How To Select The Best Golf Stand Bag

How To Select The Best Golf Stand Bag

You’re  in the market for a new golf bag or possibly your first golf bag. To begin your search, you first need to consider how you play the game of golf. Are you serious or casual? Do you like to walk, ride, or does it depend on the weather and the course?

If you like having options, we would recommend you go with a golf stand bag (also known as a carry bag) versus the large cart bag you see on the PGA tour. The right golf stand bag gives you the option to ride on a cart, but provides you with the flexibility to walk the course. A cart bag is too heavy to carry for long distances and takes up extra space in the trunk of your car or your garage.

Now that we have that decision out of the way, which golf stand bag do you want? If you simply google “golf stand bag” the results will be overwhelming, so let's spend some time discussing the different features you want to consider.

5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Golf Stand Bag

The type of experience you enjoy on the golf course will help you make the right decision on your golf stand bag. Here are the 5 key decisions you will need to make to find the perfect bag for you.


Golf stand bags come with very different storage options - some go with a few pockets for your essentials (balls, tees, glove), while others give you room for a rainsuit and a change of clothes. How much equipment do you need to enjoy a round?


As we discussed above, golf stand bags are much lighter than a cart bag, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Since you will most likely be carrying this bag to the range or on the course, pay special attention to the weight of options you consider.


There are two separate types of golf stand bags - one is a full-size carry bag that’s designed for the serious player. It can hold 14 clubs, extra gear, and plenty of balls, gloves, etc. The second is a Sunday golf bag with a stand - this type is perfect for the casual golfer looking to have fun with the game. Super-lightweight and allows you to easily carry the essential golf equipment you need.

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Insulated Drink Pouch

This seems like a minor detail, but if you enjoy a cold beverage on the course, you don’t want a bag that won’t help you keep your favorite drink frosty.

Special Amenities

Potentially a valuables pouch to keep your watch, keys, and wallet safe, or maybe a place to hold your umbrella in case you get caught in an afternoon shower. Check all the small print to make sure the golf stand bag you select has the features that are important to you.

Do you want to skip the research? No problem, we have highlighted 7 of our favorite golf stand bags below.

Top 7 Golf Stand Bags

1. LOMA Bag by Sunday Golf

The Loma bag is a Sunday golf bag with a stand that is perfect for the player looking to have a good time on the course or the driving range. It was designed for par 3 courses, but we enjoy using it for practice sessions or casual rounds with friends. As we continue to deal with cart restrictions due to COVID-19 this is a great alternative for many players who might struggle to carry a full size golf stand bag.

Loma golf stand bag by Sunday Golf

Key Features of the LOMA:

  • Lightest bag on the market - weighs less than 2 pounds
  • Holds up to 8 clubs and all of your essentials (balls, tees, gloves, etc.)
  • “Frosty Pocket” will keep a couple of your favorite drinks cold
  • Comfortable shoulder strap and easy to use handle make this bag the easiest to carry
  • Great price for a high quality golf stand bag
  • 3 different color combinations

    2. PING Hoofer

    Carry and organize your clubs with the Ping Hoofer stand bag. This full size golf stand bag provides you plenty of storage - 11 different pockets in total. It is designed for the serious golfer who enjoys walking 18 holes and plays competitively. 

    Ping Hoofer bag

    Key Features of the Hoofer:

    • Holds 14 clubs and all of your golf gear
    • Weighs 5.5 pounds - includes multiple strap options depending on how you want to carry
    • 5-way divider to help you manage your clubs
    • The PING Hoofer is on the expensive side of golf stand bags

    3. LOMA XL by Sunday Golf

    The LOMA XL is a larger version of the popular LOMA series (see above). Easier to carry (double strap) while still extremely lightweight (3.4 pounds), the LOMA XL is an alternative for the player looking for a little more space in their “Sunday bag”.

    Loma XL golf stand bag in matte black

    Key Features of the LOMA XL:

    • Comfortably holds 8 clubs and all of your golf essentials (balls, tees, glove, etc.)
    • Double strap for added comfort
    • 3-way divider to help you organize your clubs
    • “Frost” pocket and a velour-lined valuables compartment
    • Duraflex stand provides stability on any surface

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    4. STITCH SL2

    The SL2 by STITCH is the bag for you if you are the “weekend golfing warrior” who plays hard, takes your game seriously and prefers walking. Featuring multiple dividers, optimal storage, and a two shoulder harness system, the SL2 provides ultimate comfort for you while strolling down the fairway.

    Stitch Sl2 gold stand bag

    Key Features of the SL2:

    • Designed to hold 14 clubs and all of your golf gear
    • 4 way-divider to organize your clubs and an attached rain cover to protect them
    • Weighs 4 pounds and is water and stain resistant
    • Insulated water bottle pocket
    • Luxury golf bag - very expensive compared to others - great bag, but a significant investment

    5. Callaway Hyperlite Zero

    The Hyperlite Zero Double Strap Stand Bag by Callaway Golf is an ultralight golf stand bag that combines lightweight materials with easy-carry technologies to make your next round enjoyable.

    hyperlite zero by callaway

    Key Features of the Callaway Hyperlite Zero:

    • Weighs 3 pounds and includes 7 different storage pockets
    • Available in single or double strap
    • 4 dividers to help you organize your clubs
    • Reasonably priced compared to other full-size golf stand bags

    6. El Camino by Sunday Golf

    The El Camino is a true hybrid golf bag that is unique in the industry. It is a cross between a “Sunday bag” and a full-size carry bag. We feel it is the best of both worlds. Great for practice, par 3s, and playing on championship courses. 

    Key Features of the El Camino:

    • Double strap to carry and duraflex stand
    • 4-way divider to organize and carry up to 10 clubs
    • Extremely lightweight for a bag this size (less than 4 pounds)
    • Plenty of storage for your golf gear (including frosty pocket and valuables area)
    • The plastic bottom of the bag is designed to work well on a cart

    El Camino stand golf bag by Sunday Golf

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    7. MIZUNO BR-D2 Carry Bag

    The BR-D2 bag by Mizuno is a Sunday golf bag with a “short” stand. It is designed for a weekend away or a quick evening 9. It can theoretically fit 14 clubs, but find that it works best with 10 or less.

    BR-D2 by Mizuno

    Key Features of the Mizuno BR-D2:

    • It weighs 3.1 pounds and has one full length divider to help keep you clubs organized
    • The “short stand” does mean it is lower to the ground than other bags on our list
    • Includes a full length apparel pocket, valuables pocket, and a mesh drink holder
    • Dual shoulder straps
    • Reasonably priced for a Sunday golf bag with stand

    Selecting The Right Bag For You

    The best way to enjoy the game of golf is to walk the course. Fresh air, exercise, and time with friends. Pick your golf stand bag based on your approach to the sport and how much weight/gear you need to enjoy your next trip to the driving range or the course. Sometimes less is more.

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