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How To Choose The Perfect Golf Bag Organizer

Avid golfers can be like a squirrel preparing for the winter; we love to collect stuff. Of course, we need the best golf bag and clubs, but we also need golf shoes, golf balls, and a couple extra putters. Don’t forget the umbrella, rainsuit, and swing training aids.

Golfers are great at collecting, but not so great at organizing. Be honest, is your car trunk packed full of clubs, balls, and dirty golf towels? How does your garage look? We bet you’ve got bags and shoes laying all over the place. Is there a car in your garage, or just a bunch of golf gear? Just guessing, but you probably have one room in your house dedicated to golf equipment as well. 

We think you might need some help to remove the golf clutter in your life. More than just a golf bag storage rack, you need a golf bag organizer to get your golf affairs in order.

The Golf Bag Organizer

The right golf bag organizer will help you reduce clutter and keep your golf equipment performing well. You pay a lot of money for your golf equipment and it’s important to keep it in a dry and temperature-controlled environment. Keep it all in one place with a golf bag organizer.

What is a golf bag organizer? It is a storage solution that’s been specifically designed to keep your golf equipment organized and safe. Perfect for your garage, basement, or man cave, golf bag organizers are an attractive solution to your golf clutter problems. And we can help you pick the right one.

How To Choose The Perfect Golf Bag Organizer

There are several factors to consider when buying a golf bag organizer. Keep these in mind as you consider different products:

Setup Requirements

Keep it simple. You don’t want to spend hours building and putting your golf bag organizer together. Make sure it has been designed for easy setup. The last thing you need is a partially constructed golf bag storage item adding to your golf clutter.

Storage Size

Keep size in mind in two different ways. First, you want your golf bag organizer to be efficiently designed and not take up too much room in your office or garage. Second and most importantly, you need to have enough storage for all of your golf bag accessories. It’s not solving your problem if you don’t have enough room to hold all of your gear.

Unique Features

Features are all about your personal preferences. Pay special attention to the differences in the golf bag storage items and match these differences to how you plan to leverage the golf bag storage. Get the best golf bag organizer for you.

Quality / Durability

Durability is a critical feature. You want a well-built product that’ll last for years. Confirm the golf bag organizer is made with high-quality, sturdy materials and has a simple design. 


None of us have an unlimited budget to spend on our golf game. You’ll see tremendous value from the right golf bag organizer, but you don’t want it to prevent you from buying that new golf bag or putter. Always consider the price before making a purchase.

User Reviews

Regardless if you’re buying a new golf driver, a refrigerator, or a golf bag organizer, always check user reviews. The best products have been proven to work well by other golfers that have tried them. We love to see hundreds or thousands of positive reviews before buying a new product.

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The Top Golf Bag Organizers

We’ve identified our “top 5” golf bag organizers using the factors above. 

1. Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer

The Mythinglogic golf bag organizer will reduce your clutter in minutes and provides you with plenty of storage for all of your golf gear. It’s designed to hold two standard-size golf bags or one large cart bag. You have three medium-size shelves that are perfect for your golf shoes, golf hats, or rain gear. Plus a basket designed to hold your golf balls and golf gloves

Mythinglogic Golf Storage Garage Organizer

This golf bag organizer has been engineered with high performance in mind. The “feet” of the rack are adjustable, so you’re guaranteed for it to be level in your garage or office. The dimensions are 37.60(L)*15.75(W)*34.25(H), making it the perfect way to store a large amount of golf gear in a small location. Do you consider yourself Bo Jackson? The Mythinglogic was designed for golf, but works well with other sports equipment.

This golf storage solution will cost you $99.99.

2. Milliard Golf Organizer

The golf bag organizer by Milliard will quickly improve the management of your golf gear. The main compartment is 26 inches in length, plenty of room for two large cart golf bags. Three open shelves for your golf shoes, rain suit, or golf sweaters and one-closed shelf to hold your loose items.

Milliard Golf Organizer

Made from anti-rust carbon steel, the Milliard is built to last. You can adjust the feet to ensure this golf bag storage rack stays level and stable on any surface. Easy to assemble, the dimensions are 36"x16"x37". Get your golf equipment out of your trunk or closet and onto the Milliard golf bag organizer for $99.99.

3. Morvat Golf Organizer

Morvat’s golf bag organizer has a slightly different design than the previous two. It’s built to hold two golf bags, but they’re separated by the shelves in the middle of the product. There are four shelves to help you keep your shoes, rain gear, gloves, and hats in one place, but this model doesn’t offer a closed shelf. You’ll need to use a tray or box for loose items (golf balls, tees, etc.).

Morvat Golf Organizer

Easy to assemble and adjustable feet keep it level on any surface. The dimensions of this product are 38" Width X 36" Height X 16" Depth, so it’s perfect for your garage or man cave. If you’re looking for a gift for the golfer that has everything, you may want to get them a place to organize all of their gear! The Morvat golf bag organizer will cost you $65.99.

4. PLKOW Golf Bag Storage Garage Organizer

PLKOW has built a golf bag organizer for your garage, basement, or office. It has room for two large golf bags to sit next to each other and four shelves off to the side. The top shelf is a basket design, allowing you to store loose golf balls and gloves. The other three shelves are perfect for shoes, hats, and golf clothes. 

PLKOW Golf Bag Storage Garage Organizer

With adjustable feet, this golf bag storage rack is guaranteed to be level on any surface. Built with steel metal and 37.6(L)*15.8(W)*34.3(H) dimensions. Turn a small space into a large amount of storage. The PLKOW will cost you $99.99.

5. Home-it Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Organizer

The Home-it golf bag organizer has the “shelves in the middle” of your two golf bags design. It has four shelves for your golf gear, but none of them are closed or a basket, so you’ll need a tray or box for loose items. You’ll have no problem storing shoes, towels and rain gear in this golf bag storage rack.

Home-it Golf Bag Sports Dual Golf Organizer

This product does not come with adjustable feet, so you’ll need to make sure it’s steady and level when you assemble. Once you put it together, it’ll measure 39-inches wide, 36-inches high, and 16-inches deep. The Home-it will cost you $50.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK To Store Your Golf Clubs In The Garage?

A: In most cases, your garage is a perfectly fine place to store your golf clubs. Golf clubs should be stored in a temperature-controlled and dry environment. Depending on where you live, it’s possible your garage gets too hot or cold - if this is true, you may want to consider your home office or your basement.

Is It Bad To Keep Golf Clubs In The Trunk?

A: Short answer: Yes. You do not want to keep your golf clubs in the trunk of your car. You do not want to subject your prized golf possessions to extreme heat or cold temperatures. The inside of your car trunk can reach 150+ degrees in the summer. In the winter, colder temperatures will impact how your golf clubs and balls perform. You will actually lose distance.

Where Should Your Golf Clubs Not Be Stored?

A: The key thing about safely storing your golf clubs is that you want to avoid extreme temperatures and moisture. Avoid the trunk of your car. Your garage or your basement will typically work well, assuming they have some temperature-control and aren’t damp.

Reduce The Golf Clutter In Your Life

A golf bag organizer is an easy and inexpensive way to reduce the golf clutter in your garage and home while helping you elevate your game. Keep all of your golf accessories in one place, so they’re easy to find and last longer. Are you ever panicked before a round trying to find your golf glove or your favorite hat? This won’t be a problem once you assemble and start using your golf bag organizer.

Get organized. Protect your golf gear and accessories. Enjoy your next round and play well!

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