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How to Organize Your Golf Bag Like A Pro

Do you have a specific process for how you organize your golf bag, or do you simply throw the clubs in and head to the course? A well-organized golf bag can save you time and make your round more enjoyable.

When you think about how to organize your bag, there are several considerations to keep in mind. First, if you plan to walk you need to be hyper-focused on weight - save your back. Second, be thoughtful of your placement of each piece of golf gear - you don’t want to struggle to find items when you need them on the course. Finally, a well-organized golf bag makes it easier to identify if you leave something behind. No golfer enjoys losing a club during the round and having to try and remember where it was left.

Not all golf bags are the same, so your organizational strategy should be based on the type of bag you leverage. Do you use a cart bag, a carry-stand bag, or a Sunday bag? Does your bag have 14 club slots or a few dividers?

How to Organize Based on Type of Bag

Cart Bag (aka Staff Bag)

A cart bag or staff bag is what you see if you turn on your TV and watch the PGA tour. They have plenty of room for you clubs and enough storage for every piece of golf gear you could possibly need during your round. A Cart bag is only designed to be carried from your car to your cart, so unless you have a full-time caddy, you’re using this type of bag to ride the course.

how to organize your golf bag with staff/cart bag


staff/cart bag


How to Organize a Cart Bag

    1. Clubs - How you organize golf clubs in a bag is important. A cart bag will either have 14 slots for your clubs or 4-5 dividers. Either way, organize your clubs in order, by yardage. When each club has a specific “home” you will always know where to find it and quickly realize if one is missing. 
    2. Essentials - golf balls, tees, ball marks, and a glove. Put all of these essential items in one pocket. Go crazy - throw a dozen balls in your cart bag - you don’t have to carry it.
    3. Valuables - wallet, car keys, and watches/jewelry should go in one small pocket and should always put them in the same place each time you play. You don’t want to be the golfer in the parking lot after your round frantically searching for your keys.
    4. Situational Gear - rain suit, rain gloves, winter gloves, umbrella, hand warmers, extra towels, additional layers of clothing, snacks, drinks, etc. - throw it all in, you have the storage.

Pro Tips & Tricks

  • When you arrive at the course, use the club drop. There is no reason for you to carry your cart bag from the parking lot to your cart.
  • How you organize your cart bag is critical, because you have so much storage. It’s much easier to forget where you placed an item, so be thoughtful.
  • Under no circumstance, should you try to walk 18 holes with a cart bag. This type of bag is for riding only (unless you’re on tour, most caddies aren’t interested in carrying one of them either).

Sunday Golf Bag

A Sunday golf bag is ultra-lightweight and designed to make walking easy. It’s perfect for a trip to the range, playing a par 3 course, or a casual round with friends. With a Sunday golf bag, less is more.

how to organize your Sunday golf bag

How to Organize a Sunday Golf Bag

  1. Clubs - a Sunday golf bag is designed to hold 6-8 clubs, so in this case, select the clubs you really need to perform your activity. If playing a par 3 course, bring your wedges and your putter. If you are playing a casual round with your friends, bring Driver, 5-iron, 7-iron, 9-iron, a wedge, and your putter.
  2. Essentials - a Sunday bag has plenty of storage options, but keep it simple. Bring what you need to enjoy your day.
  3. Valuables - consistent with other bags, store them in one location. Or use a golf valuables pouch to store those extra items you're carrying like your wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, etc.
  4. Situational Gear - you’re heading out with your Sunday bag to have a relaxing time, so bring what you need to serve that purpose. Maybe a couple cold beverages fit this situation perfectly.

situational gear for your Sunday bag

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Pro Tips & Tricks:

  • You may be concerned that it’ll be hard to play with only 6-8 clubs, but most amateur golfers will shoot the same score. You might even start to wonder why you ever carry 14 clubs.
  • A Sunday golf bag is a great second bag to own. Inexpensive, flexible, and fun.
  • Have you ever visited a Top Golf or Drive Shack with friends? It's more fun with your own clubs, but carrying in your large bag is a bit awkward. A Sunday golf bag is perfect for this situation.

Sunday bag on the range

Carry/Stand Bag

A carry/stand bag is the style most frequently used by amateur golfers. It’s designed to be used when walking the course, but also works well on a cart.

how to organize your golf bag with a carry/stand bag

How to Organize a Carry/Stand Bag

  • Clubs - similar to a Cart Bag, you will either have 14 club slots or 4-5 dividers. Regardless, organize your clubs in order based on yardage.
  • Essentials - place your balls, tees, ball marks, and glove in one specific pocket, but only bring what you need for one round. Extra golf balls will make your bag heavier and since you are probably walking the course, you don’t need to add stress to your back.
  • Valuables - one pocket, same pocket everytime you play - consistency is key
  • Situational Gear - do you have a weather app you trust? You don’t want to carry an umbrella if there is no chance of rain and you don’t need your winter gloves if it is 90 degrees. For each round determine what you will need and only add those items to your bag.

    Pro Tips & Tricks

    • Do you use a rangefinder when you play? Use a carabiner and attach it to the side of your carry bag for easy access.
    • It’s all about weight management, so before you head to the course, make sure you don’t have an extra jacket in the large pocket or empty drink containers.
    • If you use an adjustable driver, keep the wrench in your bag. If something comes loose during the round, you can quickly tighten and continue using your club.

    Golf was intended to be a walking sport, so if you are able, try it:


    A well-organized golf bag will lead to less stress on the course and help you shoot lower scores. You can’t focus on your next shot if you’re struggling to find a tee or trying to remember where you left your pitching wedge. 

    Golf is hard enough without over-complicating it with your equipment and gear. Keep it simple and well-organized. Bring what you need to enjoy your round, but don’t get weighed down with items you never use. Be open to new ideas and take notice of how your playing partners organize their bags - you might learn a cool trick. 

    Play a casual 9 holes with only a handful of clubs. It will challenge you to hit some different shots and you might find you shoot the same score. Sometimes, less is more.

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