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Top 12 Best Golf Grips To Boost Your Game

What’s the most essential part of your golf clubs? The head makes contact with the ball and the shaft can help you generate more speed, but none of this matters if you can’t hold onto the club. They’re often overlooked, but your golf grips significantly impact your score.

Rain, morning dew, or sweat. You need a golf grip that can handle everything you might encounter during your round. Golf is hard enough, don’t make it more challenging by selecting the wrong golf grips. We can help - below we’ve highlighted the best 12 golf grips and shared with you what you should consider when shopping.

Many golfers lose strokes due to making bad choices related to their equipment. Don’t be one of them!

12 Best Golf Grips

1. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Golf Grip 

The MCC Plus is a PGA tour-proven, hybrid golf grip. It simulates 4 additional wraps of tape on the lower hand to encourage lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power. It’s available in standard, midsize, undersize, and jumbo.

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Golf Grip


  • One of the best golf club grips on the market, they’ve already been used to win two golf major championships
  • Golf Pride has engineered these golf grips to give you control in any weather conditions
  • Great options available - choose from 4 different sizes and 5 different colors


  • Top-of-the-line grip comes with a high-end price - may not be worth it for beginners and high handicappers

2. Lamkin Sonar + Tour Calibrate Grip

For this product, Lamkin took one of their most popular grips and “kicked it up a notch” by adding “calibrate.” Calibrate is a pronounced reminder strip that’ll help you grip the club the same way every time. This is a tacky golf grip designed to give you feedback after every shot. You’ll feel when you hit the ball perfectly and know when you don’t.

Lamkin Sonar + Tour Calibrate Golf Grip


  • We love the material and the feel of the Lamkin Sonar grip - your hands will love to grip the club - truly has a soft feel - you can hit golf balls all day without your hands getting tired
  • You will have to get used to the Calibrate strip, but align grips can help you be a more consistent golfer


  • Limited options - only one color
  • Not for you if you prefer a firm grip


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    3. Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align

    Golf Pride appears for the 2nd time on our list with their MCC Plus 4 Align golf grip. Similar to the first grip on our list, it also includes “align” technology. This is a raised ridge that assists with hand alignment to square the clubface and improves your swing consistency. These golf grips are available in standard and midsize.

    Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Align Grip


    • Golf Pride is a leader in the golf grip market and you can trust the quality and durability of their products
    • You may not think a grip can improve your swing, but an align grip will help you achieve consistent hand placement
    • This hybrid grip provides you with multiple surfaces that can handle all weather conditions


    1. Fewer options than the #1 on our list - only 2 sizes and 1 color are available - you get the “align” technology but lose the ability to customize

    4. Winn Dri-Tac Grip

    Winn has been making great golf grips for years and the Dri-Tac line is their most popular. Made from a polymer material that combines a comfortable feel with exceptional non-slip performance in all weather conditions. Winn grips come in various sizes (standard, ladies, junior, oversize, midsize) and each size offers a few different colors.

    Winn Dri-Tac Golf Grip


    • The polymer material provides a unique feel that’s very soft and absorbs more shock than most grips - the best soft grip on the market
    • We love the different sizes and color options - we appreciate that they make grips specifically for ladies and juniors


    • Some golfers may find these Winn grips too soft - definitely hold one before you buy an entire set of grips

    5. Superstroke Cross Comfort Club Grip

    SuperStroke is best known for their putter grips, but their line of Cross Comfort golf grips is an economical option you should consider. They feature an amazingly soft and tacky polyurethane outer layer that’s enhanced with Cross Comfort, an advanced surface texture that boosts traction. They’re available in four sizes (undersize, standard, midsize, and oversize) and five different colors.

    Superstroke Cross Comfort Club Grip


    • Great feeling, soft grips
    • We love the options - find the perfect size for your hands and pick your favorite color
    • The price is hard to beat - significantly lower than other premium golf grips on the market


    • Durability can be an issue - may wear down quicker than other options on our list
    • Golfer preference - may be too soft for some players

    6. Carver Golf Grip

    Are you looking for a simple, inexpensive golf grip that’ll get the job done? If so, Carver may just be the product for you. They took inspiration from the best grips in golf and come back with more grip than ever. With a non-slip surface for max performance and comfort.

    Carver Golf Grip


    • Nice and simple - nothing fancy here, just a black golf grip for your clubs
    • You can’t beat the price - one of the lowest-cost grips on the market


    • Not a well-known golf brand - you won’t see Carver golf grips on the PGA tour
    • Yes, they’re simple, but you’re missing the advanced features you’ll find on other grips in our list - align options, cord, high-tech materials, etc.


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      7. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align

      Golf Pride is back. Back again. The Tour Velvet Align is the 3rd Golf Pride product to make our list. These grips include the “align” feature and a state-of-the-art rubber blend to provide you with maximum comfort and playability. The “plus sign” texture pulls moisture away from the surface to give you the best possible grip.

      Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Grip 


      • We love Golf Pride grips - they’re high-quality and well-engineered for performance
      • The Tour Velvet Align is their basic grip plus the Align feature - a cool combination - this is the number one grip used on the PGA tour


      • Limited options with this grip - there’s only one color (black with red highlights) and they only come in 2 sizes (standard, midsize)

      8. Karma Velvet Standard Golf Grip

      The Karma Velvet golf grips are designed with a specific type of golfer in mind. You don’t take your game too seriously and you want to regrip your clubs for a reasonable price. The Karma Velvet grips are best described as classic, simple, and functional.

      Karma Velvet Standard Golf Grip 


      • No bells and whistles - simple golf grips that’ll work and won’t cause you to empty your bank account
      • The perfect grip if you don’t want to overthink it - your clubs need to be regripped, but golf isn’t a significant passion for you


      • Nothing here to get excited about - The Karma Velvet golf grips are designed to fit on your golf clubs, but don’t provide any additional benefits (swing speed, alignment, etc.)

      9. Super Stroke S-Tech Club Grip

      The SuperStroke S-Tech grips are used by Jordan Speith on the PGA tour. SuperStroke created this performance-driven grip with a premium engineered rubber compound that provides just the right amount of softness and tack. They’re designed to provide you with feedback after every shot. You’ll know if you hit it well or not. You can choose from 2 sizes (standard, and midsize) and 5 different colors.

      Super Stroke S-Tech Club Grip


      • A high-quality grip for a reasonable price - the lowest-cost grip you’ll find that’s used on the PGA tour
      • We love the different color options - make your clubs look good
      • The S-Tech grips aren’t overly complicated - they don’t try to break the mold, instead, they use a formula that has worked for golfers for years


      • The grips are a bit firm - not for you if you prefer a soft grip that’ll absorb the shock of your shots

      10. Lamkin Crossline Grip

      Lamkin has been making best-selling grips for 20+ years. The Crossline grip has tour-proven performance, classic looks, and an excellent feel. Crossline features a highly-durable compound and best-in-class torsion control for improved shot-making and confidence.

      Lamkin Crossline Golf Grip


      • Lamkin has been making golf grips for two decades - they consistently create products you can trust
      • The Crossline grips are a classic design “done right” - put these grips on your clubs and don’t worry about performance
      • A great price - affordable for all players


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      • The Crossline grips will get the job done, but they don’t have any bonus features - limited color options as well

      11. Senior Men’s Majek Jumbo Oversize Pro Velvet Grips

      There are two key reasons you would place these grips on your clubs. You have large hands/fingers or you struggle with arthritis. The Majek Jumbo golf grips are designed to help golfers in these situations. The design is simple and effective. The pricing is reasonable.

      Senior Men’s Majek Jumbo Oversize Tour Pro Velvet Golf Grips


      • Truly does solve a problem for many older golfers - you don’t have to retire from golf due to arthritis - simply give these grips a try
      • A reasonable price for a full set of grips (13) can be found on Amazon


      • The product is designed for a specific type of golfer - if you don’t fit into these categories, these grips are not for you
      • Majek is not a well-known golf brand - if that’s important to you, go with a different option on our list

      12. Arccos Caddie Smart Grips

      We’ve saved the most unique golf grips for last. Do you remember the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grips we shared at the top of our list? Imagine using that grip with a tracker installed that automatically sends data about every shot you hit to your smartphone. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s exactly what the Arccos Caddie Smart Grips can do. You get one of the best golf grips on the market and you get to learn your game one swing at a time!

      Arccos Caddie Smart Golf Grips


      • Truly a unique product - these grips tell you everything you need to know about your golf game to improve - learn your distances, your misses, etc.
      • We love the options - you can select Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 grips or Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips - you can also choose from standard and midsize
      • Use these grips for a few months and you’ll truly change your game


      • We love this product, but it’s an investment in your game - we know the price will be too high for some golfers

      How To Choose The Best Golf Grip

      There are several factors you need to consider when looking for new golf grips:

      Grip Size

      Not all golf grips are the same size. Most are standard or normal, but you can also purchase jumbo or midsize grips. Hand size is typically what leads to using larger grips, but you may just prefer that feel or have a medical condition (arthritis) that makes them more comfortable.

      There are two different ways to adjust your grip size. You can buy a jumbo grip or put extra layers of tape under a standard grip. Both methods work and are used by golfers around the world.


      We always recommend you touch a golf grip before you buy it. All brands and models feel slightly different and your personal preference here is important. Do you like a tacky grip or more of a cord grip? Wrap grips feel different than rubber grips. There are no wrong answers here - select the feel that gives you the most confidence.

      Moisture Management

      The enemy of most golf grips is moisture. It could be from rain, dew, or sweaty hands. Different types of grips work better than others, so this comes down to how you enjoy the game of golf. Do you play in the rain or stay inside when the weather is bad? Do you have sweaty hands and need golf grips that can handle the heat?

      Tacky grips will be better if the moisture level is high and/or weather conditions take a turn for the worst.


      It doesn’t matter what golf grips you pick, you’ll need to periodically regrip them. That being said, some brands and models last longer than others. Consider durability when making your purchase - look for feedback from other customers or your golfing buddies.


      Budget is a consideration whenever you’re making a golf purchase. The goal should be high-quality golf grips for the best possible price. Save a little money on your golf grips and use it on a new golf shirt or golf bag.


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      Golf Grips FAQs

      How long do grips last? When Should You Regrip?

      The typical rule is that you should change your golf grips once per year, but this will vary depending on how many rounds you play. Do you play more than 50 rounds per year? If so, you may want to regrip more often!

      How do you maintain your grips?

      The best way to maintain your golf grips is to periodically clean them with warm water and soap. Dry them immediately with a golf towel and you’ll notice the “tacky feel” will return.

      How do you replace your golf grips?

      If you have the right equipment (vice, straight blade, etc) you can do it yourself at home, but most pro shops and golf retailers will do it for you for a reasonable cost. There’s no shame in letting the professionals handle it for you.

      Get A Grip On Your Game

      Don’t let sweaty hands, rain showers, or old grips ruin your day. Finish strong with the best golf grips and take a few dollars off your buddies in your side game. Can you remember the last time you replaced your grips? If the answer is “no,” it’s time for new ones. Don’t wait, start searching for your best golf grips today!

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