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14 Must-Read Golf Newsletters To Subscribe To

There are many different ways for a new golfer to learn the game. You can take golf lessons, ask for advice from friends, and even try to “DIY.” Other excellent places for golf tips are golf blogs and monthly newsletters. It can be as simple as joining an email list where you receive periodic emails with golf tips, the latest news on the PGA tour, and content about different golf courses.

With this in mind, we decided to develop our list of the 14 golf newsletters you need to check out today. Read on to learn what you should be reading!

14 Must-Read Golf Newsletters

1. Reddit Golf

Reddit Golf makes it easy for you. Simply enter your email address and the best golf-related content will be sent to you. You’ll never have to search for it again because it’ll arrive in your inbox.

Don’t wait - if you love golf you need to subscribe to Reddit Golf today!

Reddit Golf Newsletter

2. Golf Digest Newsletter

Golf Digest is one the most popular golf magazines in the world, offering several different newsletters depending on your areas of interest. Signup for the daily hit list to get the latest news on all things golf. Do you want more information on the PGA Tour?

Subscribe to Golf World Daily to get information on professional golf from across the globe. Are you looking for golf tips and FAQs? The weekly Golf Digest Tips email newsletter is the one for you.

Finally, if you want to learn more about golf clubs and equipment, try the weekly Golf Digest Stix newsletter.

Golf Digest Newsletter

3. Global Golf Post

The Global Golf Post (GGP) is a weekly email delivered to your inbox on Monday at 7 AM EST. You’ll learn about the PGA Tour and other professional events around the world - you’ll also read information about golf clubs, and golf equipment.

It also delivers insightful commentary from the best golf journalists in the world.

Global Golf Post Newsletter


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4. Golfweek Newsletter

Similar to Golf Digest, Golfweek provides you with options - you can pick and choose the golf content you receive. The “Monday Rewind” will give you all of the details of recent professional golf and “Get Primed” has tee times and storylines related to upcoming events.

“Get Equipped” gives you the info you need on new golf clubs before you head to your local pro shop. “Golf Life” will help you plan your golf travel and “Get Better” can improve your golf swing, chipping, and putting.

Are you just looking for some fun? Try their “Get Social” email newsletter.

Golfweek Newsletter

5. SCGA Fore Her

Far too often, ladies’ golf is underrepresented in golf coverage. Are you looking for more content designed for women that love the game of golf? This monthly newsletter will provide you with information about golf outings, championship events, and personal stories from lady golfers around the world. Subscribe today!

SCGA Fore Her Golf Newsletter

6. Golf Channel

No one covers the golf world like the Golf Channel. It only makes sense that their newsletter is worth reading. You’ll receive golf news, promotions (reduced pricing), and special offers for golf clubs & equipment.

Golf Channel newsletter

7. Perfect Putt

Perfect Putt is a weekly newsletter breaking down the business side of golf.

You’ll get a unique look at golf retailers, equipment pricing, and details on how the golf world truly works. In a crowded field of golf newsletters, Perfect Putt takes a different look at the game we all love.

Perfect Putt Golf newsletter

8. Golf Business Monitor

The Golf Business Monitor combines the business side of golf with golf tips & golf equipment reviews. When you subscribe you answer some simple questions and the newsletter is customized based on what you’re interested in reading about.

You’ll receive information about how golf technology works and if the newest golf clubs are actually better than last year’s version.

Golf Business Monitor newsletter

9. Golfstr

The Golfstr newsletter is designed for golfers who are interested in swinging the golf club differently. The idea is to help you transition to your new straight leading arm back-swing.

Bill Curry invented this unique way to play the game. Sign-up for this weekly newsletter and you’ll receive tips on adjusting to the “Straight Arm Swing.”

Golfstr newsletter


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10. Golf News

The name of this golf newsletter pretty much gives it away! Subscribe to receive content related to the golf world and special promotions that you can use to play more golf or purchase new equipment.

11. Golf For Beginners

Golf is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if you’ve been playing golf for years, you can continue to learn and improve. This is the concept behind the “Golf For Beginners” newsletter. Subscribe to receive content related to the PGA Tour and how to play better golf. Enjoy!

12. Fried Egg

The “Fried Egg” is a famous golf podcast and their newsletter will keep you up to date on the world of golf. Once you subscribe, you’ll receive an email every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you love watching and reading about professional golf, you need to add this to your reading list today.

Fried Egg Golf Newsletter

13. Golf WRX

Are you interested in learning about the current buzz in the golf world? It doesn’t matter if it’s equipment, professional golf, or drama about the world golf rankings, Golf WRX has you covered. This weekly golf newsletter will give you editors weekly top picks! Breaking tour and industry news, latest spy pics, WITB photos, and much more!

Golf WRX newsletter

14. MyGolfSpy

MyGolfSpy is an independent group that tests golf clubs and equipment to help you make the right selection for your game. They cover everything from drivers to putters to golf bags and rangefinders. New golf equipment is expensive and the MyGolfSpy newsletter will help you make an informed purchase.

MyGolfSpy newsletter

Learn More About The Game You Love

Are you obsessed with the game of golf? Do you agree that golf is much more than just a hobby? If so, you need to be reading golf newsletters. They’re the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon or your 6th Zoom call of the day.

Find the best one for your interests, subscribe, and enjoy!

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