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The Best Golf Stand Bags For Walking The Course In 2023

Golf courses were designed to be walked. We have no doubt that the best way to enjoy your round is to stroll down the fairways, not ride down cement cart paths. We also understand that you can’t do this with a heavy cart bag. To enjoy your walk, you need one of the best golf walking bags.

Walking golf bags come in different shapes and sizes. Everything from Sunday golf bags to full-size carry bags. The important thing is to match the type of walking golf bag with how you enjoy playing the game. Are you a serious player who competes in local tournaments or do you like a casual round with buddies? The answer to this question will tell you if you want a true “minimalist golf bag” or one that’s designed for a grinder. 

We want to help you find the best product for you. We’d love to support your goal of getting more exercise and getting more out of the game of golf. With that in mind, we’ve listed below the best golf stand bags. These bags were built for walking!

Best Golf Stand Bags

1. El Camino

The first product on our list of best golf stand bags is the El Camino by Sunday Golf. The El Camino was designed to be carried but has the appropriate handles if you decide to ride. It has a double-shoulder strap and can hole up to 10 golf clubs. This walking golf bag will protect your back; it weighs only 3.9 pounds! The El Camino has plenty of bells and whistles, including a “frosty” pocket to keep your drink cold and a dual flex stand system. 

El Camino golf bag in gray

graphic showing all the features of the El Camino walking golf bag


  • Extremely lightweight option - less than 4 pounds is unique for a bag this size
  • Plenty of storage for all your golf essentials and your valuables
  • Sunday Golf makes stylish and cool products - the El Camino is no exception
  • You simply can’t beat the price!


  • We believe 10 clubs are plenty to play a round, but if you want to carry the maximum (14) this bag isn’t for you

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    2. PING Hoofer Lite

    PING has been the biggest name in golf stand bags for the last 10 years. The PING Hoofer Lite is a popular golf walking bag. It’s a full-size bag designed to carry 14 clubs, your golf essentials, and additional gear (rain/cold). It weighs 5 pounds and is offered in 10+ different color combinations. The Hoofer Lite comes with a padded, double-shoulder strap that makes it comfortable to carry.

    The Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag

    Source: Ping


    • PING is a well-known golf brand that’s been making quality golf stand bags for over a decade.
    • The strap is comfortable and well-designed - it helps you handle the additional weight of a full-size walking golf bag that can hold 14 clubs.
    • Visually appealing - we like the design and color schemes.


    • Weighing 5 pounds, this golf stand bag is heavier than others on our list.
    • The price for the PING Hoofer Lite is a bit higher than other options.

    3. Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry

    Titleist is another big player in the golf industry and their Players 4 Plus StaDray is the 3rd walking golf bag to make our list. If you enjoy playing regardless of the conditions, you should consider the Players 4 Plus StaDray. It has waterproof construction and seam-sealed zippers to keep your clubs and gear dry. High-grade aluminum legs give it “best in class” stability and the premium double strap will feel great on your back and shoulders.

    Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry

    Source: Titleist


    • If you’re playing in wet conditions, this golf walking bag will help you play your best.
    • This is a full-size bag, designed to carry 14 clubs - the weight is still fairly low (4.2 pounds).
    • High-quality product - both the premium double strap and the stand mechanism are top of the line.


    • This is one of the best golf stand bags, but it’s an expensive product.
    • The weight is reasonable, but the bag feels a little bulky for a walking golf bag.

    4. Callaway Fairway C Stand Bag

    Next up, the Callaway Fairway C Stand Bag. Weighing in at 4 pounds, this is the lightest full-size bag on our list. It can hold 14 clubs, your golf essentials, and additional gear. The Fairway C is reasonably priced and has several clips & rings that allow you to attach a golf towel and/or your rangefinder. It’ll work on a golf cart, but doesn’t have a cart strap pass-thru.

    Callaway Fairway C Stand Bag

    Source: Callaway


    • It’s a full-size golf stand bag that only weighs 4 pounds.
    • The double-shoulder strap may not be as comfortable as other bags on our list, but it works well.
    • Plenty of storage options and a reasonable price.


    • A nice product, but fewer bells & whistles than other options on our list.
    • Functional, but not flashy. It’s available in 10+ color combinations, but the design is simplistic.

    Shop The El Camino

      5. Cobra Ultralight Pro

      The Cobra Ultralight Pro is another golf walking bag that you should consider. It weighs 5 pounds, can hold 14 clubs, and has an oversized cooler pocket to keep your refreshments cold. In this model, Cobra has improved their stand design and base to create their most stable bag ever. The Ultralight Pro is reasonably priced and comes in a few different color combinations.

      Cobra Ultralight Pro Stand Bag

      Source: Cobra


      • Full-size golf bag with plenty of storage for your golf gear.
      • The oversized cooler pocket is a unique feature - it can hold up to 11 cans.
      • The stand and base work well - this bag is stable on all surfaces.


      • This walking golf bag is heavier than other choices.
      • Reasonably priced, but fewer features than other bags.

      6. Vessel Player III DXR

      The last option on our list of best golf stand bags is the Player III DXR by Vessel. You might call this the “luxury” option. The Player III has a unique look due to its ultra-lightweight nylon material backed with an x-pattern of ripstop backing for added durability. This creates a diamond pattern on the bag. It has 9 different pockets for your gear and dual water body sleeves. Vessel has built the bag to be weather resistant and it has a self-adjusting strap. 

      Vessel Player III DXR

      Source: Vessel


      • This is a high-quality product made from the best materials.
      • The amount of storage available in this stand golf bag is unparalleled.
      • It’s a unique and beautiful golf bag - definitely will be noticed on the 1st tee.


      • This is a major investment in your golf game - it’s pricey.
      • The heaviest bag on our list - the Player III weighs 6 pounds.

      What To Look For In A Bag For Walking The Course

      As you research the best stand golf bags, you’ll find unique features, but we think it really comes down to 4 key factors. The weight, the storage, the comfort, and the look.

      When you walk the golf course, you have to carry all of your golf equipment. The last thing you need is your golf bag adding weight to your trip. The lighter, the better!

      The type of gear you need for your round will depend on how you play the game. Do you bring rain gear, cold drinks, and other essentials? Make sure that the walking golf bag you select has enough storage to support what you need to enjoy your day.

      Don’t leave the golf course in pain. No one wants to head home with a sore back and shoulders. Your walking golf bag needs to be easy and comfortable to carry.

      Finally, we play better when we feel confident. We feel confident when we look good. You can use a walking golf bag for years, so make sure you enjoy the look of the golf bag you select. 


      Shop The El Camino

      Best Golf Stand Bags: Frequently Asked Questions

      What’s a hybrid golf bag?

      A hybrid golf bag has been designed for both walking and riding in a golf cart. It has straps that make it easy to carry, but it also comes with the appropriate handles to attach it to a cart.

      How do you walk with a golf bag?

      The majority of golf bags designed for walkers now come with a double-shoulder strap that makes carrying the bag a lot like wearing a backpack. This makes it quite comfortable to walk down the fairway with your bag. 

      Can you walk with a cart bag?

      You can, but you don’t want to. Cart bags are bulky, heavy, and don’t have the straps you need to comfortably carry them when walking. They’re designed to be used on a golf cart.

      How many miles does a golfer walk in 18 holes?

      It’ll vary based on the golf course, but on average, a golfer will walk 5-7 miles playing an 18-hole round of golf.

      Enjoy The Golf Course The “Right” Way

      Golf courses are intended to be walked. Save money from renting carts by investing in one of the best golf stand bags on the market. You’ll get more out of the game of golf once you start walking down the fairway instead of driving a cart. Stay hydrated and play well!
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