8 Best Golf Bags With A Built-In Cooler In 2023

11 Best Golf Bags With A Built-In Cooler In 2024

Is there anything better than playing golf on a beautiful afternoon? Yes, you could be playing a round of golf on a beautiful afternoon while drinking a cold beverage.

What if you can’t find the cart girl?

Not a problem when your golf bag has a built-in cooler pocket. Golf bag coolers are becoming more common and should be a feature you search out before you buy your next bag. 

Do you use a golf cart bag? They come with insulated coolers. Maybe you enjoy walking the course? Stand golf bags are also available with a cooler pocket.

There is no excuse to deal with a lukewarm beverage - keep your drinks cold and enjoy your afternoon on the golf course!

Best Golf Bags With Built-in Coolers In 2024

Do you need help finding a bag with the best golf accessories

We can help! Below you will find our 8 favorites that come with a built-in cooler.

1. Sunday Golf Ryder Bag

Our list starts with the Ryder Bag by Sunday Golf. Golfers love this bag and can’t get enough of the built-in frosty pocket that holds up to 4 cans of your favorite drink. You will also find plenty of storage for all 14 of your golf clubs, golf balls, and golf tees. 

The 5-way top with full-length dividers makes it easy to keep your golf bag organized. You can select from 5 different colors for $229.99.

Ryder golf bag with built-in cooler in Toasted Almond


  • The insulated cooler pocket is a game changer for a walking bag - love that you can keep 4 cans nice and cold
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry (self-adjusting shoulder strap) - you won’t need a caddy to walk the golf course
  • Don’t worry about your wallet or other valuables - place them in the velour-lined pocket


  • A relatively new brand with new products, but is that a bad thing? Maybe it is time to introduce yourself to Sunday Golf.


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2. TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag

Do you plan to always rent a cart or hire a caddy? Do you want storage for every golf accessory on the market? If you answered both of these questions with a “yes”, you should take a look at the TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag.

TaylorMade engineered this cart bag for maximum access, organizational ease, and maximum storage.

This bag will cost you $299.99.

Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag


  • 14-way divider top and a putter well means that each of your clubs will have its spot
  • 11 zippered pockets mean you have a location for all of your golf gadgets and accessories
  • Large insulated pocket to keep your beverages cold


  • Very bulky - you will always need to rent a cart and might be a struggle getting it from your car to the Pro Shop
  • The price is a little higher than other options on our list

3. Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag

A bag named “Chiller” has to make our list! It is a stand golf bag that is designed for both riding on a cart and walking down the fairways. The Chiller by Bag Boy has a removable insulated cooler. Plenty of storage for a hybrid bag, it has 8 zippered pockets to help you store your gear. 

It's available on Amazon in 6 different colors for $180 - $220.

Bag Boy Chiller Hybrid Stand Bag


  • The removable cooler is great for a few drinks and an ice pack
  • We love the idea of a hybrid bag - built for carts and for walking


  • The Bag Boy Chiller only comes with a single shoulder strap - we much prefer an adjustable shoulder strap designed for both shoulders
  • This bag is very heavy for a walking bag (8 pounds) 

4. Sunday Golf Loma Bag

You might think that you will never find a Sunday golf bag that also has a cooler - you would be wrong. The Loma Bag by Sunday Golf weighs less than 2 pounds and has a frosty drink pocket to keep your favorite drink nice and cold. Storage for all of your golf essentials (balls, tees, gloves, etc.) and enough room for 6 clubs make this the perfect bag for the driving range, a par 3 course, or a casual afternoon 9. The Loma is available in 16 colors for $129.99.

Sunday Golf Loma bag in seafoam


  • The high-quality stand sets this bag apart from other Sunday bags on the market
  • Stylish and cool-looking bag - you will get noticed when you break out the Loma
  • So lightweight that anyone can enjoy walking the course - great for men, women, and junior golfers


  • A limited number of clubs (it is a Sunday bag) - you will have to pick the 6 that get to make the trip to the course.

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5. Callaway Women’s Org 14 Cart Bag

Ladies love to play golf and enjoy a cold beverage, so why can’t they have a golf bag with a built-in cooler? Callaway has done just that with their Org 14 Cart Bag

They used their new proprietary 14-way arched top to optimize access to clubs on golf carts and push carts. You will find a place to store all of your golf gear - no reason to leave your golf umbrellas at home. 

This bag comes in Pink Camo for $279.99.

Callaway Women’s Org 14 Cart Bag


  • Great looking bag - we love the pink camo print
  • Callaway is a well-known golf brand that has been making golf products for decades
  • If you love to be organized, this bag gives you options - 10 front-facing pockets that are easy to access when the bag is on a cart


  • It is bulky and does limit your flexibility - you can’t carry this bag and play the golf course

6. El Camino by Sunday Golf

The El Camino is a lightweight hybrid golf bag that gives you options when you arrive at the golf course. You can always choose to walk, but if you are feeling sluggish at the turn, it works great on the back of a golf cart as well.

El Camino by Sunday Golf in midnight green

The El Camino can comfortably carry 10 clubs and has a frosty/insulated pocket to keep your favorite back 9 beverages cold. It is available in 8 different colors and will cost you $189.99.


  • A great looking golf bag - simple and sophisticated
  • The weight (less than 4 pounds) and the premium double-shoulder strap make this bag easy to carry
  • Impressive amount of storage for a small bag, including a velour-lined valuables pocket


  • No designed for a full set of clubs (14) - we believe you can play great golf with 10

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7. Vessel Golf Lux Cart

Simple and sophisticated will be the words that come to mind when you see the Lux Cart golf bag by Vessel. It is made with premium materials (Synthetic Leather, Genuine Leather Zipper pulls, and microfiber-lined dividers). 

You can choose from a 7-way top or a 14-way top and have options to personalize the bag.

This bag will cost you $415.

Vessel Golf Lux Cart


  • The stylish look will impress your foursome
  • We like how this bag was built and that you have a choice on the # of dividers - organize the way you want


  • The Lux Cart is expensive - you can find cheaper options on our list
  • Bulky and heavy, we recommend you use the bag drop at your club when you arrive

8. Sunday Golf Loma XL Bag

We would like to introduce you to the Loma bag’s big brother, the Loma XL. It's everything you love in the Loma, just bigger. Additional features include a premium double shoulder strap and more storage for your golf essentials. Instead of 6 clubs, you can comfortably carry 8.

Loma XL bag by Sunday Golf in Ron Burgundy

Don’t worry, it still has the great look you love and the frosty pocket for your drinks. The Loma XL is available in 8 different colors for $169.99.


  • It is ultralightweight (3.4 pounds) and has a double-shoulder strap - all golfers can carry this bag
  • Great storage options for a small bag - frosty pocket, valuables pocket, and apparel pocket
  • Most bags this size lie on the ground, but this one has a high-quality stand system


  • How many clubs do you need to enjoy golf? We think 8 is plenty, but if you need more, this might not be the bag for you

Shop The Loma XL

9. Big Max Golf Dri Lit Hybrid 2

The “Big Max” was designed to be an “all-in-one solution”. When you arrive at the golf course do you want options? Do you want the ability to walk if the course declares it is “cart path only”? 

This bag was built to ride on a cart and on your back. It has a 14-way top to keep your clubs where they belong and an integrated cool pocket to keep your drinks cold. 

This bag will cost you $250.

Big Max Golf Dri Lit Hybrid 2


  • Plenty of options to carry your golf gear - plenty of hooks, rings, and pockets
  • The insulated pocket is well-designed and can hold up to two bottles


  • Big Max is not a well-known golf brand - you won’t see it used on the PGA Tour

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10. Orlimar CRX Cooler Golf Cart Bag

The CRX Cooler golf cart bag by Orlimar is the second product to make our list that has a removable insulated cooler. The top has a 15-way divider which gives you a spot for all 14 clubs and an umbrella. 

It comes with a single shoulder strap and 9 zippered pockets. This bag is economically priced at $140.

Orlimar CRX Cooler Golf Cart Bag


  • It is hard to beat the price - the cheapest product to make our list
  • The color schemes are simple, but this is a nice-looking bag


  • This is a cart bag - it is large and bulky - this is not a product that you can carry and walk the fairways
  • The price is great, but this does impact the quality of the bag

11. Cobra Golf Ultralight Pro Cart

The Ultralight Pro by Cobra Golf is the final bag to make our list. It features 12 dedicated pockets for maximum storage, including an oversized cooler pocket to house your favorite on-course beverage. 

You can choose from 5 different color combinations for $250.

Cobra Golf Ultralight Pro Cart


  • The insulated cooler pocket is truly oversized - it can hold up to 9 cans
  • The magnetic rangefinder pocket is a cool feature - gives you quick access


  • You may be noticing a trend, but this is another golf bag that can only be used to ride - you cannot carry this bag and play

What To Look For In Golf Bags With Coolers


Not all cooler pockets are the same - you need to pay close attention to the insulation. You don’t want a mildly cool beverage on the back 9, you want a frosty cold one.

Is the pocket/cooler engineered to keep your drink cold or does it require you to use an ice pack? We prefer a pocket that has insulation built-in.

Storage Capacity

How many drinks can it hold? What types of drinks? How many drinks do you need to carry?

Yes, it is great to have a 6 pack, but that is a weight you will have to carry during your round. We feel the sweet spot is two cans. Not too heavy, but plenty of refreshment until you reach the halfway house or see the beverage cart.


When you go golf bag shopping the first thing you should look at is the weight of the bag. The lighter the better.

You don’t want to leave the golf course in pain. You want to strut into the 19th hole, not limp.


There is no shame in wanting to look great while you are on the course. Many golf coaches think that if you look good, you will play well.

You need to pick a golf bag that you will be proud to place on the first tee. If you don’t like the color or the style, find a different bag!

You Can Have It All - A Great Golf Bag & Cold Drinks!

You don’t need to sacrifice your cold drink because you decided to walk the back 9.

Get a lightweight golf bag with an insulated pocket/cooler and enjoy your day. Celebrate that birdie (or double bogey) with a cold one! Good luck and play well.

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