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The Top Golf Bag Rain Covers Of 2024

Golf may be simple, but it requires a bunch of gear to play it well.

Don’t overlook the importance of a high-quality golf bag rain cover.

You won’t realize how critical a golf bag rain cover is until you’re caught in a surprise shower on the back 9. 

What’s A Golf Bag Rain Cover?

A golf bag rain cover is an inexpensive piece of golf gear that’ll protect your clubs when you get stuck in the rain.

They attach to the top of your golf bag and provide a shield from moisture. Also known as golf rain hoods, they’re typically designed with a zipper to allow you quick access to your clubs without having to completely remove them.

Golf bag rain covers can be a bit tricky, so you want to make sure you pick one that’s easy to use.

You’re already playing in the rain, you don’t want your rain hood to make your round even more challenging. 

What To Look For In A Golf Bag Rain Cover (Buyer’s Guide)

Design & Styles

Is the golf bag rain cover functional and fashionable?

Does it keep your entire bag dry or just your clubs?

You should be comfortable with the answers to these questions before making your purchase.

Consider how the golf bag rain cover attaches to your bag.

You want it to be secure and stay attached. Quite often, rain comes with some wind and your rain hood isn’t helping if it’s flying off your bag. 

There are two designs you’ll see on the market.

Decide between a product that covers the tops of your bag and your clubs or one that goes over your entire bag (can’t be used if you’re walking and carrying your bag).



You’re looking for lightweight and durable.

Your golf bag rain cover needs to be able to handle the elements and the quality of the material used to produce it is critical.

Most golf rain hoods are made with a version of Nylon but pay attention to other features.

Do they offer any padding?

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

This is a “fine print” situation.

Waterproof and water-resistant aren’t synonymous.

Waterproof products offer more moisture protection, but do you need to pay the extra money for them?

Unless you plan to play in a monsoon, you’ll probably be fine with a water-resistant golf bag rain hood.

Just pay attention to what you’re buying.

Storage & Accessibility

Storage of your golf rain hood should be considered.

Most of your rounds or practice sessions won’t require a golf bag rain cover, so you want to make sure it’s easy to store in your bag.

It should easily fit in your bag and not add too much weight.

Once attached to your golf bag, accessibility to your clubs (and other golf essentials) is critical.

No one wants to stand in the rain fighting with their golf rain hood trying to pull out their driver.

When researching your purchase, pay attention to how you’ll get access to your clubs once you attach your golf bag rain cover. 


We all have a golf budget, so the price is important.

If you can save money on your golf rain hood, you can use it to buy a new golf bag or pay for greens fees. We recommend a high-quality, yet inexpensive product.

A golf bag rain cover is like insurance - you hope you don’t need to use it, but it sure does come in handy on a rainy day. 

Top Golf Bag Rain Covers (Reviewed)

1. Magnum Rain Hood By Sunday Golf

The first golf bag rain cover to make our list is the Magnum Golf Bag Rain Hood by Sunday Golf.

Made with water-repellent nylon and water-resistant zippers, this product will keep your clubs dry on the course or on the driving range. Adjustable snaps ensure a tight fit every time.

Five-millimeter foam padding makes this a great option when traveling with your clubs. Designed to perfectly fit your Loma bag, the Magnum can be yours for $29.99.

Poncho golf bag Rain Hood By Sunday Golf

Pros: High-quality materials, secure snaps, easily stores in the side pocket of your bag, and 5mm foam padding is a unique feature in this type of product.

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Cons: Designed to fit the Loma bag or Loma XL - this may not work well if you have a different golf bag.

If you love your Loma or Loma XL, you absolutely need the Poncho!

Sunday Golf Loma Bag with Poncho Rain hood

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2. Rain Wedge Golf Bag Cover

The Rain Wedge has a unique design - once attached to your bag, it has a “flip” mechanism instead of zippers.

You can use one hand to quickly flip it open and use your other hand to grab the club of your choice.

This lightweight golf bag rain cover only weighs 8.5 ounces and can easily fit in your golf bag between showers.

Rain Wedge Golf Bag Cover

The Rain Wedge is reasonably priced at $19.95.

Pros: It’s easy access to your clubs, lightweight, great price, and simple to attach to your golf bag.

Cons: This is not as good in the wind as other golf rain hoods on our list.

3. Sun Mountain Golf Rain Cover

The Sun Mountain golf rain cover is the first product to make our list that covers your entire bag, not just the top/clubs.

This water-resistant nylon cover has an “E-Z” flip hood to help you access your clubs quickly.

There’s also a velcro closure to help you get to your golf essentials (balls, tees, gloves, etc.). 

Sun Mountain Golf Rain Cover

This golf club rain cover works well when you’re riding or using a pushcart.

It’ll take you more time to put it on your bag than the “rain hood” designed products. The price is $49.99.

Pros: The entire golf bag is protected, there’s easy to access clubs and golf essentials, and it works great on a cart.

Cons: This cannot be used to walk & carry your clubs and will take a few minutes to put it on your bag.

4. Rain Tek Waterproof Golf Bag Cover

The Rain Tek waterproof golf bag cover is another example of a full bag solution.

Their target audience is golfers that enjoy walking with a 3-tire pushcart. The hood portion is made from structured foam the body with nylon. 

Rain Tek Waterproof Golf Bag Cover

Multiple zippers give you access to both the side and front pockets of your golf bag and a rainproof pocket will keep your scorecard dry. The Rain Tek golf bag cover will cost you $34.99

Pros: This includes full bag protection, multiple zippers grant easy access to your golf bag storage areas, and a scorecard pocket is useful.

Cons: Niche product designed for pushcart golfers only and challenging to put on your bag once the rain starts.

5. Amy Sport Golf Bag Rain Cover

The last golf bag rain cover to make our list is by Amy Sport.

This full-bag cover is made from durable, lightweight, flexible, waterproof Rip-Stop Nylon. It can be rolled up to the size of a sleeve of golf balls for easy storage in your golf bag. You can attach it to your bag and pushcart with a combination of elastic, snaps, and velcro.

Amy Sport Golf Bag Rain Cover

This product will fit most golf bags and can be adjusted for use when walking and carrying your bag. An economical option at only $25.99.

Pros: This is a flexible product that’ll work on most bags, is easy to store in your golf bag, and is reasonably priced. 

Cons: The aesthetics are not great and the attachment process is complicated.

Golf Bag Rain Covers: Frequently Asked Questions

Can rain ruin golf clubs?

Yes, rain can damage your golf clubs. If you don’t properly dry following your round your clubs can rust (shafts and heads). Your golf grips can also be ruined if not treated properly after getting wet.

Can you golf after heavy rain?

Yes, as long as the golf course stays open. You’ll have to deal with less roll and potentially your ball plugging when it lands. Most golf courses will restrict golf carts to the path after heavy rain.

Does the PGA Tour play in rain?

Yes, professional tournaments will be played in the rain unless the course becomes unplayable. You’ll see the PGA Tour postpone play due to lightning in the area or if the greens have standing water. 

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Other Gear You May Need For Golfing In The Rain

A golf bag rain cover will help you deal with the rain, but there are some other items you might want to consider.

Golf Umbrella

A high-quality golf umbrella is a “must-have” in the rain. They’re designed to be lightweight and handle wind, they can help keep you and your clubs/bag dry. You don’t need to carry it during every round of golf. Bring it to the course when there is rain in the forecast.

Golf Towels

During a rain shower your golf balls, club faces, grips, and hands will be impacted by the moisture. We recommend you bring several golf towels if you suspect it might rain. 

Pro Tip: hang a towel on the inside of your golf umbrella to keep it dry and give you easy access to clean your clubs and golf ball.

Rain Gloves

A relatively new product in the golf world, rain gloves work amazingly well. They’re designed to get tackier the wetter they get. You’ll always have a solid grip on your clubs. You do have to wear them on both hands, which may feel awkward if you use an interlock golf grip

Rain Suit

A waterproof rain suit can be a lifesaver if you have to play on a wet day. Get both a jacket and pants to keep yourself comfortable in the elements. They’re designed to go over your normal golf attire. When your round is over, take off your rain suit and the clothes underneath are perfectly dry and ready for the 19th hole. 

Golf Bag Rain Cover: Don’t Leave Home Without It

No one enjoys playing golf in the rain, but sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Are you going to skip your chance to play your favorite course because of the possibility of an afternoon shower? 

We hope all of your days are filled with sunshine but be prepared if those clouds on the horizon end up bringing some rain.

We'd keep playing. We don't think the heavy stuff is going to come down for quite a while. 

Attach your golf bag rain cover and finish your round.

Good luck and play well!

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