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12 Best Golf Umbrellas That Will Wow You (2024 Guide)

Is it possible to have too much golf gear?

When you head out for your weekend golf round you never know what you might encounter. It’s always better to be prepared for the elements.

A windbreaker is a good idea in case the temperature drops on the back nine.

Unless your weatherman is always correct, you may want some rain pants and a rain jacket.

You definitely need a golf towel to keep your clubs clean. We recommend all of these items, but a golf umbrella is a must for anyone who loves to play the game.

Makes sense, but how do you select the best golf umbrella?

What’s the best way to find the golf umbrella that works for you and how you enjoy playing the sport?

We can help.

We’ve spent time finding the 12 best golf umbrellas on the market and can help you decide which one fits your game and style.

What Is A Golf Umbrella?

Could you use a standard umbrella on the course?

You could, but you’d be missing out on several key features that make a golf umbrella work better for golfers.

First, a golf umbrella is lighter.

They’re designed to better fit in your golf bag and be easier to carry if you choose to walk the course.

Second, they’re larger.

Golf is hard enough without your grips slipping during your swing. The larger the umbrella, the easier it is for you to keep yourself and your equipment dry.

Finally, many golf umbrellas have UV protection that can help you avoid getting burned.

Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of using a golf umbrella when you play:


  • Larger size means more protection from the elements
  • UV protection means you can use for shade on a hot and sunny afternoon
  • More stylish - designed for the golf course


  • The larger size can be tricky on a windy day - hard to manage
  • Golf umbrellas are designed to be as light as possible, but still add weight to your carry bag - you may want to bring it along based on the weather forecast

How To Choose The Best Golf Umbrella For You

Just like any golf bag accessory, there are numerous things to consider when you shop for a golf umbrella.

Here are the five factors we recommend you think about before buying.

1. Choose The Right Size

As we mentioned above, golf umbrellas are larger than normal umbrellas, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same size.

Size matters in the wind and if you’re walking or riding in a cart. If you typically ride and rarely play in the wind, go with the largest golf umbrella you can find.

2. Choose The Right Color

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good.

Select a golf umbrella that matches your personal style and/or your golf bag.

If you have a red golf bag, a hot pink umbrella might not look great attached to the side. When in doubt, go with a black or a black/white golf umbrella.

3. Wind/Weather Resistant

The worst thing that can happen during a rain shower is that one wind gust flips your golf umbrella upside down or blows it away.

Now you’re running after it, getting wet, and your clubs/bag are getting soaked.

Pay attention to features that allow the golf umbrella to handle wind and weather.

4. Materials Used

How was the golf umbrella constructed?

High-quality and durable materials are critical. Fiberglass shaft or aluminum shaft? Rust resistant?

A golf umbrella that isn’t durable will quickly break and be more trouble than it’s worth during bad weather.

5. Special Features

Pay attention to special features that may be unique to the golf umbrella you are considering.

If you plan to use it for sun protection, check for UV lining. Is it vented for the wind?

Does it have a reinforced skeleton and if so, made with what material?

These special features are key if you want the best golf umbrella.

12 Best Golf Umbrellas

Without further adieu, let’s review the 12 best golf umbrellas.

1. G4Free Ultimate Golf Umbrella

The G4Free Ultimate golf umbrella is available in 3 different sizes (54”, 62”, 68”). Made from water resistant silk and provides 50+ UPF protection. Double canopy design helps stabilize in the wind. 

  • We love options - you can select from the 3 different sizes and 22 different color combinations
  • Protection from both the rain and the sun
  • Made from silk and fiberglass - definitely a lightweight option
  • Not a major golf brand - your may not be familiar with G4Free
  • May not handle heavy wind as well as others on our list
Price: $30 

G4Free Ultimate Golf UmbrellaSource: Amazon


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2. Titleist Tour Double Canopy

The Titleist Tour Double Canopy is designed to handle any conditions you encounter on the course.

68” of coverage and PGA-tour inspired double canopy system. It’s built with a premium anti-inversion system and UV protection in case you need shade.

  • Use what the professionals use - you’ll see this umbrella being used if you enjoy watching golf on TV
  • High-quality materials and designed to help you play your best golf in the rain
  • Looks great - classic black and white with some red trim - will turn heads at your club
  • This is a premium golf umbrella, which means the cost is higher than some on our list
  • Only one color option
Price: $90

Titleist Tour Double CanopySource: Titleist


3. Zomake Golf Umbrella

The Zomake golf umbrella is a double canopy designed product that’s available in 3 different sizes (58”, 62”, 68”). This protects you from rain, wind, sun, hail, or whatever else mother nature has in mind. The top is made with a water resistant fabric and the “skeleton” is fiberglass.

  • It’s hard to beat the price - one of the lowest cost golf umbrellas on our list
  • You get to make several choices - pick from 3 sizes and 15 different colors
  • Not a well-known golf brand, if that’s important to you
  • May not handle extreme conditions, but will keep you dry during a shower
Price: $25

Zomake Golf UmbrellaSource: Amazon


4. Footjoy DryJoys Double Canopy Umbrella

In the world of golf, Footjoy is famous for their shoes and golf attire, but they also offer a golf umbrella you should consider. It’s lightweight and 100% waterproof. A very classy black and white color scheme makes it look like you know what you’re doing (even if you don’t).

  • Footjoy is a golf brand you can trust - they consistently provide high-quality products
  • An elegant product that’ll help you if you encounter an unexpected shower
  • Only one color choice - black and white
  • This golf umbrella is focused on rain protection, not sun protection
Price: $65

Footjoy DryJoys Double Canopy Golf UmbrellaSource: Footjoy


5. ACEIken Golf Umbrella

The ACEIken golf umbrella is another double canopy option that is available in 3 different sizes (58”, 62”. 68”). The top of this umbrella is shallower than other options on our list. The canopy is made with ultra water resistant 210T pongee micro-weave fabric that also provides SPF 50+ protection.

  • Very lightweight and simple design
  • Economical - low price option for a golf umbrella
  • Provides protection from both rain and sun
  • Not a well-known golf brand or a golf umbrella you’ll see on TV on the PGA tour
  • May not handle extreme weather conditions as well as others
Price: $25

ACEIken Golf UmbrellaSource: Amazon


6. Shedrain Windjammer Golf Umbrella

The Shedrain Windjammer is a low-cost golf umbrella that provides protection from the elements. It’s 62” in size and is made with a fiberglass skeleton. The vented, double canopy design will keep it stable in the wind.

  • Great price - this will leave you some funds for greens fees or other equipment
  • 5 color combinations to choose from, which means you can pick that one that matches your bag
  • Slightly less coverage (62”) than other options on our list (68”)
  • Significant wind will cause problems
Price: $25

Shedrain Windjammer Vented Golf UmbrellaSource: Shedrain



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7. TaylorMade Double Canopy Umbrella

The preferred umbrella of TaylorMade PGA & LPGA Tour players, the Double Canopy Umbrella will help you handle diverse weather conditions. This golf umbrella has an ergonomic sport-grip and a rubber-coated handle. 

  • TaylorMade golf gear is trusted by professionals on tours around the world
  • Built to handle even the harshest winds and rain
  • Only one color choice - black and white
  • Great for the rain, but doesn’t contain additional features for sun protection
Price: $65

TaylorMade Double Canopy UmbrellaSource: Taylormade


8. Gonex Golf Umbrella

The Gonex golf umbrella is available in 3 different sizes (54”, 62”, 68”) and 7 different colors. Made of water-resistant 210T Pongee fabric and a fiberglass skeleton. The vented, double-canopy design helps keep this golf umbrella stable in the wind.

  • More “heavy duty” and sturdy than some of the other lower cost options
  • Some cool color choices including “wine” and royal blue
  • Does well protecting you from both wind and rain
  • Focused on wind and rain protection, not protecting you from the sun
  • Slightly heavier than other options on our list
Price: $30

Gonex Golf UmbrellaSource: Amazon


9. BAGAIL Golf Umbrella

The BAGAIL golf umbrella is a solid “mid-priced” option. It’s equipped with a vented double canopy, rubberized comfort grip handle, and auto open mechanism. The canopy is made from a water resistant silk that also provides SPF 50+ protection. It is available in 58”, 62”, or 68” sizes.

  • Options are nice - select from 3 sizes and from 17 colors/designs (including dots and stripes)
  • Will provide you with protection from wind, rain, and sun
  • Very reasonably priced
  • May not do as well in harsh conditions
  • BAGAIL is not a well-known golf brand
Price: $30

BAGAIL Golf UmbrellaSource: BAGAIL


10. Mizuno Tour Twin Canopy Umbrella

The Mizuno Dual Canopy Umbrella features lightweight, twin canopy construction. If you’re looking for a golf umbrella from a large golf brand, but want to avoid the premium price, this might be the one for you. It’s 55” in size.

  • Mizuno is a trusted brand in the world of golf
  • You can select from 3 different colors (blue/white, black/white, grey/blue)
  • Much smaller than other options on our list (55” vs. 68”)
  • No SPF or UV protection
Price: $40

Mizuno Tour Twin Canopy UmbrellaSource: Mizuno


11. Heasy Golf Umbrella

The Heasy golf umbrella is available in 3 different sizes (54”, 62”, 68”) and you can pick from 4 different colors. It has a double canopy design and a fiberglass frame. 

  • Great price - save some money to spend on other golf gear
  • Very lightweight and easy to open
  • Does provide shade, but doesn’t protect your from the sun as well as other golf umbrellas on our list
  • Not a well-known golf brand - not an umbrella used by professional golfers
Price: $25

Heasy Golf UmbrellaSource: Amazo


12. Weatherman The 68 Golf Umbrella

The Weatherman golf umbrella is a premium product. Industrial-strength fiberglass prevents breaking and inverting, and vented canopies withstand winds up to 55 mph. One cool feature you will find is a mesh pocket on the inside of the umbrella. The Weatherman does provide protection from the sun, rain, and wind.

  • The most complete golf umbrella on the market - has everything you could ever want
  • Award winning - Winner of the 2018, 2019, 2020, & 2021 Golf Digest Editors' Choice Award for Best Golf Umbrella
  • Love the pocket inside the umbrella - a truly unique feature
  • It’s a premium product, so it comes with a premium price (the most expensive on our list)
Price: $89

Weatherman The 68 Golf UmbrellaSource: Weatherman

Which Golf Umbrella Is Right For You?

The easiest way to answer this question is to determine the type of player you are….are you a competitive player or a weekend warrior?

If you see rain in the forecast, do you cancel your tee time or play regardless of the conditions?

If you’re a competitive golfer or willing to play in harsh conditions, it probably makes sense to go with one of the more premium options (Titleist, TaylorMade, Footjoy, Weatherman). 

On the other hand, if you head to the 19th hole at the first sign of rain, you probably only need an “emergency” golf umbrella and can save some money with one of the more economical options.

Regardless of your choice, we hope you always get sunny skies! Play well and have fun.

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