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15 Best Golf Travel Bags You Need For 2024

We all love a good golf trip. Hop on a plane with a group of friends and fly to a golf destination for new courses and new 19th holes. Always a good time. There’s one issue, though. We invest in our golf clubs. We want our golf equipment to be safe and air travel can feel risky for your prized possessions.

The solution is simple. You need a golf travel bag you can trust. Remove the stress of traveling with your clubs and be confident your golf bag and sticks will arrive in one piece. Not all golf travel cases are the same. We can help you find the right one.

We’ve assessed the golf travel bag marketplace and identified our 15 favorite products. Don’t let a baggage handler ruin your next golf trip. Keep your clubs safe and all you’ll have to worry about is bad drives and 3 putts.

What To Look For In A Golf Travel Bag

Let’s get started by reviewing the features you need to consider when picking your golf travel case.

Type of Case (Hard vs. Soft)

Your first decision is a big one. Do you want a hard or soft golf travel bag? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

A hard case is, well, hard. The outer shell provides maximum protection for your clubs. They’re extremely durable and can even be locked. On the downside, they’re heavier, cost more, and take up more space in your vehicle.

A soft case golf travel bag provides protection, but not as much as a hard case. They’re more lightweight, take up less space, and cost less. This decision will ultimately come down to protection vs. price/weight.


The idea of a golf travel bag is that it handles the beating so your clubs don’t have to - with this in mind, you need it to be durable. Pay attention to the materials used to construct your golf travel case and check our customer reviews. A high-quality golf travel bag should be a piece of luggage you can use for years, if not decades.

Weight & Wheels

Never forget about the “two Ws.” Your flight is only part of your golf trip. You have to get your clubs from your home to baggage claim and after you land, you have to drag them through the airport and to your room.

Lightweight helps, but if your golf travel case has a great set of wheels, you can handle more weight. Be careful to avoid a heavier bag with poorly designed wheels. You don’t need that headache (or backache) while traveling.


If you’re a frequent flier, you know some crazy stuff can happen to your luggage during your flight. The airlines don’t do it on purpose, but your golf travel bag can get damaged. The right warranty can save you money if something unexpected happens. Check the fine print. How long is the warranty on your golf travel bag and what does it cover?


Checking bags on your flight can get expensive and we’re pretty sure your golf clubs won’t be considered a “carry on.” One way to save is to pack other items in your golf travel case. Does your golf travel bag offer additional storage for clothes, golf shoes, and other items you need on your trip?


We all have a golf budget. In a perfect world, we get the best product for the lowest price. If you save on your golf travel bag, you’ll have more spending money on your trip. Price is always an important component when you are making a decision. Our recommendation - find your favorite golf travel cases and let the price be the tiebreaker.

15 Top-Rated Golf Travel Bags

Now that we know what to look for, let’s take a look at our options. 

1. The Mule Golf Travel Bag by Sunday Golf

The Mule is a sleek and slender golf travel bag designed to make your next golf trip simpler. There is no reason to drag that large/awkward travel bag around the airport if you have the Mule. It has 4mm ultra-thick foam protection to keep your golf gear safe. It has a concealed valuables pocket and a shoulder strap making it perfect for a weekend getaway. Bringing your golf shoes? There is a pocket for them as well.

The Mule Golf Travel Bag by Sunday Golf

Simplify your travel experience. The Mule is lightweight and will only cost you $159.99!

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2. Linksouldier Travel Bag - Pro

The Linksouldier Travel Bag Pro is a Club Glove collapsable option (soft case). It’s made with water-resistant nylon and includes an over-the-top zipper for easy loading. You’ll have enough storage for your golf gear and other course essentials. 

There are wheels for easy transportation and the bag weighs 10.6 pounds. The cost is $360.

Linksouldier Golf Travel Bag - Pro

3. Caravan 3.0 Golf Travel Bag

This golf travel bag is made of strong 600 denier polyester blend material. It’s constructed with two exterior pockets, a Security strap, and a protective PVC bottom. The padded top provides extra protection and this golf travel bag weighs 11 pounds.

The wheels make it easy to pull and it does come with a 2-year limited warranty. The Caravan 3.0 is economically priced at $150.

Caravan 3.0 Golf Travel Bag

4. SKB ATA Golf Travel Case

SKB offers a simple, but effective hard case golf travel bag. No frills - this piece of luggage was crafted with one thing in mind: to keep your clubs safe. This product is designed to fit stand golf bags and a pair of shoes. It comes standard with TSA-accessible locking latches and wheels for easy transport.

It will cost you $270.99.

SKB ATA Golf Travel Case

5. Caddy Daddy Constrictor Heavy Duty Case

The third Caddy Daddy golf travel bag to make our list is an economical option. The Constrictor is made with ultra-durable 1800D all-weather fabric and weighs 9 pounds. It has heavy padding on the top to protect your clubs and has multiple storage pockets. 

The Constrictor has inline skate wheels to help you pull it through the terminal and comes with a 1-year full replacement warranty. There are four different color combinations for $110.

Caddy Daddy Constrictor Heavy Duty Case


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6. Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian

Sun Mountain offers a unique golf travel bag with the Clubglider Meridian. It’s made from dense foam padding through the top of the bag, which protects your clubs. It weighs just over 11 pounds and offers storage for your golf gear.

What separates the Clubglider is the unique wheel and leg mechanism. Retractable legs make pulling and maneuvering it around the airport a breeze. This golf travel bag won the Golf Digest Editors’ Choice for Travel Bags for 2016-2019. For $320 you can pick from 8 different color combinations.

Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian

7. Caddy Daddy Enforcer Hard Cover Travel Bag

The 2nd Caddy Daddy golf travel bag to make our list is the Enforcer. It’s a blend of hard/soft - the bottom has a soft case, but the top is made from crush-resistant ABS to provide extra protection to your clubheads. There are two oversized pockets to store everything you’ll need on the golf course.

This golf travel case weighs 9 pounds, has inline skate wheels, and comes with 1-year bag replacement protection if damaged by the airline. The cost is $170.

Caddy Daddy Enforcer Hard Cover Travel Bag

8. Samsonite Hard Side Golf Travel Bag

This golf travel bag by Samsonite is the first true hard case option to appear on our list. Constructed with a solid ABS shell and a padded interior to handle the wear and tear of travel. Four multi-directional spinner wheels and two in-line skate wheels allow the case to be pushed or pulled.

This golf travel bag weighs 20 pounds and comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. You do have room to store your golf shoes and you can buy this product for $270.

Samsonite Hard Side Golf Travel Bag

9. Ping Rolling Travel Cover

PING is a well-known golf brand and they offer a high-quality golf travel bag that’ll give you peace of mind during your flight. Made with rugged 900D heathered gray polyester and designed to be easily rolled when tilted or upright. 

More storage than most - you can bring your golf shoes, rain gear, wind protection, and various other items. PING likes to say it’s a “fortress your clubs deserve.” It can be yours for $300.

Ping Rolling Travel Cover

10. Thinksea Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag

The soft case golf travel bag by Thinksea is another product we would place in the “budget” category (compares with #10 on our list). Lower cost means fewer features, but it’s still an option if you don’t plan to travel too often. 

Made of premium 900D heavy-duty polyester, this golf travel case is lightweight and comes with enough storage to get all of your golf gear to your destination. It’s constructed with “easy roll” wheels and a handle to make pulling the bag easy. You can buy this bag for less than $75.

Thinksea Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag

11. Himal Golf Travel Bag

The Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag is a low-cost option. It doesn’t provide as much protection as other products on our list, but it does come with several nice features.

This golf travel case is made from premium 600D heavy-duty polyester and has wheels to help you roll it through the terminal or resort hallway. There’s additional storage available for golf shoes, rain gear, or other items. You can have a Himal golf travel bag for less than $75.

Himal Golf Travel Bag

12. Tour Trek TC Pro Travel Cover

The TC Pro by Tour Trek is a soft case golf travel bag. The 360-degree padding is designed to keep your clubs safe on a bumpy flight. It has dual inline skate wheels and includes several pockets for you to pack your golf essentials. 

This golf travel case is made with Polyester and weighs nine pounds. There are several padded handles to help you lift the bag.  For $185 you can select Black, Gray Camo, or Navy, Red, White. 

Tour Trek TC Pro Travel Cover

13. Titleist Players Travel Cover

If you’re looking for a simple, yet sophisticated golf travel bag from one of the leading golf brands take a look at the Players Travel Cover by Titleist. It’s a soft case and includes two internal zipper pockets for golf shoes or other gear.

The Players Travel Cover has premium skate wheels and has an accessible external valuables pocket. It’s black, with white lettering and a rubber patch logo. The cost is $215.

Titleist Players Golf Bag Travel Cover

14. Caddy Daddy Phoenix Golf Travel Bag Cover

The Phoenix by Caddy Daddy is a well-padded soft case golf travel bag with an internal EVA mold for added protection. It’s made with all-weather fabric and has three oversize “shoe pockets” to help you store your gear. The Phoenix weighs 12 pounds and comes with a 1-year full replacement warranty.

It’s been constructed with in-line skate wheels and a self-standing wheelbase that can come in handy in the terminal. This golf travel case can be yours for $159.99.

Caddy Daddy Phoenix Golf Travel Bag Cover


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15. Club Glove - Last Bag Large Pro

The Last Bag Large Pro by Club Glove is a soft case golf travel bag. It comes with a “stiff arm” that helps keep its shape when in use, but once you remove it, the bag can be stored in a small space. This golf travel case is made with Denier Nylon which is water-resistant up to 3x stronger and lasts up to 5x longer than standard polyester.

Plenty of storage for additional golf gear and shoes. It weighs just under 11 pounds and has a patented high-impact plastic wheelbase with integrated support for smooth transportation. This golf travel bag comes with a limited lifetime warranty for defects and you can purchase (additional fee of $79) a 5-year “no questions asked” warranty. You can select from 23 different color combinations for $369.

Club Glove - Last Bag Golf Travel Bag

Golf Travel Bags: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a travel bag for golf clubs?

Yes. If you plan to fly with your clubs, we recommend you invest in a golf travel bag. You don’t want to be sitting on your flight worried about the safety of your golf clubs.

How much does it cost to bring your golf clubs on a plane?

Your golf bag counts the same as other luggage you check with the airline. Prices do vary, but typical fees range between $25 - $50. There can be additional charges if your bag is overweight.

Can you take golf balls on a plane?

Yes. You can bring golf balls in your “carry on” or leave them in your golf travel bag that you check with the airline. 

Do airlines insure golf clubs?

Yes, similar to other luggage, you can purchase baggage insurance that covers sports equipment. If the airline loses your clubs they’ll replace them, but you’ll be forced to deal with a challenging process and paperwork. Damage by the airline can be hard to prove.

It’s Time To Start Planning Your Golf Trip!

Play golf in a new part of the country or world. Bring along a group of buddies. Try out new courses. Who doesn’t love a good golf trip?

Make some tee times, book your room reservation, and buy a golf travel bag. Relax and enjoy your flight. Your clubs will safely make it to your destination and your only concern will be trying to make that 5-foot putt on the last hole to win a few bucks off your friends.

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