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14 Golf Tips You Should Try Today To Improve Your Game

Have you decided to get serious about the game of golf, but don’t know where to start? We can help. Have you been playing for a few years, but still struggle to hit the ball? Our golf tips can fix that as well.

We've developed 14 golf tips that can help both the beginner and the experienced golfer. Our collection of golf tips is broken down into four sections. Pre-shot, Golf Swing Tips, Short Game Golf Tips, and Mental Game. 

We consider these golf tips for beginners, but even more advanced players could use these reminders the next time they visit the course or the driving range. Try these out today - we want to help you shoot lower scores and enjoy the game.

Before You Swing Golf Tips

It may sound strange, but a lot can go wrong with your golf game before you ever start to swing. Our first four golf tips are all about what you can do before you ever begin taking the club back.

1. Get The Right Equipment 

We don’t care about the brand you choose, but make sure your clubs match your level of play and interest in the game. If you plan to play casually a few times a year, you probably don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on your clubs. A golf tip for beginners, you probably don’t even need 14 clubs. You can save some money by going with a beginner set of 6 - 8 clubs. You can build on that set as your game progresses.

You will also need balls, tees, a glove, and a bag. Look for bargains on golf balls and tees. If you are a casual player, who is simply looking to enjoy the game with friends, you may want to consider a Sunday golf bag, instead of a more expensive full-size version.

sunday golf bag

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2. Your Body And Fitness Are Critical 

People don’t often think of golf as a physical activity, but the golf swing puts pressure on several different parts of our body. Especially as we enter the offseason (winter) you can improve your game by working on your golf-specific fitness.

This can improve your swing and reduce the risk of injury. An important golf tip is to stretch before you play, but you should focus on your body even on days you aren't headed to the course. Thanks to Tiger Woods, golf fitness has become commonplace. TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified instructors are a great way to get started or you can train on your own with golf specific exercises.


3. Practice The Correct Golf Stance

The correct stance will set you up for success on the course. Anyone can take an effective stance with a few simple golf tips.

golf tips - good stance

First, your feet should be slightly more than shoulder width apart. Your feet should be aimed approximately 20 yards left of your target - you can check this by putting a club down. Your knees should be flexed and you should bend slightly from the waist.

4. Have A Proper Golf Grip

The way you grip the club is critical. An important golf tip for beginners. You can select from a 10-finger grip, an overlap grip, or an interlock grip. You do not want your grip to be too strong or too weak.

A fundamentally sound grip will make a big difference in your scores. Looking for detailed golf tips on your grip? Try our complete guide for holding the golf club.

proper golf grip

It’s Time To Hit The Ball

Our next four golf tips are related to our full swing. You could call them swing thoughts or golf swing tips. It is all about making consistent, solid contact with the ball. Each of these ideas support the others and you probably don’t want too many thoughts when you play on the course. We recommend you try these on the driving range and determine which one works best for you.

5. Don't Overextend Your Swing

A simple golf tip for beginners and advanced players. A short, compact swing is almost always better than a long one. Most golfers over extend their backswing, causing them to get off plane and off balance. The goal should be to return the club to its starting position in an efficient manner. Avoid getting your arms disconnected from your torso during your swing.

6. Shift Your Weight On Your Downswing

We're sure you have read that you want to make a weight shift during your golf swing. During your backswing, your weight should shift to your right foot (assuming you're right-handed) and as you start your downswing your weight should shift to your left foot.

This is a valid golf tip, but is often confused. You do want to shift your weight, but you don’t want to slide away from the ball with your body. The key is to turn around your spine, without having it move. See tip #8 if you're trying to determine if this is a problem for you or not.

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7. Keep Your Triangle And Tuck Your Shoulder

This is the perfect golf swing tip to help you achieve #5 and #6 above. First, when you grip the club and setup to the ball, you will notice your chest and arms create a triangle. The goal for your swing - keep this triangle the same shape throughout your swing. This will keep your swing the correct length.

golf tips - how to keep your triangle

Second, for your backswing, simply tuck your left shoulder under your chin (without moving your chin). This golf tip creates a nice turn and prevents you from sliding off the ball. You put these together and you have a swing that is compact, under control, and powerful.

8. Film Your Swing And Self-Analyze

All smartphones allow you to take slow-motion videos, so use them to understand your swing. If possible, ask a friend on the driving range to help you film your swing. We recommend you get two different angles - one from the side and one from directly behind.

Be prepared - this golf tip may make you cringe a little. The first time you see your swing in slow motion can be a bit shocking. It is a great way to check if you are executing the swing tips above.

Save Strokes With Your Short Game

Far too often when we think about golf swing tips, we forget about the short game. If you want to become an elite player, the key is consistency in your chipping and putting.

9. Chip With Hands Forward, Ball Back

This one golf tip for beginners can cure chunks, chili dips, scoops, skulls, and shanks. Regardless if you are hitting a pitch, a short/high chipc, or a bump-n-run you should remember this golf tip. 

Place the ball slightly back in your stance, towards your right foot. Now press your hands forward. Make a simple chipping motion. This ensures that you hit down on the ball and make solid contact. The loft of the club will help the ball get in the air and land softly.

10. Firm Wrists

If you struggle around the greens, you should probably blame your wrists. Overactive wrists will ruin both your chipping and your putting. This is the simplest and most important golf tip on our list. Keep your wrists firm when playing on and around the greens.

11. Rock & Roll Your Shoulders

Easy to remember this golf tip. Rock your shoulders to roll putts. This is similar to #10. Your putting stroke should be with your large muscles (shoulders), not your small muscles (hands & wrists). Once you take your putting stance, simply rock your shoulders to hit the putt, keeping your hands and wrists stable/still.

The next time you are watching the PGA tour, pay attention to their strokes. You will notice how quiet their hands & wrists stay.

12. Escape The Bunker

For many golfers, a shot from the sand is frightening, but it doesn’t have to be. To be successful from the traps follow these three steps. 

  • Aim your feet left.
  • Open the face of your most lofted wedge.
  • Cut under the ball to splash it on the green. 

The key to a good bunker shot - you don’t really hit the ball. You slice under the ball. Make sure you accelerate through the sand. Practice this golf tip and turn your bunker game into a strength.

bunker shot

The Power Of The Mind

Bobby Jones famously said “golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears”. We didn’t want to complete our list of golf tips without including some thoughts on your mental game.

13. It's A Marathon, Not A Sprint

The game of golf is a lifetime journey, not something you master. The fun is the quest to get better, but understand, you will never be “done”. You will hit good shots and terrible shots. You will shoot great scores and bad scores. 

You can play golf from ages 5 to 105, so don’t be in a rush. Pace yourself.

14. Focus On The Experience - Not The Scorecard

Golf can be a frustrating activity. This is our last golf tip, but may be the most important. Don’t allow yourself to become that negative player that complains the entire time they are on the course. Golf is not a game of perfection, so that should not be your goal.

Enjoy your time with friends and being outside on a nice day. Celebrate good shots and good rounds, but don’t expect them all the time.

Improve Your Game

We hope this collection of golf tips and golf swing tips can help your game. Try them on the driving range/putting green and determine which ones work for you. Keep it simple. Find your game. Play well.

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