35 Golf Groomsmen Gift Ideas For 2024 (Updated)

Do you get to pick the location of your wedding?

Are you involved in selecting the catering and the flowers? Did you provide input on the band or the guest list?

Not so sure about those decisions, but you are 100% in charge of your groomsmen gifts, so they need to be epic!

You want to find the perfect groomsmen gift - something that your friends will use for years.

We are here to help you make the right choice. We’ve come up with 35 golf groomsmen gifts that everyone in your wedding party will enjoy.

Regardless if they’re avid golfers or just go hack it around every once in a while, they’ll always think of you when playing the game they love.

The gift of golf is consistently the best gift.

35 Golf Groomsmen Gift Ideas

1. Lightweight Golf Bag ($129.99)

 Loma Bag in Heather Gray

The golf groomsmen gift they’ll use for years - the LOMA series by Sunday Golf is perfect.

Designed to be used on a Par 3 course, the driving range, or for a casual afternoon round, your wedding party will love it! 

Does under 2 pounds sound light enough for you? Anyone can walk the course with a LOMA bag.

This golf groomsmen gift provides enough storage for all of your golf essentials and even has a “frosty” pocket to keep your favorite beverage cold.

Loma bag drink pocket

Shop The Loma Bag

2. Golf Flask ($35)

tartan wrapped flask

Source: Seamus Golf


A classic groomsmen gift - the flask. Why not go with one from the Seamus Golf collection?

A 6 ounce tartan wrapped flask is perfect for a birdie celebration or toasting on the 18th green. You can also add a personalization via a leather tag on the flask. 

3. Golf Bottle Opener ($19.95)

golf ball bottle opener

Source: The Man Registry


Another great way to approach your decision is to give a gift bag of various golf groomsmen gifts.

If you like this idea, make sure you include a way to open a cold beverage on the course. 

The BeerWedge easily clips to your golf bag and can be personalized as a groomsmen gift.

This unique product uses a real golf ball to build a bottle opener.

4. Medium Size Golf Bag ($169.99)

Give your groomsmen a gift they don’t have.

The LOMA XL golf bag by Sunday Golf. It has been designed for the casual golfer that enjoys the game but doesn’t take it too seriously. 

Loma XL golf bag groomsmen gift

It only weighs 3.4 pounds and can comfortably hold 8 clubs. It comes with a double strap and a duraflex stand system.

For a small additional fee, you can customize the bag. Every time your friends hit the links they will remember standing with you on your big day!

Shop The Loma XL

5. Golf Valuables Pouch ($34.99)

A golf valuables pouch is the perfect example of solving a problem your groomsmen don’t know they have.

When they play golf where do they store their keys, phone, and wallet? They probably just throw them in a random pocket.

Show them a better way.

The Nickel Bag by Sunday Golf is the perfect way to organize and keep your valuables safe while you enjoy the course.

Simply hang it on your golf bag and get the peace of mind that your phone won’t be scratched and you won’t lose your keys. Help them get organized with the Dime Bag.

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6. Golf Decor ($54)

golf decor on a shelf

Source: Birch Lane


Are your friends fans of golf history? Maybe they have a collection of golf books that include Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book and Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella? 

They could use these golf-themed bookends to properly display their favorite titles. Or, you could help them start a collection by providing your favorite book and this golf groomsmen gift!

7. Golf Clock ($59.95)

golf clock

Source: Vintage Golf Gifts


How about the perfect golf groomsmen gift to help them decorate their “man cave”? This golf club clock is made from vintage recycled irons and is a true conversation piece. Each clock is unique, but approximately 9 inches in diameter. Are you worried your golfing groomsmen already have everything? We promise they don’t have this clock on the wall.

8. Golf Decanter ($150)

golf decanter set

Source: PresitgeHaus


Wow! Check out this beautiful Decanter set - sure to impress your wedding party. Want to personalize? Add custom engraving. Tell your groomsmen you appreciate them being there with you on your big day.

9. Putter Gift Set ($39.95)

personalized wood putter gift set

Source: The Man Registry 


This putter set isn’t something they would use on the course, but is fun to take to the office or use in the house. Great if you want to give a golf groomsmen gift that will allow them to practice their short game anywhere, anytime. You can personalize for each person in your wedding party.

10. Golf Towel ($34.99)

El Clasico Sunday Golf towel

High-tech and innovative, your golfing groomsmen don’t have a towel like these.

We all have that one friend who thinks they’re Don Johnson, right? He would be blown away by the Miami Vice version.

Pick a different style for each groomsman - they’ll love them.

Miami Vice Sunday Golf towel

Shop Golf Towels

11. Golf Bar Tray ($70)

19th hole golf bar tray

Source: PrestigeHaus


Do your groomsmen enjoy hosting parties and get-togethers? Help them do this in style, with the golf bar tray from PrestigeHaus. Made from Acacia wood, it can handle a little moisture and it is beautifully engraved.

12. “Walker’s” Golf Bag ($189.99)

What is the best way to recover from the eating and the drinking during your wedding? Walk it off! The El Camino golf bag by Sunday Golf is perfect for the player that likes to stroll the fairways. 

grey el camino golf bag groomsmen gift

A double strap and weight of 3.9 pounds mean that anyone can carry this bag. Plenty of storage for your golf gear and 10 clubs.

Keep your drink cold with the “frosty” pocket and your valuables safe with the velour-lined compartment.

Shop The El Camino

13. Golf Shoe Bag ($155)

hawaiian golf shoe bag

Source: Seamus Golf


When you are considering golf groomsmen gifts, think about stuff all golfers need, but most don’t have…..a golf shoe bag is a great option. We love this one (The Hiwahiwa Aqua) from Seamus Golf - great functionality and great style. 

14. Custom Golf Balls ($40)

Titleist custom golf balls

Source: Titleist


Custom golf balls as a groomsmen gift is the perfect way to commemorate your big day. If you are going to give golf balls, you might as well give the #1 ball on the PGA tour. Titleist allows you customize the balls in several different ways.

Add a personal message, pick a custom number, or choose from their library of logos. Do you want to take it step further? They allow you to upload a logo or image as well.

15. Personalized Golf Glove ($25.99)

Callaway personalized golf glove

Source: Callaway


What a cool golf groomsmen gift - the same Callaway glove used by professionals on tour, but personalized for your wedding day. Design your own logo for your wedding party and get it added to the golf gloves. Goes perfectly with a dozen custom golf balls (#11 above).

16. Golf Divot Tool ($9.95)

Vice golf divot tool

Source: Vice Golf


Do the guys in your wedding party love to hit the links? What about giving them several golf groomsmen gifts? If you decide to go in this direction, you have to include a golf divot tool. We love the Vice Gator by VICE golf. Choose from several colors - this divot tool is a work of art and even comes with a case to help them avoid misplacing it in their golf bag.

17. Golf Hat ($34.99)

Sunday Golf Sundaze Crushable golf hat

The Sundaze Crushable golf hat is a great gift for your groomsmen - sophisticated yet a casual black and white design.

It’s unstructured so you can throw it in your bag, and wear it anywhere on or off the golf course. 

Shop Golf Hats


18. Bamboo Golf Tees ($14.99)

Sunday Golf bamboo tees

Are you looking for the perfect sweetener to your golf groomsmen gift?

A little something extra to give to the fellas? If so, look no further than these bamboo golf tees.

They’re 100% eco-friendly and are much more stylish than your grandfather’s boring, old, white golf tees. 100 tees per pack, so you buddies will remember your wedding for several years while on the course.

Shop Golf Tees

19. Money Clip ($35)

 golf classic money clip

Source: Brighton


A money clip is a classic groomsman gift. You can always personalize with engraving or select this golf-themed money clip. Wallets are a thing of the past - instead, give your wedding party a more efficient way to carry their cards and cash (does anyone use cash anymore?).

20. Golf Pens in a Golf Bag Holder ($30.95)

golf pens in a golf bag holder

Source: Home Wet Bar


Looking for a whimsical gift your wedding party can place on the desk as a reminder of your wedding? This set of pens in a golf bag is the perfect little golf groomsmen gift to add to your “swag bag”. 

Shop The Loma Bag

21. Golf Wallet & Scorecard Holder ($95)


Source: Seamus Golf 


A great way to manage both your score and your financials - this product has storage for your credit cards and your scorecard. You can choose from a few different colors. The perfect golf groomsmen gift if your wedding party likes to hit the links and visit the 19th hole.

22. Golf Tool ($10)

golf tool

Source: Pitchfix


Do you think all golf tools are the same? You need to take a look at the PitchFix Fusion 2.5. It is a “switchblade” style divot tool with several cool innovations.The style of the tool is different from others on the market and it includes an integrated pencil sharpener. Looking for something different, for a bargain price? 

23. Golf Pub Sign ($69.95)

golf pub sign

Source: Home Wet Bar


We have a suspicion that your groomsmen might enjoy the 19th hole more than the first 18. If this is true, go with a golf groomsmen gift that will support their true passion. You can customize this Pub Sign to commemorate your wedding day.

24. Golf Bag Rain Hood ($29.99) 

golf bag rain hood

Many people say rain on your wedding day is good luck.

We aren't sure about that, but we do know that no one likes to be surprised by a shower on the golf course. Keep your groomsmen's clubs nice and dry with the PONCHO by Sunday Golf. 

Designed to perfectly fit on the LOMA bag, the PONCHO is water repellent and has full-length water-resistant zippers. Adjustable snap buttons guarantee a tight and secure fit.
Shop Golf Accessories

25. Custom Scorecard Holder ($60)

custom golf scorecard holders

Source: Sunfish


Do you enjoy watching the professionals play on the weekend? If so, you may have noticed that almost all of them have a leather scorecard holder in their back pocket. Bryson DeChambeau famously has his initials (BAD) on his. A unique and personal gift that will make the golfers in your wedding party look like pros, even if they can’t play like them.

26. Golf Bag Cooler ($34.99)

Your groomsmen love to play golf, but you want to find something unique for them.

Do they enjoy a cold beverage while playing?

If the answer is “Yes”, you need to take a look at the Big Frosty Golf Bag Cooler by Sunday Golf.

This golf bag cooler is designed to discreetly fit inside your golf bag and it keeps up to 7 cans of your favorite beverage cold for hours.

Every time they reach into their bag and crack open a cold one, they will remember being part of your wedding party.

Shop Golf Accessories

27. Golf Mug ($34.95)

white golf mug

Source: Swig Life


Regardless if you enjoy coffee, ice water, or some other type of beverage on the course, this insulated golf mug will keep your drink hot (or cold). With over 40 different colors and styles to choose from, you can find the perfect one for each of your groomsmen.

28. Golf Lowball Glass ($28.99)

golf lowball glass

Source: A Gift Personalized


Your wedding weekend with your groomsmen will be a special time - give them a gift that will remind them of it every time they enjoy their favorite beverage. You can personalize this golf lowball glass with the date of your special day or maybe an inside joke amongst you and your friends.

29. Golf Cooler Set ($59.99)

golf cooler set

Source: Groovy Groomsmen Gifts


This set is a great golf groomsmen gift. It includes a cooler that can hold up to 18 cans, a microfiber towel, and divot tool. Everything a golfer needs to enjoy a round on the links. Did we mention you can personalize as well?

30. Golf Head Cover ($98)

golf head covers

Source: Stitch Golf


Are you looking for a golf groomsmen gift that your buddies might not buy for themselves, but would love to have? A premium product? If so, give these leather head covers from Stitch Golf consideration. We like the Camo version, but they have several styles to choose from…an impressive gift for sure.

31. Personalized Golf Keychain ($19.95)

personalized golf keychain


Source: Etsy


As the groom you will have to decide - do you want to provide one larger gift or go with the “swag bag” concept? If you decide to give your groomsmen a number of smaller gifts, make sure you include this personalized keychain!

32. Whiskey Golf Ball Chiller ($19.99)

whiskey golf ball chillers
Source: Sipdark


One way to ruin a nice whiskey is to serve it at the wrong temperature. These golf ball chillers can solve that problem for your wedding party. The perfect way to relax after a day on the course.

33. Golf Tee Socks ($10)

golf tee socks

Source: Joy Of Socks


Are you planning to play golf during your wedding weekend with your groomsmen? If so, you need to make sure your group stands out from the crowd. Why not buy everyone a pair of these golf tee socks and force them to wear them. Should be worth a laugh or two - maybe it becomes a tradition every time you play.

34. Stainless Steel Bottle ($35.95)

stainless steel hydroflask

Source: Hydroflask


A thoughtful golf groomsmen gift for the golfer that enjoys walking the course. This stainless steel bottle will keep their drink cold and ensure they stay hydrated. Very lightweight and easy to carry.

35. Golf Gift Cards ($50+)

Golfnow gift card

Source: GolfNow


Do you want to include something that says “thank you for being there on my special day”? 

Give them a gift card that will allow your groomsmen to play golf regardless of where they live.

A GolfNow gift card can be used across the country. The perfect golf groomsmen gift.

The Perfect Golf Groomsmen Gift 

Did you give a gift to your buddies that they still use and talk about years later? What do you think of our list? What would you add to it?

The perfect golf groomsmen gift should do two things.

First, be something they can actually use on the course or when they are watching the PGA tour on TV.

Second, remind them of your wedding weekend and remind them that you picked them to be part of this special life event!

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