The Sunday Golf Bag: Everything You Need to Know

The Sunday Golf Bag: Everything You Need to Know

Depending on your golf experience, If I were to say “Sunday Golf Bag”, you probably think of that old leather job that your dad used to have in the garage, or a Tour Staff Bag carried by your favorite player on the PGA Tour.

What if I told you there was a different option out there? A better, and easier option to use, and one that helps you enjoy the game that much more.

The term Sunday golf bag isn’t just the name for a bag of clubs that you happen to use on a Sunday.

It’s from the pages of the past. It’s from the pages of history, and its only right that you know how it comes to us as golfers.


The Sunday Golf Bag, A History.

From as early as the 1900’s, players used golf “bags”, though most were just tubes with a strap, keeping the collection of persimmon shafted clubs somewhat together. The clubs, often made by the player themselves, would be carried by a caddie, or sparingly by the player if a Looper wasn’t available. Before the use of a bag, a player would likely only carry one or two clubs, and tie them to their belt, or carry them by hand.

Even though we were over a hundred years from the 14-club rule, most players only carried 4-6 clubs, each with its own use and function. This allowed the player to have options available to them, but not being weighed down unnecessarily.

Sunday Golf

The reason why the term “Sunday Golf Bag” is prevalent is because of the players, and caddies themselves. On Sundays, there would often be no caddies available. This was largely due to the Church of Scotland’s adherence to the Sabbath Day, and no work being done. The player would therefore, walk the links with bag in tow.

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Evolution – From Tubes to Huge

Originally being made from Cotton or heavy leather materials in a cylindrical construction, golf bags were carried up and down the links by players and caddies, until the 1970’s and 80’s, when Nylon material was used instead of the heavy materials of yesteryear.

Manufacturers then introduced the stand bag that was specifically designed for those who preferred to enjoy the walk. Stand bags are lighter and often built with straps (single or dual) for golfers to carry while walking the course, and legs which make the bag stand on its own.

More and more functionalities were added through the decades, and now you can find bags that have coolers, speakers, and a million and a half pockets, which can add weight, and make all but the most basic of bags unusable due to their weight unless used on a golf cart. 

The Golf Bags Of Today

Golfers primarily have four options of bags today:

+ Staff Bags – The Large, Bulky tour bags carrier by the pros and hold everything you could possibly need out on the course.  More often than not carried by a caddie.

+ Cart Bags – Bags designed for use on a golf cart, and like Staff Bags, can become weighed down with the contents inside, lack a stand system.

+ Stand Bags – Bags designed to carry all 14 clubs, and other essentials for playing a full round of golf.  Lighter than a cart bag and often used by golfers who prefer to walk the course.

+ Sunday Golf Bag – A bag designed with ease, and convenience in mind, for the player who wants to take with them just the clubs they need the most.  Great for a par three, executive course or when hitting the range for some practice.

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An Evolution of Simplicity in Design

If you were to ask most golfers, it’s a good bet that most of them prefer to golf undisturbed, and undistracted by the outside world, or anything that could prevent them from performing as best as they could.  Simplicity, and performance is ideal.

A Sunday Golf Bag is a Revolution in bag design, and ingenuity, but without making the most difficult game in the world more enjoyable, easier, or interesting, it wouldn’t be a good product. Luckily, it does all three.


Lightest Golf Bag Available

The Sunday bag is light and easy for golfers to carry on the course, and across all terrain. The bag weighs in at a light 1.95 pounds, making it easy to carry by hand with an easy-grip handle option. The ease of use allows players not to get exhausted and still be comfortable to walk a round of golf.


For Those “Cart Path Only” Courses

Have you ever played a course that’s in cart-path only conditions, and know without a doubt the marshall will come yell at you if they see you even thinking of driving on the grass?

The Sunday Bag allows you to go anywhere on the course, and to quickly know exactly what club you need.

If you, like many others, have ever found yourself in a bad lie, only to realize you need to hit a wedge instead of the 3-wood in your hand, you can understand why its a good thing to have this bag.

You can trudge back to your bag and get your wedge, or worse, try and play a shot with completely the wrong club. Instead, you can carry 2-3 clubs with the sunday bag, so you can hit whatever shot is needed while keeping your grips dry.


The Perfect Bag For The Driving Range

A Sunday bag, or range bag is a great for practice at the driving range.  You grab 4-5 clubs from your main bag that you want to work on and pop them into your Sunday bag.  Makes it easy to pop from the driving range over to the chipping and putting area.

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Fit the Right Number of Clubs

Although you won’t be able to fit your normal set of clubs in the Sunday Golf Bag, you can get the ones you need to get a sneaky round in.

The goal is to be lightweight.  A typical Sunday golf bag will fit about 6-7 clubs or so. With selection you can bring enough clubs to get you through your round without sacrificing any performance.

This is a great benefit especially if you play the same courses frequently. After enough practice, you’ll know fairly well which clubs you’ll need and which you’ll rarely use. While yes, anything can happen on any given day, you can strategically choose your clubs so you never walk back to your car again frustrated that you spent your time carrying clubs you didn’t need.


Great For The Next Generation Of Golfers

If you’re looking to bring your family onto the golf course with you, having a Sunday bag can be a great decision.  It can act as a youth bag as well given how light it is.

Giving them a Sunday bag can help them feel grown up because they’re carrying their own clubs. It’s something that they can manage easily while you all enjoy the game together. It’s also a great way to see how much they really enjoy the sport before you invest in a bigger bag and set of clubs for them.


Save Your Shoulders

While there are certainly varying designs, some of the best Sunday golf bags are made without a shoulder strap. Instead, they have a convenient carry handle since the bag is so light. You need your shoulders to be in great shape to maximize the effort you can give your swings on the course, so don’t overexert them by carrying your bag. Save your shoulders and carry your Sunday bag by the handle – something you couldn’t do with bigger cart bags

Sunday golf bags are a great option any day of the week. Whether you’re getting ready for a quick round with some friends, a trip to the executive course or a visit to the driving range with your family, a good Sunday bag has many different uses.

While the name might date back to an age-old tradition, Sunday golf bags aren’t going away anytime soon. Any golfer who’s interested in making sure their game keeps moving needs a Sunday bag. 

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