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The Best Golf Bags: The Cream Of The Crop In 2023

What is the best golf bag for your game? That depends on how you like to play and practice. Do you like driving a cart or strolling down the fairway? Do you grind for a score or prefer to relax and have fun on the course? Are you a fair weather golfer or willing to play in the elements?

The answers to these questions will tell you the type of bag you should purchase, but regardless we have you covered. We have come up with our favorite bag for each type from Tour bag to Sunday bag to Stand bag. Give it a read - you can’t go wrong with any of the bags on this list.

Types Of Golf Bags

Before we jump into our favorite bag from each category, let’s define the options. There are 6 different types of golf bags and it is important that you know the difference.

Sunday Golf Bag

Now that we have talked about Tour bags, let's look in the opposite direction - what is the best Sunday golf bag? A Sunday golf bag is small, light, and designed for the golfer who doesn’t take the game too seriously. They can typically hold between 4 - 8 clubs and have enough storage for your essentials. They are easy to carry and perfect a par 3 course or a trip to the driving range.

Tour Golf Bag

Let’s start our list with the one you see on TV if you watch the PGA Tour on Sunday afternoons. A tour bag is designed to hold everything, including the kitchen sink. You can store all of your gear, plenty of balls, different clothing, and enough food for a nice picnic. Of course, this means a tour bag will be larger and heavier than others on our list. If a tour bag is your full-time golf bag, you either have a personal caddy or always ride in a cart. You do not want to carry this for 18 holes - you might not want to even carry it up to the driving range.

Stand Golf Bag

A stand golf bag is a full-size bag that is designed to be used when you walk the course, but also works well if you decide to ride. Critical features for stand bags include weight, versatility, and comfort when carrying. They are typically used by college golf teams and amateur players that enjoy walking and want to carry the legal maximum (14 clubs). 

Waterproof Golf Bag

Maybe you are planning a trip to Scotland and suspect you will encounter a “wee bit” of rain. Or, do you see rain in the forecast and get excited because you know the course will be wide open for you to enjoy? Either way, you need to know the best waterproof golf bag for 2023. These golf bags are designed to handle the elements. 

Minimalist Golf Bag

The best way to describe a minimalist golf bag is to call it a hybrid between a Sunday golf bag and a Stand golf bag. If a Sunday bag is “small” and a Stand golf bag is “large”, the minimalist bag is “medium”. Extremely lightweight, it can carry a little more than a half set of clubs, but not the 14-club maximum. It is perfect for the casual golfer enjoying an evening 9. 

Travel Golf Bag

Do you like to sneak in a round on business trips or visit different parts of the world to play? If so, you will need a high-quality travel bag to protect your clubs. The best travel golf bag needs to be easy to transport and be able to hold all of your golf equipment. A travel golf bag is for the airport, not the golf course.

The Best Golf Bags In Each Category

Best Sunday Golf Bag

The best Sunday golf bag is the Loma by Sunday Golf. It weighs less than 2 pounds, has a stand, and can hold 6 clubs. It has the storage you need for balls, tees, and gloves, plus a couple of specialty pockets. The first is a velour-lined valuables pocket for your phone, wallet, and keys and the second is an insulated pocket for your favorite cold beverage. Perfect for the golfer that loves the game and loves to keep things simple

The Loma Bag by Sunday Golf in Cobalt blue on the golf course


  • At less than 2 pounds anyone can carry this bag
  • Great storage options for such a small golf bag - well designed
  • This little bag looks great and you pick from 10+ colors - we like Flamingo and Ron Burgundy


  • Can hold a little less than half a set of clubs - if you want more, this isn’t the bag for you
  • Not designed to work on a golf cart - this is for walkers only
Shop The Loma Bag Collection

Best Tour Golf Bag


Our choice for the best tour golf bag is the Titleist Tour Bag. It’s used by Justin Thomas, Charles Howell III, Adam Scott, and many more PGA tour professionals. This bag has 10 pockets and a couple of them are designed to help you organize your additional golf apparel (windbreaker, rainsuit, etc.) with internal compartments. This is a beautiful bag visually and definitely, makes a statement on the first tee.


  • Crazy amount of storage - you can keep all of your golf gear in this bag with room to spare
  • Even if you can’t play like a professional, you can look like one
  • Titleist is a well-known golf brand and has a history of making high-quality products


  • Not flexible - you must rent a cart every time you play - you will struggle to carry it to the driving range
  • Expensive - this bag is a major investment in your golf game
best golf bags: tour bag

Source: Titleist


Best Golf Stand Bag

For the best golf stand bag, we have selected the El Camino by Sunday Golf. It weighs less than 4 pounds so it will keep your shoulders and back fresh throughout your round. The double-strap makes it comfortable to carry, but you have the option to ride due to the “cart friendly” strap on the front. You will find plenty of storage and even a “frosty” pocket to keep our drink cold. 

The El Camino Stand bag by Sunday Golf in gray


  • One of the lightest stand bags you can find
  • The stand and bottom of the bag make it very stable on any terrain
  • We love the flexibility - definitely designed for the walker but works well if you decide to ride the back


  • You may not be able to get all 14 clubs in the El Camino - this bag is smaller than some   

Shop The El Camino 



Best Waterproof Golf Bag

Our choice is the Ultradry Stand Bag by Cobra. When Cobra designed this bag they had one thing in mind - keep your clubs dry. Everything from the zippers to the seams on the bag are constructed to keep water out. Not sure why you would do it, but you could play in a monsoon with this golf bag. To quote Carl Spackler “I don't think the heavy stuff's going to come down for quite a while”.


  • Cobra has thought of everything - this bag will keep your clubs dry
  • Cobra is a well-known golf brand known for making cool products and this bag is no exception


  • Do you see rain in the forecast and cancel your tee time? If so, you don’t need this bag
  • A bit more expensive than other options on our list (unless you need the water protection)

Ultradry Stand Bag by Cobra

Source: Cobra

Best Minimalist Golf Bag

For the best minimalist golf bag, we decided to go with the LOMA XL by Sunday Golf. It is the big brother of the very popular LOMA series and it was designed for the casual golfer that enjoys playing with a half set of clubs. The same great design as the LOMA, but you can carry a few extra clubs and take advantage of the double-strap. If you like the LOMA, you will love the LOMA XL!

Loma XL bag by Sunday Golf in midnight green


  • Great storage for a small golf bag - you will enjoy the frosty pocket and the valuables pouch
  • The double-shoulder strap makes walking 9 holes with this bag simple
  • The stand and legs are very stable - the bag can sit anywhere


  • Only carries a half set of clubs - you will need to be strategic on which ones to bring

Shop The Loma XL 


Best Travel Golf Bag

The Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series is the best travel golf bag for 2023. The wheel mechanism extends and retracts in one easy motion and secures into the molded tray for travel. It is heavy-duty to protect your golf gear and has plenty of room to store your golf shoes and rain gear. You will have no problem maneuvering your clubs through the airport and this bag provides the protection you demand.


  • The wheel mechanism is unique and works very well - easy to transport
  • Tons of padding and protection for your clubs - your clubs will be safe during travel
  • Plenty of extra storage for golf gear, clothes, and shoes


  • An expensive golf purchase - it is only necessary if you fly with your clubs frequently

travel golf bag

Source: Sun Mountain

The Cream Of The Crop

The best golf bag for 2023 will vary player to player depending on how you enjoy the game. When shopping for bags keep your key requirements in mind. How do you play the game? It’s possible there isn’t one right answer. Maybe, the best golf bag for you is a combination of two different types. 

Do you like to have plenty of storage and ride a cart, but also enjoy a quick 9 in the evening or visiting your local par 3 course? The best option for you might be a Tour bag and a Sunday bag. The best of both worlds. When you are playing in a tournament or serious match, bring out your tour bag, but when you are looking to relax, go to the best Sunday golf bag on the market. Take that Loma out for a trip to range or to walk a few with your friends.

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