The 15 Best Golf Blogs You Need To Read In 2023

If we had it our way, we’d play golf all of the time. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to work, sometimes it rains, and it can be hard to play in the dark. If you can’t be on the course, you might as well read about the game you love on golf blogs.

We bet you can find a golf blog that covers it if you can think of a golf topic. Learn about new equipment, figure out how to hit a bunker shot, or catch up on recent professional golf events. There’s so much content in golf blogs it can be overwhelming. Where do you start?

We can help! We have done the research for you and developed our list of the 15 best golf blogs that you need to start reading today. Did your favorite golf blog make our list?

15 Best Golf Blogs

1. RedditGolf

Are you looking for an easy way to get the best possible golf content without searching the internet to find it? Sign-up for RedditGolf. Enter your email address to subscribe and the best golf-related news and equipment reviews will be delivered to you. It is like your personal golf concierge service! You don’t have to find it, the golf content will find you.

RedditGolf blog website

2. Sunday Golf Blog

Sunday Golf is an emerging brand in the golf industry. Our products are designed for the golfer that likes to have a good time with close friends in the fairway and in the rough. We’re famous for our LOMA bag, but offer everything from hats to towels to cool accessories. The Sunday Golf Blog has a similar vibe. The majority of posts focus on equipment, gear, and how to enjoy the game, but you can also find some helpful tips to help you play better. Give it a read, you won’t be disappointed. 

Sunday Golf Blog website


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3. Hooked On Golf Blog

The Hooked On Golf blog (HOG) made our list of best golf blogs because it has a little bit of everything. Golf equipment reviews, golf course reviews, info on professional tours, and even some tip on how to play. Like we said, a bit of everything. One of the older golf blogs out there, Hooked On Golf started back in 2004. Eighteen years of golf information available at your fingertips - go “HOG” wild. 

Hooked On Golf Blog website

4. The Sand Trap

The Stand Trap started as a typical golf blog, but has morphed into a discussion board for people that love to share ideas (and occasionally disagree) about this great game. They offer content on golf news and swing tips, but what makes this one of the best golf blogs is the forums. Start a topic or engage in someone else's. Just be prepared, if you ask a question, you’ll get plenty of answers!

The Sand Trap website

5. My Golf Spy

My Golf Spy is a golf blog focused on helping golfers select the best equipment for their game. They do this by using data to rigorously test all types of golf gear/clubs. My Golf Spy provides independent testing and refuses to accept any revenue from the large golf manufacturers. This means you can trust them to tell you if a new club is awesome or “not so great.” Get the most from your golf budget. Check My Golf Spy before you purchase!

My Golf Spy website

6. Plugged In Golf

The Plugged In Golf blog has a simple goal. They want all golfers to be more informed. More informed on golf clubs and more informed on their swings. The more you understand your game and your equipment the more great shots you can hit. A unique feature of this golf blog is the “Golf Myth Unplugged” section. Using data they analyze common golf myths to determine if they are fact or fiction. 

Plugged In Golf website


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7. Golf WRX

The Golf WRX golf blog has been around for almost 20 years and millions of golfers check it out every month. You’ll find information on equipment and swing tips, but their differentiator is their golf-related news. Interested in getting feedback from other golfers around the world? Golf WRX offers forums on almost any topic. 

Golf WRX website

8. Hitting The Green

The Hitting The Green golf blog was created with one thing in mind. Help golfers of all abilities get more out of the game. Two key topics are covered in great detail. Golf equipment buying guides & reviews and golf instruction. Is this what you’re looking for in a golf blog? If so, check out Hitting The Green.

Hitting The Green golf blog website

9. Golf Guidebook

Golf Guidebook is a relatively new golf blog that’s focused on helping golfers play better and more often. The swing tips articles are written and organized by level of player. Just learning to play? Check out “Golf 101” and “beginners' advice.” Are you pushing to get your handicap to scratch? Go to the “advanced” section. Golf Guidebook also offers travel guides if you’re planning a golf trip.

Golf Guidebook website

10. Geoff Shackelford

Geoff Shackleford has authored 11 books and his writing has appeared in most, if not all major golf publications. This golf blog focuses on current news in the world of golf. Did you miss a round on the PGA tour? This golf blog will have a post with all of the details. You can also catch up on golf-related rumors and drama. When will we see Phil Mickelson play again? What’s going on with Greg Norman and the new LIV tour? 

Geoff Shackelford golf blog

11. Golf Stinks

As you can probably guess from the name of this golf blog, Golf Stinks doesn’t take itself too seriously. Designed for the “average hack” you’ll find news, swing tips, and plenty of snark when you read this one. Perfect for a casual read when you can’t make it to the golf course. 

Golf Stinks website

12. The Hackers Paradise

We can get behind The Hackers Paradise slogan. “Don’t just play golf, live it.” You’ll find articles on recent news in the golf world and some helpful advice. The Hackers Paradise golf blog also has a podcast and video segments. Their forum is very active, making this golf blog a great place to share your ideas and opinions with people around the world. 

The Hackers Paradise golf blog


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13. Golf And Course

The Golf & Course made our list of best golf blogs because of its simplicity. No flash, just golf posts on upcoming professional tournaments, golf general information, and the occasional swing tip. When it comes to golf blogs, sometimes less is more. If you’re looking for something simple you can enjoy when you have a few minutes of downtime, check out Golf & Course. 

Golf And Course website

14. The Golf Blog

We had to include this one on our list of best golf blogs simply for the name. No creative energy was wasted trying to come up with a cute name. No bad puns are needed. Think about the brainstorming session when the creators were trying to come up with the name. What should we call our golf blog? Well, how about “The Golf Blog?” Love it, now let's get started providing great golf content.

The Golf Blog website

15. Three Guys Golf Blog

The Three Guys Golf Blog tried to provide you with a unique perspective that you won’t find other places. The focus is on golf improvement, golf equipment reviews, and golf travel. We particularly enjoy their content on famous courses and golf trips. Check them out!

Three Guys Golf Blog website

When You Can’t Play Golf, Read About Golf!

The first choice is obvious. If you have the chance to hit the little white ball, do it. Play a quick 9, visit the driving range, or try your local par 3 course. Time spent hitting golf balls is never a waste, but you can’t always play. You might have family responsibilities, you might be dealing with poor weather, or you might have to work.

These are the perfect times to check out a golf blog. In less than ten minutes you read about the new driver, learn how to improve your lag putting, or find out when Tiger is going to tee it up again. Stay engaged with the game you love!

We hope you enjoy our 15 best golf blogs. Do you have a “go-to” read that we left off our list? Tell us about it!

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