33 Key Golf Essentials That Everyone Should Have

33 Key Golf Essentials That Everyone Should Have

We’re guessing you don’t have a caddy that’s in charge of backing your bag. We want you to play your best golf and you can’t do that without the correct golf equipment. We can help - we’ve come up with 33 golf essentials that you should have before you head to the golf course.

Do a quick inventory. What are you missing and what do you need to add today? If you’re just getting started with the game, you can build your collection over time. Pay attention as you play golf - look for items that would improve your experience or check out what other players in your group are using.

Golf Essentials For Beginners

The Golf Basics

We like to start with the basics. Every golfer needs these golf essentials before they head to the golf course:

1. Golf Bag

It’s nearly impossible to play golf without a golf bag. You need a way to carry your clubs, golf equipment, and golf accessories. Select your golf bag based on how you enjoy playing the game. If you prefer to walk when you play, you need to make sure you select a lightweight golf bag.

lightweight golf bag, El Camino by Sunday Golf

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2. Golf Balls

You must have golf balls in order to play golf. We know we aren’t exactly sharing a secret here, but what type of golf balls should you buy? If you’re just getting started with the game, you don’t need to break the bank to buy the same balls that Tiger Woods plays on the PGA Tour. Buy in bulk because they may not be in your possession very long!

golf ball in a playing field


3. Golf Hat

The right golf hat helps you in several different ways. It keeps you cool in the heat, protects your face from the sun, and makes a fashion statement. We recommend you build a small collection of golf hats - you always want to look your best and we like having options.

Porter Lite Sunday Golf hat


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4. Golf Clubs

You do need golf clubs, but you don’t have to run out and buy a brand-new set. A couple of things to keep in mind. A full set contains 14 clubs, but you can enjoy the game with only 5-7. There’s nothing wrong with used golf clubs. Always ask your golf buddies what they have in their garage before you spend hundreds of dollars on new sticks!

guy grabbing one of his golf clubs out of his bag


5. Golf Gloves

There are golfers that play without golf gloves, but we’ve never figured out why. They’re inexpensive and improve your grip on your clubs. Give them a try - we’re guessing you will see tremendous value in this golf accessory.

golfer playing with gloves


6. Golf Towel

Did you know that dirt or sand on your golf ball can make it curve to the left or the right? Adding a golf towel to your bag can help reduce the numbers on your scorecard. It also comes in quite handy if you spill your favorite cold beverage on the back 9.

Sunday Golf Tailgate Microfiber Golf Towel


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7. Golf Tees

Is there a better feeling in golf than crushing your driver down the fairway? We all know the old golf mantra - tee it high and let it fly! A simple concept, you can’t tee it high without golf tees.

sunday bamboo golf tee

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8. Water Bottle

Don’t pay for an overpriced Gatorade at the turn - get an insulated water bottle and fill it up prior to driving to the golf course. It’s important to hydrate in the heat and golf water bottles can keep your drink cold for 18 holes.

instagram screenshot of a golfer drinking from a water bottle


9. Sunscreen

Golfers are in a high-risk category for skin cancer due to the amount of time we spend in the sun. We want you to enjoy the game for years, but you need to consistently use sun protection. Put a bottle of sunscreen in your golf bag and always re-apply at the turn.


10. Golf Valuables Pouch

It can quickly ruin your day at the country club. You finish your round and you can’t find your car keys or you notice a new scratch on your smartphone. Protect your important personal items while you play with a golf valuables pouch. Store your keys, wallet, watch, and smartphone and you can focus on playing your best golf.

sunday golf valuables pouch

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11. Golf Clothes

You may not swing the club like a professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like one. Golf clothes are designed to perform well on the course, so take advantage of this technology and purchase apparel designed for the game.

man golfing wearing golfers clothing


12. Range Finder

You play golf to hang out with your buddies and hopefully roll in a few putts. You aren’t out there to do math and calculate yardage. A range finder will improve your experience on the golf course. Aim it at the pin, push the button, and you’ll immediately know the length of your approach shot.


13. Permanent Markers (Sharpie)

It’s important that your golf ball is unique compared to all the other balls that could be on the course. Simply playing a Titleist 4 doesn’t mean your ball is different from the other guy in your group or the foursome in front of you. This is why you need a permanent marker. Decorate your ball - add your initials or color a couple of dimples.

14. Divot Tool / Repair Tool

All golfers enjoy playing on a golf course that’s in great shape. Yes, this is the course superintendent’s job, but you play a role as well. Always repair your divots after your ball lands on the green.

golfer using a divot tool to repair the grass


15. Ball Marker

You shouldn’t leave home without a golf ball marker in your bag. You can use a coin (quarter), a poker chip, or a marker from your favorite golf course. We don’t care what you use, but your ball should be marked while others in your group are putting.

golf ball marker


16. Swing Aid/Swing Trainer

The correct swing trainer for you will depend on your personal swing, but we like products that are designed to help your swing and get you loose prior to your round. Looking for an example? Check out the Orange Whip. It’s a great way to work on your swing tempo and gets you ready to play.

17. Golf Shoes

Yes, you can play in tennis or running shoes, but why would you want to? Golf shoes will improve your traction with the ground and have been designed to help you play the game. They’re an essential piece of golf gear.

18. Wire Brush

Did you know that dirt and sand in the grooves of your clubs will make it harder for you to spin the ball when it lands on the green? Attach a wire brush to your golf bag and give the face of your club a quick cleaning after each shot.

golf wire brush


Prepare For The Weather

Golf isn’t played in a dome. There will be days that you have to fight the elements as much as you have to fight the course. Be a boy scout - be prepared!

19. Golf Rain Hood

You may be shocked to hear this, but sometimes meteorologists are wrong! A golf rain hood will protect your golf clubs if a surprise shower pops up on the back 9. Golf is hard enough without adding the challenge of wet golf grips.

rain hood on a golf bag


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20. Rain Pants

We love rain pants because they give you options. They keep you dry if it rains, but they’re also a great option on a windy day. Wear shorts and your rain pants on a chilly morning - you can quickly remove them if the temperature rises on the back 9.

golf rain pants


21. Rain Jacket

Golf rain jackets might be the best golf essential you purchase. Make sure you buy a name brand (Callaway, FootJoy, etc.) and take advantage of the innovation they put in their products. These rain jackets are 100% waterproof and have been designed to give you freedom of motion. They won’t restrict your swing!


22. Golf Umbrella

Yes, we want you to get a golf umbrella, not the tiny thing you already have in your coat closet. They are extra-large to protect you and your clubs as you walk down the fairway and they have been constructed to handle the wind. You never want to be the golfer running to catch the umbrella that has turned upside down because of a stiff breeze.

golfer using a golf umbrella on the course


23. Wool Cap/Stocking Cap

Is there anything worse than playing golf when you’re cold? The worst possible situation is when your ears and head get chilly. There’s a simple solution. Put a wool cap in your golf bag and you’ll always be prepared if you get surprised by the temperature when you arrive at the driving range.

24. Extra Socks

We love the 19th hole - it might even be better than the first 18, but wet feet can kill the vibe. Always bring a pair of extra socks that you can change into at the turn or once you finish your round. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

First Aid Kit - Safety Essentials

Golf is not typically a dangerous sport, but you never know what might happen during your round of golf. Toss these “first aid” essential items in your golf bag.

25. Instant Ice Pack

The instant ice pack can be a lifesaver if you tweak your back on the course, but it’s also nice to have if you suffer a hand or wrist injury. You might think it’s rare, but catching a root or rock during your golf swing can quickly lead to swelling.

26. Ibuprofen

It’s OK - it doesn’t mean you are old if you have a small bottle of Advil in your golf bag. Perfect to treat soreness or the headache that develops when your 4-putt for a triple bogey.

27. Band-aids

A small cut or blister on your hand can quickly make it difficult to hold a golf club. Put a small package in your golf bag and you’ll forget about it until you need it.


28. Bug Repellent

A golf course is a beautiful place! Morning dew, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and birds chirping. Don’t let your experience get ruined by annoying gnats or biting mosquitos! It’s funny, you could almost place our “safety essentials” in the “social” section because your golf buddies will always be asking to borrow them.

29. Lip Balm

Chapped or burned lips are no fun! Keep a stick of lip balm in your golf valuables pouch and apply it a couple of times during your round of golf.


Social Golf Essentials

You don’t have the best player in your foursome to get invited back. Be fun, be social, and bring these items to your next round of golf.

30. Golf Bag Cooler

What makes a great golf buddy? Our initial thoughts would be someone who plays fast, has fun on the golf course and doesn’t take the game too seriously. What about the guy that brings a cold beverage for everyone in the group? We suspect that guy would be pretty popular. Be that guy with a golf bag cooler!

golf bag cooler


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31. Business Cards

It’s not a secret that the golf course is a place business gets done. “What do you do for a living?” is typically asked by the 2nd tee box. You never know when a sale might appear - always have a few business cards available.

32. Koozie

Is there anything better than enjoying a cold beverage on the back 9 of your favorite golf course? The answer is “yes” - a drink that stays cold because you “bust out” the koozie in your bag.

golf koozie

33. Cash In Small Bills

We’re now in the age of credit cards and Venmo, but it’s always a good idea to have a little cash in your golf bag. First, you might need to tip the kid that helps you with your bag at the pro shop or the “beer cart” driver. Second, a little wager is always fun - if you lose the side bet, always be prepared to pay your debt.

How Does Your Golf Essentials Collection Look?

How many of these items do you currently use? Did we miss anything that you need to enjoy your round? We’re always looking for new ideas, so leave us a comment with your favorite piece of golf equipment.

Enjoy your day - we hope your next round of golf is all fairways and greens!

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