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Top 10 Best Golf Valuables Pouches In 2024

Do you use a golf valuables pouch when you play?

Before you answer, let’s discuss some additional questions.

Where do you store your keys while you hit range balls?

Where do you put your phone and wallet while visiting the practice putting green?

What do you do with your wedding ring and watch while you play 9 holes?

If you answer these questions with a combination of “in my pants pockets,” or “somewhere in my golf bag,” or “never really thought about it,” you need a golf valuables pouch.

You never want to be the guy ripping apart his golf bag in the parking lot because you can’t find your car keys.

You never want to drive home and tell your spouse that you lost your wedding ring “somewhere on the back 9.”

Never experience a desperate search for your golf accessories again.


We’ve established the why, but let’s talk about the what.

Several golf brands offer golf valuables pouches and we’re here to help you make the best choice.

Top 10 Golf Valuables Pouches

Who doesn’t love a top 10 list?

We’ve provided details on our favorite golf valuables pouches below.

1. Dime Bag Golf Valuables Pouch By Sunday Golf

The Dime Bag by Sunday Golf is the perfect golf valuables pouch.

For less than $35 you can organize all of your golf essentials (tees, pencils, etc.) and keep your important items safe and secure.

Once you clip this into your golf bag you’ll wonder how you ever played golf without it.

Dime Bag Golf Valuables Pouch From Sunday Golf

Key Features:
  • Made from a water resistant coated camo poly and water resistant zippers
  • Two mesh pockets inside will help you organize
  • Easily clips to your golf bag
  • Perfect for your GPS or rangefinder
  • 6” x 8” size is perfect - holds your stuff without being bulky
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2. PING Golf Valuables Pouch

PING Golf is one of the most well-known brands in the golf market.

They offer everything from golf clubs to golf apparel and this includes a golf valuables pouch.

For less than $30, the PING golf valuables pouch is a simple solution for storing your keys, wallet, and phone.

PING Golf Valuables Pouch

Key Features:
  • Interior ensconced with plush velour
  • Interior divider helps separate your items to avoid knicks and scratches
  • Black and gray color scheme will look good attached to any golf bag

3. Puma Golf Valuables Pouch

If you are looking for low-cost and low-features, you should give the PUMA golf valuables pouch a chance. For less than $15 you’ll get a stylish sack to store your important items.

You know, the things you never want to lose while trying to make putts.

Puma Golf Valuables Pouch

Key Features:
  • Top cinch closure - designed to be stored inside your bag, not attached to it
  • Internal fleece lining
  • Camo graphic print and reflective cat (puma) logo

4. Hide & Drink Golf Valuables Pouch

The Hide & Drink golf valuables pouch is a unique offering on our list. Made from waxed canvas, this pouch has a rugged feel.

For less than $29.99 you’ll get a stylish pouch that can hold your critical golf items. This sack is designed to go inside your bag, not be attached to it.

Hide & Drink Golf Valuables Pouch

Key Features:
  • Made from rustic waxed canvas with leather strings
  • 7” x 7” in size - can hold most of your personal items and still fit inside your golf bag
  • Material is waterproof

5. GV Image Collection Golf Valuables Pouch

The GV Image Collection golf valuables pouch is the classic “sack” style made from leather.

A bit smaller than other options on our list, but still perfect to hold your golf tees, ball markers, and other small valuables. It does include a metal attachment for hooking to your bag and can be purchased for less than $25.

GV Image Collection Valuables Pouch

Key Features:
  • Made from soft Brandy leather
  • Drawstring closure mechanism
  • Metal hook attachment
  • 5” x 4 ½”  in size - perfect for golf balls and other small accessories

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6. Orlimar Golf Detachable Accessory Pouch

The Orlimar Golf detachable accessory pouch is a low-cost, low-feature option.

You can purchase it for less than $10.

You do have several color options: Black, Blush Pink, Burnt Orange, Cherry Red, Denim Blue, Lime Green, and Sage Grey.

Orlimar Golf Detachable Accessory Pouch

Key Features:
  • 3 pocket design allows you to separate your valuables
  • Plastic attachment allows you to hook it to your bag
  • Mesh pockets allow you to quickly find your accessories
  • Zipper closures ensure that your important items don’t fall out while you are on the course

7. Callaway Clubhouse Valuables Pouch

Callaway is a well-known golf brand and their golf valuables pouch is worth considering. Black in color, with the Callaway logo on the front. You can purchase for $22.99 and securely store your golf accessories or valuables while hitting balls on the driving range.

Callaway Clubhouse Valuables Pouch

Key Features:
  • Velour lined interior
  • Easy glide zipper prevents your possessions from falling out
  • 6” x 0.2 x 8.5” in size - designed to be placed in your golf bag, not attached to it

8. Bluegrass Fairway Golf Valuables Pouch

The Bluegrass Fairway waxed canvas golf valuables pouch is a high-end, luxury product.

For $59 you can have this stylish bag to store your prized possessions.

 Bluegrass Fairway Golf Valuables Pouch

Key Features:
  • Made with American waxed canvas - the bottom of the pouch is made with bison leather
  • Interior is lined with a soft tartan
  • Tanned leather embossed logo on the front
  • 8” x 6” in size

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9. Bellino Leather Golf Pouch

The Bellino Leather golf valuables pouch looks like a small piece of luggage you might take on a trip, but instead of holding your toothbrush and shampoo, it holds your golf accessories and valuables.

It does have a zipper to keep everything inside the pouch and a metal hook for your golf bag. You can purchase it for less than $26.

Bellino Leather Golf Pouch

Key Features:
  • Made with supple leather
  • Small pocket on the front is perfect for golf tees
  • 4” x 6.5” size makes it a bit smaller than most on our list

10. Parsaver Golf Valuables Pouch

The Parsaver golf valuables pouch is a lower cost, sack-version product.

It will cost you a little under $20.

The waterproof construction will help keep your items safe if you get stuck in a quick shower on the back 9.

Parsaver Golf Valuables Pouch

Key Features:
  • Made from durable waterproof Nylon
  • Drawstring closure mechanism
  • Metal carabiner gives you the option to attach to your golf bag

      How To Choose The Best Golf Valuables Pouch

      Do you see a clear winner on our top 10 list?

      What factors do you consider before making a golf-related purchase?

      In this case, we have identified 4 things for you to ponder before selecting your golf valuables pouch.

      1. The Features

      Let’s start by defining what features you need in your golf valuables pouch. What do you need to store while playing?

      This will help you determine the size you need. Do you want to attach it to your golf bag or place it inside your golf bag?

      Do you want it to be waterproof?

      Do you want one big pouch or do you prefer to organize it with separate pockets and/or dividers?

      Once you have answered these questions, you have reduced the number of options.

      2. Your Sense of Style

      Do you care if your golf valuables pouch looks cool on your bag or do you simply want function?

      Make sure you keep this in mind when making your selection.

      The right golf valuables pouch will turn heads on the first tee and make your friends jealous.

      You know you picked the right one if you continually get asked, “Where did you get that?”

      3. Brand

      Pay attention to the brand.

      Are they known for making high quality products that golfers enjoy?

      Does the brand represent how you play the game? Pick a brand that you are proud to have attached to or inside your golf bag.

      4. Price

      Price is always important to consider when making a golf purchase.

      You want value and quality.

      Don’t make a quick decision to go with the cheapest (unless you’re considering budget golf), but you probably don’t need the most expensive, either.

      Find the golf valuables pouch with the features you need for the price you’re comfortable paying.

      Golf Valuables Pouches: FAQs

      What do you put in a golf valuables pouch?

      The short answer is anything you want to keep safe. Golfers typically store their wallets, car keys, phones, AirPods, and rangefinders. A golf valuables pouch can also store your golf essentials (golf balls and tees). 

      Can I attach my golf valuables pouch to my golf bag?

      Yes, depending on the product you select. You will be able to find golf valuables pouches that include a mechanism to snap them on the outside of your bag. This allows for easier access to your valuables and keeps the storage areas of your golf bag free for your gear. 

      Do you carry tees in a golf valuables pouch?

      Yes, golf valuables pouches are great places to store your golf tees and balls. Quickly grab them on the course without having to dig through the pockets of your golf bag.

      The Winner Is…The Dime Bag

      All of the golf valuables pouches we have highlighted above are great products. All of them will work, but there’s always just one winner.

      Do you want a pouch that “will work” or do you want the best?

      When you consider all of the factors, The Dime Bag by Sunday Golf is the best golf valuables pouch.

      So much functionality for a reasonable price. 

      We think you’ll be happy with any product in our top 10, but our recommendation is to give The Dime Bag a try. You won’t regret your decision.

      All of your golf accessories and valuables will stay organized and safe during your round or your practice session.

      You don’t have to worry about losing your keys or your wallet - they’ll always be in your Dime Bag.

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