The 14 Best Women's Golf Bags (Updated Buyer's Guide For 2023)

Recent studies have shown that approximately 20% of all amateur golfers are women, and this number has been growing over the last decade.

As interest in golf has increased, the ratings and prize money available on the LPGA tour have also gone up.

The golf manufacturers have started to notice this trend and the gear options available to ladies have gone through the roof.

Did you know that most golf companies design golf bags specifically for women?

We have detailed below our favorite 14 women’s golf bags.

Whether you’ve just started playing the game or if you’ve been walking the fairways for years, we can help you find the right women’s golf bag to support your passion.

Check out our list below and select the women’s golf bag that fits your game, your personality, and your sense of style.

Get the most out of the game of golf by finding and using the best gear.

How Do You Find The Best Women’s Golf Bags?

Before we jump into our list of women’s golf bags, let’s quickly discuss the different factors you should consider prior to making your selection on which golf bag suits you.

We want to help you avoid buyer’s remorse.


Women’s golf bags are available in many different colors and designs.

You can go the conversvative route, or opt for something bright. You can select a normal style or choose a floral pattern.

We say, be bold!

Turn some heads on the 1st tee with your ladies golf bag.


You want durability in your women’s golf bag.

If you buy the right product, it will be something you can use for years. Pay attention to customer reviews and research to ensure you are buying a high-quality brand.

It is great to save a few bucks, but not if you are forced to sacrifice quality.


Most of us aren’t millionaires.

We all have a budget and you should consider the price before purchasing your women’s golf bag.

A women’s golf bag can cost anywhere from $100 to $300+, but we recommend you settle somewhere in the middle.


This one is critical.

If you enjoy walking the course, you don’t want to strain your back with too much weight.

The key is to find a lightweight golf bag that you can enjoy.

Keep things casual and light. 


You don’t need to carry 4 different outfits on the course, but you do need enough storage to hold your golf essentials.

Make sure you have plenty of pockets for your golf balls, tees, and gloves. A place for your car keys, loose change, and driver’s license isn’t a bad idea, either.

Useful Features

This final category is a little vague, but you’ll know it when you see it.

What could your women’s golf bag include that would improve your round?

A simple, effective attachment for your golf towel?

Maybe an insulated pocket to keep your drink cold?

Pay attention to these features before you select your women’s golf bag.

Now you know what to look for, let's take a look at our favorite 14 women’s golf bags.

Best Women’s Golf Bags

1. Sunday Golf LOMA Bag

The LOMA series from Sunday Golf is the perfect women’s golf bag for the casual golfer that enjoys the game, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Perfect for a trip to the driving range, a par 3 course, or a casual afternoon round.

woman golfing with a Sunday Golf Loma bag

Sunday Golf Loma bag in light blue

Main Selling Points:

  • Extremely lightweight (weighs less than 2 pounds)
  • Comes with a shoulder strap and a stand attached
  • Includes multiple storage pockets for golf essentials and a “frosty” pocket to keep your drink cold
  • Very stylish and sleek

Reasonably priced at $114.99 means this women’s golf bag can fit in anyone’s golf budget.

Loma Bag Banner

Shop The Loma Bag Collection

2. TaylorMade Women's 2021 FlexTech Lite

TaylorMade is one of the most famous brands in the game of golf and their 2021 women’s golf bag (FlexTech Lite) is a great option.

This full-size stand bag performs well on the course.

TaylorMade FlexTech Lite women's golf bag


Main Selling Points:

  • FlexTech stand system is designed to keep the bag stable on different surfaces
  • Water resistant valuables pouch to hold your keys, money, credit cards, etc.
  • A self-adjusting strap system will ensure the bag is comfortable to carry
  • This women’s golf bag weighs a little over 4 pounds

The FlexTech Lite comes in a grey/teal color combination and costs $199.99.

3. LOMA XL by Sunday Golf

The LOMA XL is the second bag by Sunday Golf to make our list.

It takes everything golfers love about the LOMA series and “kicks them up a notch”.

Main Selling Points:

  • Weighs 3.4 pounds and can comfortably hold 8 clubs
  • A double strap that allows you to easily carry on the course
  • 3-way divider to help you organize your set
  • “Frosty” pouch for your drink and velour-lined pocket for your valuables

womens golf bag Loma XL in matte black

The LOMA XL is available in 4 color combinations and costs less than $150.

Shop The Loma XL

4. Ping Women's Hoofer Lite Stand Golf Bag

The PING Hoofer has been one of the leading golf bags on the market for many years and their Hoofer Lite is another great product.

Ping Women's Hoofer Lite Stand Golf Bag


Main Selling Points:

  • Plenty of storage, the Hoofer Lite has 7 pockets
  • Convertible straps allow you to quickly go from “backpack” style to single strap
  • Zippered rangefinder pocket
  • Weighs 5 pounds

This women’s golf bag has a retail price of $210 and can be found in many different color combinations including Grey/White/Coral and Black/White/Tropical.

5. El Camino by Sunday Golf

The El Camino is the 3rd and newest member of the Sunday Golf bag family.

It is the “largest” option, but still extremely easy to carry on the course or to the driving range.

Main Selling Points:

  • Weighs less than 4 pounds and can carry up to 10 clubs
  • A double strap makes it easy to carry, but this bag is also designed to work on a cart
  • The 4-way divider makes it simple to organize your clubs
  • The rare smaller bag that has been designed with the serious golfer in mind

womens golf bag El Camino in grey

The El Camino is available in 4 colors for less than $180!

Shop The El Camino

6. Titleist Women's 2021 Players 4 Stand

Titleist is the most famous brand in golf and their Players 4 stand bag is a women’s golf bag you should consider.

 Titleist Women's 2021 Players 4 Stand

Main Selling Points:

  • New and improved premium double shoulder strap
  • External water bottle pocket
  • Low profile top cuff with 4 full-length dividers
  • Lightweight - only 3.8 pounds
  • 16 different color options 

This premium Titleist women’s golf bag will cost you $200.

7. Glove It Women's Golf Bag

Glove It may not be a brand you have heard of before, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give their women’s golf bags consideration.

You will need a cart for this bag (motorized or push).

Glove It Women's Golf Bag


Main Selling Points:

  • Fashionable - Glove It wanted to provide ladies with unique styles and options
  • Tons of storage - you will never run out room with a Glove It
  • Plenty of space to keep your clubs separated and safe

One of these unique and stylish women’s golf bags can be yours for $225.

8. Callaway Women's 2021 X-Series Stand Bag

Callaway offers a women’s golf bag with their X-series stand bag.

It is offered in a beautiful white/lilac color combination.

Callaway Women's 2021 X-Series Stand Bag


Main Selling Points:

  • 6 storage pockets including a velour lined valuables pouch and an insulated drink pocket
  • 14 compartment, full length dividers for your clubs
  • The X-series stand women’s golf bag weighs 5 pounds

You can find this women’s golf bag at most golf retailers for $159.99.

Shop The Loma Bag Collection

9. Tour Edge Exotics Women's Xtreme 7.0 Stand Bag

Tour Edge is a niche golf brand, but avid golfers are familiar with it and know that they make high quality golf products.

The Xtreme 7.0 stand bag is no exception.

Tour Edge Exotics Women's Xtreme 7.0 Stand Bag


Main Selling Points:

  • 7-way divider top with molded handle
  • Premium comfort padded double-shoulder strap
  • Insulated beverage sleeve and rain hood

You can choose from a Heather/Blue/White color combination or a Heather/Pink/White for $169.99.

10. Sun Mountain Women's 4.5 LS Stand Bag 2021

Over the last decade or so, Sun Mountain has become a major player in the golf bag marketplace.

They are now the preferred choice of many high school and college teams. The 4.5 LS Stand Bag is a great option for avid lady golfers.

Sun Mountain Women's 4.5 LS Stand Bag 2021


Main Selling Points:

  • 9 storage pockets, including one for hydration and one for your valuables
  • A cool design feature, the LS Stand Bag is one inch shorter than other golf bags to better handle women’s golf clubs
  • The E-Z Fit Dual Strap System is comfortable and easy to adjust for a custom fit

For $219.99 you can select from 4 different color combinations. Our favorite is the Carbon Cadet Fuschia.

11. Ogio 2020 XIX Women's Stand Bag

OGIO set out to build a women’s golf bag.

They didn’t want to simply add some “pink” to a men’s bag. This bag was designed for lady golfers.

Ogio 2020 XIX Women's Stand Bag


Main Selling Points:

  • 5-Way Top with Integrated Grab Handle & Alignment Stick Loop
  • Fit Disc Technology Distributes Weight Across Your Shoulders
  • Zippered Insulated Cooler Pocket
  • Total weight of XIX is 4.4 pounds

The XIX Women’s Stand Bag is available in four different colors for $249.99.

12. Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday Bag

One of the most entertaining players on the LPGA tour uses Cobra golf gear (Lexi Thompson) and you can too with the Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag.

Cobra Golf Ultralight


Main Selling Points:

  • Ultra-lightweight at only 3.8 pounds
  • Has an oversized apparel pocket, fleece lined valuables pocket, mesh beverage pockett and a customizable ball pocket.
  • Available in Black, Shade, or Turbo Yellow/Black

The Cobra Golf Ultralight Sunday golf bag is reasonably priced at $129.

13. Majek Premium Ladies Navy Blue Pink Golf Bag

The Majek Premium women’s golf bag isn’t designed to be carried on the course.

It works well if you enjoy renting a cart or using a pushcart.

Majek Premium Ladies Navy Blue Pink Golf Bag


Main Selling Points:

  • 9 zippered accessory pockets including a velour lined valuables pocket & extra large insulated hydration container compartment
  • Padded rear single carry strap w/ elastic band to secure strap when not in use - helps transport the bag from your car to your cart
  • 14-way divider provides a separate slot for all of your clubs

This women’s golf bag is a bit heavier, but provides you with more storage. It can be yours for $179.99.

14. Maxfli Women's 2021 Honors+ 14-Way Stand Bag

The Maxfli Women’s Honors+ stand bag is another great option if you enjoy walking the fairways with your clubs strapped to your back.

Maxfli Women's 2021 Honors+ 14-Way Stand Bag


Main Selling Points:

  • 11 different pockets, including a magnetic rangefinder pocket, insulated cooler pocket, and a scorecard holder
  • Dual-strap carry system
  • 14-way top gives each of your clubs a private slot

You can pick from pink, black, or blue for $159.99.

Pick The Best Women’s Golf Bag For You

You’ve read about our favorite 14 women’s golf bags, but which one is right for you?

The answer to that question comes down to how you enjoy playing the game of golf.

Do you like to walk and carry, walk and push, or rent a cart?

Are you a serious tournament player or do you play the game for fun?

Do you want more storage for all of your gear or frosted pockets for your cold beverages?

Pick the bag that matches your style.

Pick the bag that makes you smile.

Pick the bag that you will be proud to carry to your local driving range or golf course.

Enjoy your day and play well!

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