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12 Best Golf Tricks Shots (Plus Some To Try At Home)

Golf trick shots are awesome. They’re fun to watch and fun to try yourself. Quick warning, though - Be safe. You don’t want your golf trick shot to go viral for the wrong reason. You’ll understand what we mean when you watch #2 & #4 below!

We hope you enjoy our list. We’ve come up with our 6 favorite golf trick shots of all-time and 6 golf trick shots that you can try to recreate at home. There’s a tremendous amount of skill required to pull off these shots, and a few could even help you on the course.

Get tricky with us. Enjoy the best of the best golf trick shots.

All-Time Best Golf Trick Shots

1. Tania Tare’s Balancing Trick Shot

This golf trick shot has it all. Tania starts off demonstrating some awesome wedge juggle skills and finishes the trick by tossing the ball from her club into a red solo cup. 

Tania Tare’s Balancing Trick Shot

Oh yeah, we buried the lead. She did all of this while balancing on her knees on a yoga/exercise ball. Crazy! It’s the combination of skills that makes this golf trick shot #1 on our list!

2. Dan Boever’s Between The Legs

Sometimes the best thing about golf trick shots are the outtakes. If you’re looking for a good laugh, check out Dan’s failed attempts to hit the golf ball between his partner’s legs. It’s funny as long as you aren’t his partner. Looks like it might hurt a bit.

The between the legs golf trick shot is the perfect example of one you should NOT try at home!

Dan Boever’s Between The Legs Golf Trick Shot

3. Phil Mickelson Two Ball Shot

Phil has always been known for his sick short game, but this golf trick shot takes it to another level. We guess Phil got bored putting and making only one ball at a time. In this video, he hits two balls at the same time and watches them both go into a hole 30 feet away. 

Phil Mickelson Two Ball Shot

You could probably try to do this, but you’ll need to find a fast and smooth putting green.


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4. John Daly Tee In The Mouth

Do not try this at home! One more time for those in the back. DO NOT try this at home unless you want an emergency trip to the dentist or ER.

John Daly Tee In The Mouth Golf Trick Shot

John Daly hits a driver from a tee that’s being held by the teeth of another person. Part scary and part cool, this is one of the most famous golf trick shots ever released.

5. Joshua Kelley Locker Room Trick Shot

Very cool golf trick shot and an awesome camera angle. Joshua hits a flop shot off a turf mat into a cup in the rafters of a golf locker room. The one question we always have when watching these shots is: how many takes before he made it?

Joshua Kelley Locker Room Trick Shot

We also noticed an “insider” trick on this shot. Did he use a golf ball or a ping pong ball? Look closely - what do you think?

6. Trick Shot Boys Kick & Swing

If your Instagram account is “golftrickshotboys,” you better be good and these guys never disappoint. This is a great example of several small tricks combined to make a “super trick.”

Combine wedge juggling, a ball toss, a knee dribble, and hitting a driver while the ball is still in the air and you get the “Kick & Swing!”

Trick Shot Boys Kick & Swing

6 Golf Trick Shots To Try At Home

Are you feeling motivated to get your golf trick shot on? Here are some you can try.

1. Sink It While You Drink It

You can handle this golf trick shot. Get your favorite drink, your putter, and a golf ball. Take a drink while rolling the putt with your other hand. Practice a few one-handed putts before filming. We predict you’ll be successful in less than 5 takes!

Sink It While You Drink It Home Golf Trick Shot

2. Paul Barrington’s Lob Shot

This is the rare golf trick shot that could come in handy on the golf course. Open the clubface on your wedge and zip under the ball with speed. If done correctly, the ball will quickly get up in the air with spin. The key is contact - a little fat or a little thin and your attempt will fail. 

Paul Barrington’s Lob Shot


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3. Tania Tare’s Red Solo Cup Shot

Tania’s second appearance on our list and this one will take you some time to complete. It’s simple, yet complicated. There is more happening than first meets the eye - pay attention to the slow-motion replay.

Tania Tare’s Red Solo Cup Shot

The timing has to be perfect and you’ll need to hit both chips solid and get a little lucky. We’d call this one an “advanced at-home golf trick shot.”

4. Ryan Rustand Backyard Golf Game

This golf trick shot by Ryan is the best of both worlds. A fun game to try that’ll actually improve your short game (chipping). The junior golfer in your life will love this one. As the rings get smaller, you’ll need to hit different chips shots. You’ll need more loft and more spin. The lob shot you learned in Paul’s trick shot (#2 above) will be helpful.

Ryan Rustand Backyard Golf Game

5. Hydroflask Golf Trick Shot

Wow - this is a cool shot that may take you a while. We recommend you go rapid-fire with this golf trick shot. Make sure you have plenty of ping pong balls - you don’t want to waste time chasing down all of the misses. Keep the camera rolling and good luck!

Hydroflask Golf Trick Shot

6. Partner Trickshot Challenge

This is a fun golf trick shot to try with your better half. You’ll need a patient partner that can stay very still while you figure out the shot. Similar to #5, make sure you have plenty of balls handy and rapid-fire with the camera rolling. Once you make it, you can edit out your “practice shots.”

Partner Trickshot Challenge

Have Fun, Be Creative, And Get Tricky

Did bad weather close the golf course? Golf trick shots are the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Design your own golf trick shot. Be safe, but think outside of the box. Make sure your camera is set up to catch your reaction when you make it. The reaction is half of the fun.

Good luck!

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