Golf Bag Dividers: The Comprehensive Guide

Golf Bag Dividers: The Comprehensive Guide

Your golf bag may be the most essential piece of golf equipment that you purchase, and you have to decide what type of bag you want. Do you want a cart bag, stand bag, carry bag, or a Sunday bag? This should be based on how you play the game - do you walk the fairways or ride on the cart paths?

This is a critical decision and today we want to focus on a golf bag feature that is often overlooked. The club dividers. A well-organized golf bag will make your round easier and this can’t be accomplished without golf bag dividers. Below we take a look at your options and we will help you make the right decision.

Types of Golf Bag Dividers

The game of golf is hard enough without making it more difficult because your golf bag isn’t organized. You want easy access to your clubs and club dividers are the answer. Let’s look at what you will encounter when shopping for one of the best golf bags.

2-Way Divider

graphic of a 2 way divider

A Sunday golf bag will typically only have a 2-way divider. These bags are designed for casual golfers or to be used on a par 3 course or the driving range. They hold about 5 clubs, so a couple of dividers will do the trick. Keep your wedge and putter in one spot and your longer clubs in the other location.

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3-Way Divider

graphic of a 3 way divider

Do you want a bit more room but still want to keep things light & breezy? A minimalist golf bag with a 3-way divider might be your best option. One spot for your woods, one for your longer irons, and one for your wedge and putter.

4-Way Divider

graphic of a 4 way divider

The more golf clubs you carry, the more dividers you need to stay organized. Do you enjoy walking the golf course with a golf stand bag? This type of bag is designed to carry 10 clubs and with 4 dividers, each pocket only has to hold 2-3 clubs.

5-Way Divider

graphic of a 5 way divider

Once you make your way to a golf bag with a 5-way divider, you are talking about a full-size bag that can hold up to 14 clubs. In this case, you are going to end up with 2-3 clubs in each location.

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6-Way Divider

graphic of a 6 way divider

A golf bag with a 6-way divider is very similar to a 5-way divider, but it might be slightly heavier. This type of product is designed to be used on a push cart and will only be carried when you don’t have a better option. A 6-way divider bag typically includes a putter well to keep your “flat stick” safe.

14-Way Divider

graphic of a 14 way divider

The rules of golf state that the maximum number of clubs you can bring to the course is 14. If your golf bag has 14 dividers, each club will have its own private location. This type of product will typically have full-length dividers and be a golf cart bag. This 14-way top will give your clubs maximum protection and you will have plenty of storage for your golf balls, tees, and golf gear.

Benefits Of Golf Bag Dividers

We know what you are thinking - we have spent a lot of time talking about golf bag dividers - why do we care so much?

Protects Your Clubs

Without dividers, your golf clubs will bang against each other when you are walking or even when you are on a riding cart. This can scratch up your clubs and will slowly weaken your shafts. Have you ever hit a ball and your club has snapped at impact? This is often due to the wear and tear of your clubs bouncing around in your bag. The right golf bag dividers can prevent this from happening. To prevent these scratches and wear and tear you can also use golf club headcovers as well. 

Dividers Reduce Noise

You know the noise we are talking about - as you walk down the fairway your irons bang into each other making an irritating noise that bothers the other golfers in your group. Club dividers reduce or completely eliminate this problem.

Easier To Grab Golf Clubs

An organized golf bag will improve your golf course experience. Club dividers allow you to put your clubs in order by how far they go - this can help you avoid making a mistake that will cost your strokes. Have you reached for your 9-iron and accidentally grabbed your 6-iron? You make a great swing, but your ball goes 30 yards over the green. Get organized and this will never happen again!

Pro Tips On Organizing Your Golf Bag

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel - learn from the best players in the world and organize your golf bag like a professional golfer!

Choose The Right Golf Bag

Before you can organize your golf bag, you need to select the perfect one for your golf game.

We think you can determine the right golf bag for you by answering two questions. Do you like to walk or ride? Are you a casual/social golfer or a competitive one?

A casual player who enjoys walking should use a Sunday bag or minimalist golf bag. On the other hand, a competitive player who always rents a cart or a caddy would prefer a staff bag. If you are somewhere in the middle, go with a hybrid - a golf stand bag.

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Arrange Clubs From Left To Right

You read a book from left to right, so why wouldn’t you organize your golf bag in the same way? We would also recommend you go from top to bottom. Use the top club dividers to organize your driver and your fairway woods. Use the middle dividers to properly arrange all of your irons that have “number” on them. The bottom divider is for your wedges and putter. You never want to need to search for a club when it is time to hit your next shot.

Align Your Irons

Your irons have numbers and you should put them in order in your golf bag. Put your 4-iron next to your 5-iron. Put your 6-iron next to your 5-iron and continue this process. There are two benefits to organizing your golf bag this way.

First, you will always know where each club is located. As we mentioned above, you never want to accidentally grab your 6-iron when you are trying to find your 9-iron.

Second, all of your clubs are slightly different lengths. Your 7-iron is slightly longer than your 8-iron. By aligning your irons you ensure that each club is next to clubs that are similar lengths. This protects your golf shafts from being damaged when your clubs make contact with each other in your golf bag.

Minimize Your Accessories

We know you can’t always trust the weather forecast, but if there is 0% of rain, why would you want to carry an umbrella, rain hood, and rain suit? There is no reason to put a pullover in your golf bag on a hot summer afternoon.

Before you leave the house, spend a couple of minutes thinking about your day and the golf accessories that you need to enjoy your round. You want to be prepared for the unexpected, but you don’t want to load up your bag with products you won’t use. Golf is easier when there is less clutter in your mind and in your golf bag!

Use Golf Bag Dividers To Organize Your Bag and Your Game!

Your golf bag dividers may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about playing golf, but they can help you have a better experience on the course. Pick the right bag for you, organize it like a pro, and play with confidence. Enjoy your afternoon on the links!
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