How to Organize Your Golf Bag Like A Pro

How to Organize Your Golf Bag Like A Pro

Do you have a specific process for how you organize your golf bag, or do you simply throw the clubs in and head to the course? A well-organized golf bag can save you time and make your round more enjoyable.

When you think about how to organize your bag, there are several considerations to keep in mind. First, if you plan to walk you need to be hyper-focused on weight - save your back. Second, be thoughtful of your placement of each piece of golf gear - you don’t want to struggle to find items when you need them on the course. Finally, a well-organized golf bag makes it easier to identify if you leave something behind. No golfer enjoys losing a club during the round and having to try and remember where it was left.

Not all golf bags are the same, so your organizational strategy should be based on the type of bag you leverage.

How To Organize The Clubs In Your Golf Bag

When it comes to organizing your golf clubs there are two important factors to consider - how many clubs do you use and how many dividers are in your golf bag. 

Organizing Clubs in a 2-Way Divider Golf Bag

A golf bag with a 2-way divider is typically a smaller bag that is designed for a par 3 course or a practice session. This is often called a Sunday golf bag or a Par 3 bag

golf bag with 2-way top divider

In this case, we would recommend you separate your golf clubs by length. Your longer clubs go in one section and and your shorter ones in the other area. A Sunday golf bag will typically hold 5-6 clubs.

how to organize your Sunday golf bag

Organizing Clubs in a 3-Way Divider Golf Bag

If you are using a golf bag with a 3-way divider you are using a golf carry bag. This type of golf bag will hold up to 8 clubs and the organization of your sticks starts to get more complicated.

golf bag with 3-way top divider

In this case, we would put your wedges & putter in one section, your other irons in a section, and leverage the final area for hybrids and/or woods.

Organizing Clubs in a 4-Way Divider Golf Bag

A walking golf bag will have a 4-way divider and will hold up to 10 clubs - not quite a full set, but you are getting close. The more clubs you carry, the more important your organization system becomes. 

bag with 4-way top divider

In this case, we would have an area for your putter and wedges. A section for your short irons (7-9), a section for your longer irons (4-6), and a spot for your driver and woods. This keeps your golf clubs in order and reduces the amount of damage from banging together. 

Organizing Clubs in a 5-Way Divider Golf Bag

Once you get to a golf bag with a 5-way divider, you are carrying a full set of golf clubs (14) and you need to be able to quickly find the right one for your next shot.

If you enjoy walking the golf course, you are probably using a lightweight stand golf bag. It is time to consider some simple math - 5 sections and 14 clubs equals 2.8. This means that 4 of your sections will have 3 clubs and one section will have 2.

golf bag with 5 way top divider

We like to use the top section for your driver and your putter. Use 3 sections to organize your irons and use the final area for your hybrids and/or woods. 

Organizing Clubs on a 14-Way Divider Golf Bag

This one is pretty easy - you have 14 golf clubs and your golf bag has a 14-way divider. Each individual club has its own spot. 

golf bag with 14 way club dividers

The key here is to put your clubs in order, by length. Once you determine the yardage to the pin, you want to be able to quickly grab the right stick. Your 8-iron should be next to your 7-iron, your 7-iron should be next to your 6-iron, etc. 

An additional advantage to this configuration is that you will quickly know if you left a club on the previous hole. 

How To Organize Golf Accessories

We understand. Your golf bag carries a lot more than just golf clubs. How you organize your golf gear and accessories might be more important than your clubs. These items are designed to help you play better and enjoy your day. 

Golf Towel

Dirt, sand, and moisture on your golf balls or clubs can ruin your shot. They can make your golf ball curve and be the difference between the middle of the green and the bunker.

Never leave home without a golf towel and make sure you don’t lose it during your round. Attach your towel to your bag with a carabiner or use a towel with a “slit” that can easily be secured by any club in your bag. 

Cold Drinks

Who doesn’t love a cold beverage on the back 9? Find a golf bag with an insulated pocket and always make sure that pocket is stocked with your favorite drink. You never know when the cart girl might disappear for a while. 

golf bag with a cooler pocket to store drinks


Golf gloves don’t expire, so always keep a couple in your golf bag. If you have a velcro glove holder on your bag, stick them on there, keep them in another compartment in your bag. 

Balls & Tees & Ball Markers

We call these your golf essentials - you need them every time you play and you don’t want to be searching through your golf bag to find them. All Sunday Golf Bags come with a designated ball pocket so keep them in there. If you have a Loma or Loma XL there is a designated tee/pencil holder on the front of the bag for easy access. 

Devices: Rangefinder, Golf Watch, or GPS

A golf watch is easy - it will be on your wrist! If you use a rangefinder or a GPS device be thoughtful about how it is stored in your golf bag. You will use it before each shot, so you want quick access. The best solution is to attach it to the outside of your golf bag. 

rangefinder pocket on a golf bag


We hope your phone doesn’t ring during your round, but your boss might call! Place it in a safe place that you can access if needed and where it won’t get damaged. A velour-lined valuables pocket is the perfect place. 

Rain Gear

You can’t always trust the weatherman and a rain shower can quickly pop up on the back 9. The key is consistency. Always keep your rain gear in the same location in your bag - you never want to get wet while you search for it. The best option is the apparel pocket on the side of your bag. 

Pro Tips and Tricks For Organizing Your Golf Bag

We have provided you with the basics, but here are a few additional “pro tips”:

  • Always clean out your bag before you head to the golf course. There is no reason to have the empty drink bottle from your previous round. Also, do a quick gear check. You don’t need your cool weather pullover in your bag if the temperature is going to be above 80 degrees.
  • Most drivers are now adjustable and they can become loose when you are on the range or during your round. Always make sure your adjustable wrench is in your bag.
  • Weight management is key and it is a balancing act - you don’t want to leave a piece of gear at home that you need, but you also don’t want to carry something for 18 holes that never gets leveraged.
  • Consider using a Sunday golf bag for casual rounds or practice sessions - sometimes less is more!

Trial & Error: Find the Best Golf Bag Organizational System for You!

A well-organized golf bag will lead to less stress on the course and help you shoot lower scores. You can’t focus on your next shot if you’re struggling to find a tee or trying to remember where you left your pitching wedge. 

Golf is hard enough without over-complicating it with your equipment and gear. Keep it simple and well-organized. Bring what you need to enjoy your round, but don’t get weighed down with items you never use. Be open to new ideas and take notice of how your playing partners organize their bags - you might learn a cool trick.


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