keep your golf balls dry, and clean up if you accidentally spill a frosty beverage on the back 9. These microfiber golf towels will only cost you $25 and allow you to show some personality. Let your playing partners know where you’re from or how you approach the game of golf. Comes with a center slit to easily hang over your clubs or bag, and 12 colors.

Sunday Golf towel

Shop Golf Towels

2. TaylorMade 68-inch Golf Umbrella

The forecast may not call for rain, but occasionally your favorite weather person gets it wrong. Always be prepared with this budget golf accessory. The Taylor Made 68-inch umbrella sells for under $20 and can be purchased at Walmart.

3. Golf Brush by Frogger

If you want to control your golf ball, you’ll need to keep the grooves on your club clean. Go for a golf brush by Frogger, another budget golf accessory that’ll cost you less than $20. You can purchase from their website.

buget golf brush by Frogger

Best Budget Golf Shoes

The easiest way to save money on your golf shoes is to simply play in your tennis or running shoes, but most players end up wanting a pair of shoes designed for golf.

Skechers Go Golf Elite

Comfortable and easy to walk in, Skechers Go Golf Elite are a great example of budget golf shoes. You can buy them on Amazon or at Dick’s Sporting Goods for less than $75.

Footjoy Flex

Similar to what we discussed in the club section, you can take advantage of great pricing if you select shoes from a previous season. Footjoy Flex is a great example of this type of budget golf shoe. Less than $50!

Footjoy Flex budget golf shoes

Adidas Tech Response

The Adidas Tech Response budget golf shoes are simple and stylish. Even better, you can find them on Amazon for less than $40.

Why Should You Go For Affordable Golf Products?

This seems like a simple answer, but let’s explore a little bit. We see 3 primary reasons why you should always look for affordable golf products (aka budget golf products).

Invest Your Golf Money In Other Ways

Take the money you save on budget golf products and re-invest in golf. You know that fancy course across town with expensive green fees? Take the money you didn’t spend on high-priced gear and book a tee time! Or, buy your buddies a round of drinks in the 19th hole. Sounds like more fun than overpaying for golf equipment.

Invest In Other Passions

Are you only a golfer? Are you a one hobby kind of person, or do you enjoy other activities as well? Take the money you save following our budget golf guidelines and use it on a new bike or hiking boots. You could probably use a new basketball. There’s no wrong way to spend your budget golf savings!

Don’t Pay More If It Doesn’t Change Your Score

It seems like common sense, but why pay more money for a club that won’t impact your score? Why spend $50 on a dozen golf balls that you’ll probably lose in a couple rounds? It doesn’t sting as much when you hit a 50-cent ball in the lake compared to when you rinse a $5 one!

How To Select The Budget Golf Products That Will Serve You Well

As you start your budget golf journey, keep these factors in mind.


Of course price matters. We’re talking about saving money, but don’t let this be your only factor. Budget golf isn’t about finding the lowest price - it’s about finding the best deal. A great product for a reduced price should be your goal.


Look for good deals, but avoid cheap products. Always consider the materials and the quality of the construction. Regardless of the price, if the product falls apart after a couple rounds, it wasn’t worth it.

Customer Reviews

If the deal is too good to be true, it probably is….always check customer reviews. What are other golfers saying about this budget golf option?


A warranty on your budget golf purchase is awesome. This always elevates the product for us. It gives you a little more confidence to try that piece of equipment or gear.

Budget Golf: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a good golf set cost?

If you purchase a premium set of golf clubs, including a driver, a 3-wood, a full set of irons, and a putter, you can easily spend $2,500+. Most amateur golfers don’t need to make this type of investment to enjoy the game. You can find a good set of clubs for less than $1,000. Many golfers choose to build their set of clubs over time to reduce the impact of making one large purchase.

Are cheap golf clubs any good?

A higher handicap or beginner can start with a cheap set of clubs while they learn the game, but you will notice a performance difference between a cheap set of golf clubs and a “middle of the road” set. Most amateur golfers do need to spend the money to buy a premium set of clubs.

Are used golf clubs worth buying?

Yes. Used golf clubs can be a great way to get the technology available in premium clubs without paying the premium price. Make sure you check the conditions of the used clubs before you buy, but this can be a great way to get an awesome set of clubs at a huge discount.

Embrace Budget Golf Today

There’s no reason to wait. Get started looking for budget golf deals today. Have you tried a budget golf product that you loved? Or hated? Let us know your thoughts! 

The only thing that feels better than shooting your lowest score ever is shooting that score with equipment that saved you some cash. Save some money, hit some fairways, make some putts, and enjoy your day at the course.

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