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The Best Golf Bags: The Cream Of The Crop In 2024

What is the best golf bag for your game? 

That depends on how you like to play and practice. Do you enjoy driving a cart or strolling down the fairway? Do you grind for a score or prefer to relax and have fun on the course? 

Are you a fair-weather golfer or willing to play in the elements?

The answers to these questions will tell you the type of bag you should purchase, but regardless we have you covered. We have come up with our favorite bag for each type from a golf cart bag to a Sunday bag to a Stand bag.

Give it a read - you can’t go wrong with any of the bags on this list.

How To Choose The Best Golf Bag For You

Before talking about specific products, let’s discuss the different features & functionality you should consider when shopping for the perfect golf bag.

Assess Your Golfing Experience

What are you looking for when you head to the golf course? The way you enjoy the game tells you everything you need to know to pick out the perfect golf bag.

Do you enjoy walking the course or do you prefer to rent a cart? If you like to walk, you should look at lightweight golf bags, but if you like riding go with a cart bag.

Are you there to relax, enjoy a cold beverage, and have fun or do you want to compete and grind out a score? 

This will help you understand if you want a full-size golf stand bag or if you want a small carry bag (minimalist bag). Always let the golf experience you want dictate the golf gear you purchase.


Club dividers are an important component to consider when you are searching for a golf bag. 

How many dividers do you need to organize your clubs? Some golfers like a 14-way divider (every club has its spot), but others are fine with a four-way top to group their golf clubs. There is no right answer - it is simply your preference.

The other thing to consider is if the dividers are only at the top of the bag or if they are full-length dividers.

Shoulder Straps

The primary purpose of your golf bag is to carry your set of clubs. The way you carry them is important. 

Does the bag have a single strap or a double strap? It is fine if a cart bag has a single strap because you only plan to carry it far enough to load it on a golf cart. 

The strap system is critical when you purchase a carry bag. We like a double shoulder strap that is designed to take pressure off your lower back and keep you feeling fresh for all 18 holes.


Golf bag storage space will vary between different bag types. 

Ultra-lightweight golf bags will have enough room for your golf essentials (golf balls, gloves, golf tee, etc.). Large cart bags have a pocket for all of your golf gear - umbrellas, rain gear, and even room for an extra pair of golf shoes.

The differentiator between similar products can be the types of pockets available. Cool options include a velour-lined valuables pocket, a rangefinder pocket, and/or an insulated cooler pocket. The goal should be to have plenty of storage without making your bag too heavy.


We all want the biggest bang for our buck. We all want to get a great deal and not overspend on our new golf bag. The money you save can be used on a different golf-related purchase.

The key is to avoid sacrificing quality. Set a reasonable budget for yourself and find the best possible bag for this price.

Style Preference

We have talked a lot about golf bag functionality, but don’t forget about the fashion. You can have your cake and eat it too. 

You can find a high-performance golf bag that looks great. Most golfers use golf bags for at least a couple of years, so make sure your bag matches your sense of style.

You want to be proud when you place your bag next to the first tee.

Best Golf Bags Of 2024

1. Sunday Golf Ryder Bag

If you had to describe the Ryder Bag by Sunday Golf in one word, it would be “versatile”. It was designed to be comfortable when you carry and walk the course, but also works great when you decide to rent a cart. 

The Ryder Bag has ample storage for your full set of clubs, rangefinders, gloves, golf balls, and golf apparel. Color options include Matte Black, Midnight Green, Navy Blue, Toasted Almond, and Heather Gray. 

The price is $229.99.

Ryder bag in midnight green


  • Great looking golf bag - perfect for both men and women golfers
  • Love the storage options - velour-lined valuables pocket and a 4-can frosty pocket
  • Premium self-adjusting double shoulder strap means you will leave the course feeling fresh


  • This bag is a true hybrid - it can be used by all types of players - if you always plan to ride and want tons of storage, you might be better off with a bulkier bag.

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2. Titleist Cart 15 Golf Bag 

If you play golf you know the name Titleist. The name “Cart 15” gives it away - this bag was engineered with one thing in mind - riding on a golf cart. 

Symmetrical design for optimal organization on either side of the cart and plenty of storage for all of your golf equipment. The cart strap pass-through means that it will easily attach and stay on your golf cart. 

You can choose from 12 different color combinations for $300.

Titleist Cart 15 Golf Bag 2023


  • 15 full-length dividers and a dedicated putter well means that each of your clubs will have a spot in your bag
  • Creative storage options include a magnetic valuables pocket with a molded shell, two pen caddies, and two large glove Velcro landing patches
  • We consider this the best cart bag you can buy


  • Like most cart bags, it is bulky and heavy (6.5 pounds)
  • Unless you hire a caddy, you won’t be walking the course with this golf bag

3. Callaway Chev Stand Golf Bag

The Callaway Chev offers a sleek and versatile midsized stand bag, featuring ample storage, and a 4-way club organization. This walking golf bag isn’t the lightest but gives you all of the features you need to enjoy your afternoon strolling the fairways. 

Callaway offers 6 unique color combinations for $220.

Callaway Chev Stand Bag


  • Callaway is a golf brand you can trust - the Chev is a simple and functional golf bag
  • Economically priced for a high-quality stand golf bag
  • Designed to be carried, but will work on your push cart as well


  • Heavier than most walking bags - weighing in at 5 pounds, you can find lighter options

Best Minimalist Golf Bags

The minimalist golf bag category is one of our favorites. 

They are designed to be ultra-lightweight and intended for golfers who want to have a good time and don’t take the game too seriously. They can also be great 2nd or practice bags for competitive players.

1. Sunday Golf Loma XL

The LOMA XL by Sunday Golf is perfect for an afternoon 9 or a trip to the driving range. Anyone can walk and carry this golf bag! 

This golf bag is great for women, men, and junior golfers. Key features include a padded double-shoulder strap and a velcro glove area. If you are looking for a lite carry bag, look no further! 

8 great color options (including a unique seafoam) for only $169.99.

Sunday Golf Loma XL


  • Great lightweight golf bag (only 3.4 pounds) that can still carry 7-8 golf clubs
  • The “frosty pocket” is an awesome feature to keep your favorite beverage cold on the course - works great for cans or water bottles
  • High-quality full-length Dualflex stand system - keeps your clubs high & dry while you hit your shot


  • Not a full-size golf bag, but that is true of most bags in the “minimalist” category

Shop The Loma XL 

2. Taylormade Cart Lite Bag

Style meets function in this highly organized and lightweight riding bag - it might be a stretch to call this a minimalist golf bag, but it will work well for the minimalist golfer who enjoys riding in a golf cart. 

You can find this Taylormade bag in 11 different colors for $279.99.

Taylormade Cart Lite Bag


  • You can search Amazon and you will have a hard time finding a lighter cart bag (weighs 5 pounds)
  • As you would expect in a cart bag, it has a 14-way top and plenty of storage for your gear


  • If you are looking for a minimalist golf bag to practice or walk 9, this isn’t the bag for you
  • A bit pricey for this category

Shop The Loma XL 

3. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Bag

The Orlimar Pitch and Putt bag puts the minimal in minimalist. It features a two-compartment top, one accessory pocket, a durable carry handle, a detachable shoulder strap, and a stand mechanism. 

You can pick from 17 different colors for $69.99.

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Bag


  • You can’t beat the price - it's hard to find a cheaper golf bag
  • Very small and ultralightweight - works for young junior golfers


  • Probably too small - it can only hold 3-4 golf clubs - best used as a wedge & putter bag on cart path only days
  • Extremely limited storage - the one pocket can hold a couple of golf balls and golf tees

Best Functional Golf Bags

1. Sunday Golf El Camino

The El Camino by Sunday Golf is a bag that is perfect for all players, from beginners to scratch golfers. It's extremely lightweight, can hold 10-12 clubs, and comes with a rain hood in case you are caught in a surprise shower on the back 9. 

The El Camino is perfect if you enjoy walking the course and carrying your clubs. It is available in 8 colors for $189.99.

Sunday Golf El Camino


  • So easy to carry: it weighs less than 4 pounds and has a premium double-shoulder strap
  • Amazing storage for a carry bag and includes water-resistant zippers
  • We love the frosty pocket that keeps your drinks cold


  • Not designed to carry a full set of 14 clubs, but be honest, does your game really require more than 10-12?

Shop The El Camino 

2. PING Hoofer Golf Bag

PING has been making golf bags for decades and their new PING Hoofer is worth a look. New features include an innovative bottom that allows for easier retrieval of clubs and the 5-way bag top has been re-engineered to make it more ergonomic for improved comfort and easier handling. 

PING offers 10 color combinations for $275.

PING Hoofer Golf Bag


  • Great looking golf bag - PING offers cool combinations
  • The “Hoofer” line of bags has been popular amongst golfers for years - you can trust this bag will perform well


  • This bag was designed with the competitive golfer in mind - might not be the right fit for you if you are a beginner or play the game for fun
  • For a carry bag, the Hoofer is a bit expensive and heavy

3. Motocaddy Protekta Cart Bag

Waterproof and lightweight, the PROTEKTA includes a noise-reducing 14-way organizer top to hold the clubs securely in place, plus a wide range of other features to keep you organized out on the course. This bag is designed to be used on a golf cart or electric push cart. 

It will cost you less than $200 and you can choose from a couple of different colors.

Motocaddy Protekta Cart Bag


  • The Protekta has a ton of storage and interesting features - it is a unique product
  • 14-way noise-reducing organizer top - individual club slots reduce noise & prevent damage (not something you see every day)


  • Cool product, but not versatile - you cannot carry this bag
  • I can only be used by right-handed golfers - the organizer top doesn’t work for lefties

Best Sunday Bags

Sunday bags are small, ultra-lightweight, and easy to carry. They can be used for casual rounds of golf or for a trip to the driving range & par 3 course.

1. Sunday Golf Loma Bag

You will fall in love with the Loma as soon you see it - we call it love at first sight. 

It's a beautifully designed bag that weighs less than 2 pounds. The Loma bag holds 5-7 clubs and has plenty of storage for your golf essentials (balls, tees, gloves, etc). 

You can pick from 14 awesome colors for only $119.99.

Loma bag in toasted almond


  • Separates from the competition with the number of features in a small bag - full-stand, frosty pocket, and velour-lined valuables pocket. 
  • It's a great accessory in addition to your full-sized golf bag
  • It just looks different - such a cool design for a great price
  • Men, Women, and Juniors will love this bag - easy for everyone to carry


  • It can only carry 5-7 clubs, but if this bothers you, you shouldn’t be shopping in the Sunday bag category

 Shop The Loma Bag

2. Titleist Carry Bag

Featuring an ultra-lightweight design, a premium double strap, and an external drink sleeve, the Carry Bag is an easy, convenient carry for all players. 

This simple golf bag is available in 3 different colors for $125.

Titleist Carry Bag


  • If you watch the PGA Tour you probably know some Titleist players - it is a brand that is used by professionals
  • The weight of 2.1 pounds makes this bag light enough for all golfers


  • There is no stand on this bag - your clubs will be lying on the ground while you hit shots - no protection from the morning dew, cut grass, or dirt/sand.

3. Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag

The Ultralight Sunday Bag has a 3-way top with individually lined club dividers and a top grab handle. It has the storage you would expect from a small golf bag and a mesh pocket for a water bottle.

You can choose from 2 different colors for $129.

Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag


  • The full stand will keep your clubs off the ground while you swing
  • Double-shoulder strap makes this bag easier to carry


  • It is heavy for a Sunday bag - weighs just under 4 pounds - you can find a lighter bag for your casual rounds

Best Travel Golf Bags

If you love taking golf trips, you are going to need a travel bag.

1. Sunday Golf Mule Travel Golf Bag

The Mule was designed for your Loma, Loma XL, or El Camino Sunday golf bag. It is lightweight and durable - easy to transport through the airport or to the rental car counter.

You can remove the stress from your trip with the Mule. It is priced at $159.99.

Sunday Golf Mule Travel Bag


  • 4mm Ultra-Thick Foam Protection for your clubs
  • Golf Shoes and Accessory Pocket, plus a concealed valuables pocket - bring everything with you on your trip
  • The padded strap makes it easy to carry


  • Will only fit the Sunday Golf bags listed (Loma, Loma XL, El Camino) - easy solution - get one today!

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2. Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Awarded Golf Digest Editors’ Choice for Travel Bags for 2016-2022, the Meridian minimizes the hassle of traveling with your golf gear. Designed to help you travel with a full-size golf bag and a full set of clubs.

Sun Mountain offers 8 different colors for $339.99.

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian


  • The leg mechanism is extended and retracted in one easy motion - wheels make it easy to navigate the airport
  • Two-way zippers run the full length of the bag for easy loading and unloading
  • Two exterior access pockets store extra gear for your trip


  • Bulky and heavy (11+ pounds) will make it hard to navigate for some golfers
  • Premium product, but comes with a premium price


The Alpha by Ogio was designed to handle all golf bags, including large cart bags. It has 360º reinforced foam padding for premium club protection. Flying is stressful enough without having to worry about your clubs breaking during the trip. 

Select from 5 color options for $379.99.

Ogio Alpha Travel Max


  • Big enough for any bag plus all of your golf gear
  • Integrated OGIO SLED technology with oversized heavy-duty wheels for a smooth ride


  • Yes, it can fit any bag, but it is large! Weighs over 12 pounds.
  • An expensive product - designed for serious golfers who travel with their clubs frequently

Best Lightweight Golf Bags

1. Sunday Golf Loma XL

Do you love the Loma, but want just a little more space? You need the Loma XL

It can hold 8 clubs, has a double-shoulder strap, and only weighs 3.4 pounds. The Loma XL is perfect to walk the course or to take the driving range. 

Pick from 8 colors for $169.99.

Loma XL in Seafoam


  • A lightweight bag that has great storage - you will always have easy access to clubs, tees, phone, water, and a cold beverage
  • Did we say cold beverage? Love the frosty pocket.
  • The weight + the double-shoulder strap make this bag easy to carry for all players


  • Doesn’t hold a full set of 14 clubs - do you need that many?

Shop The Loma XL

2. PING Hoofer Lite

The PING Hoofer Lite is the bag of choice for high school and college teams across the country. This tells you it has been designed with the competitive golfer in mind.

This bag is offered in 18 different color combinations for both men and women. It will cost you $245.

PING Hoofer Lite


  • If high-level amateur golfers trust it, you can to
  • Nice storage options: a stacked pocket configuration for easier access, an expanded ball pocket, and flexible storage
  • An innovative new bottom improves club removal by guiding clubs to the correct segment


  • At 5 pounds, it is heavier than most lightweight golf bags
  • A premium product that comes with a premium price

3. Wilson Exo II Stand Bag

The EXO II Stand is a golf bag that features 5 divided club sections, a non-skid base, 3D foam padded straps, a large garment pocket, an accessories pocket, and a water bottle sleeve.

Wilson offers this product in 6 colors for $219.99.

Wilson Exo 2 Stand Bag


  • The Exo II looks the part - stylish product
  • Plenty of storage available - you won’t need to leave any of your golf gear at home


  • A bit bulky and heavy for this category
  • Wilson is a sports equipment brand, not a golf brand

Best Luxury Golf Bags

The last stop on our trip through the world of golf bags is the luxury category.

1. Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Dual Strap Stand Bag

The Mid-Stripe Stand Bag is a vinyl golf bag manufactured with care and modern style. Among the seven pockets are a full-length apparel pocket, two velour-lined valuables pockets, and a beverage pouch.

Pick from 9 colors, pay $339.99, and the Mid-Stripe is yours.

Sun Mountain Mid-Stripe Dual Strap Stand Bag


  • We like having options - you can use a double-shoulder strip or single strap - The straps have quick-release buckles so straps can be changed in seconds
  • Make it your own - Chrome plate can be customized with initials


  • The price is higher, but you would expect this in the luxury category
  • The Mid-Stripe is a bit heavy for a stand bag - over 5.5 pounds

2. Mackenzie 7” Leather Mac Golf Bag

Nothing says luxury like a bag made of premium leather. The 7” Leather Mac by Mackenzie is a beautiful product. It will certainly catch the attention of your weekend foursome when you arrive on the first tee. 

Prepare for some sticker shock, it will cost you $1,020.

Mackenzie 7” Leather Mac Golf Bag


  • Unique & beautiful
  • Constructed with high-quality and long-lasting materials - you can use this bag for years


  • It is hard to get past the price - you could buy a new set of clubs
  • A beautiful product, but not functional - no stand and limited storage

3. Vessel Player III DXR Stand

Taking cues from the needs of tour players, the Player III features a larger top with a more intentional divider layout, magnetic water bottle pockets, and a compression molded back panel for added comfort.

This bag is crafted from DXR nylon, to lighten your carry and is topped off with lux details such as genuine leather touchpoints and plush mesh-lined dividers. 

It is offered in black for $350.

Vessel Player 3


  • Beautiful bag that also has the features you need to enjoy your time on the course
  • Nothing flashy (black with red highlights), but looks great
  • Plenty of storage and features to support you when you play


  • Heavy for a stand bag - weighs 6 pounds
  • Limited options - we would like to see additional color combinations

The Right Golf Bag Will Improve Your Experience

Regardless if you shop online or at a PGA Tour superstore, you need to find the product that matches your style of play. The right golf bag will improve your on-course experience and help you shoot lower scores.

Give it some thought. What do you enjoy about playing golf? 

Now match your requirements to your next golf bag. Your next round could be your best round ever. Good luck and play well!


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