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The Best Golf Stand Bags In 2024

Golf courses were designed to be walked. We have no doubt that the best way to enjoy your round is to stroll down the fairways, not ride down cement cart paths. We also understand that you can’t do this with a heavy cart bag. To enjoy your walk, you need one of the best golf walking bags.

Walking golf bags come in different shapes and sizes. Everything from Sunday golf bags to full-size carry bags. The important thing is to match the type of walking golf bag with how you enjoy playing the game. Are you a serious player who competes in local tournaments or do you like a casual round with buddies? The answer to this question will tell you if you want a true “minimalist golf bag” or one that’s designed for a grinder. 

We want to help you find the best product for you. We’d love to support your goal of getting more exercise and getting more out of the game of golf. With that in mind, we’ve listed below the best golf stand bags. These bags were built for walking!

Overall Best Golf Stand Bags

1. El Camino

Our overall champion is the El Camino walking bag by Sunday Golf. The El Camino was designed to be carried but has the appropriate handles if you decide to ride. It has a double-shoulder strap system and can hole up to 10 golf clubs. This walking golf bag will protect your back; it weighs only 3.9 pounds! The El Camino has plenty of bells and whistles, including a “frosty” pocket to keep your drink cold and a dual flex stand system. The combination of style, functionality, and ease of use is why we consider this the best golf stand bag!

Weight: 3.9 pounds

Dividers: Four-Way Top Divider

Pockets: Apparel pocket, Insulated “frosty” pocket, Ball pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket

Colors: 7 color options that include Ron Burgundy, Seafoam, and Cobalt Blue

Price: $189.99

El Camino golf bag in gray

graphic showing all the features of the El Camino walking golf bag


  • Extremely lightweight option - less than 4 pounds is unique for a bag this size
  • Ample storage for all your golf essentials and your valuables
  • Sunday Golf makes stylish and cool products - the El Camino is no exception
  • You simply can’t beat the price!


    • We believe 10 clubs are plenty to play a round, but if you want to carry the maximum (14) this bag isn’t for you

    Shop The El Camino

    Best Lightweight Stand Bags

    1. Sunday Golf Loma XL Stand Bag

    The Loma XL stand bag by Sunday Golf is what you would call a Carry Bag. It’s ultral ightweight and is designed for the driving range, par 3, or even walking 18. It has storage space for 8 clubs and your golf essentials (golf balls, tees, gloves, etc.). The Loma XL stand bag is the perfect “backup” bag for competitive golfers. 

    Weight: Less than 3.5 pounds 

    Dividers: 3-way top divider

    Pockets: Ball pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket, small apparel pocket, and insulated drink pouch

    Colors: 8 options

    Price: $169.99

    Loma XL stand/carry bag in seafoam at the driving range

    image of the Loma XL highlighting all of its features


    • Truly lightweight - at less than 3.5 pounds anyone can carry this golf bag
    • More storage than your typical carry bag - love that it includes a valuables pocket and an insulated drink pouch
    • Beautifully designed


    • Not a primary bag for a competitive golfer

      Shop The Loma XL

    2. Callaway Fairway C Stand Bag

    Next up, is the Callaway Fairway C Stand Bag. Weighing in at 4 pounds, this is the lightest full-size bag on our list. It can hold 14 clubs, your golf essentials, and additional gear. The Fairway C is reasonably priced and has several clips & rings that allow you to attach a golf towel and/or your rangefinder. It’ll work on a golf cart but doesn’t have a cart strap pass-thru.

    Weight: 4 pounds

    Dividers: 4-Way Top with full-length dividers

    Pockets: 5 pockets including velour-lined valuables pocket

    Colors: 13 color combinations

    Price: $199.99

    Callaway Fairway C Stand Bag in black


    • It’s a full-size golf stand bag that only weighs 4 pounds

    • The double-shoulder strap may not be as comfortable as other bags on our list, but it works well

    • Plenty of storage options and a reasonable price


    • A nice product, but fewer bells & whistles than other options on our list

    3. Cobra Ultralight Pro

    The Cobra Ultralight Pro is another golf walking bag that you should consider. It weighs 5 pounds, can hold 14 clubs, and has an oversized cooler pocket to keep your refreshments cold. In this model, Cobra has improved their stand design and base to create their most stable bag ever. The Ultralight Pro is reasonably priced and comes in a few different color combinations.

    Weight: 4 pounds

    Dividers: 4-way padded divider

    Pockets: 7 pockets including a magnetic rangefinder pocket

    Colors: 7 basic color options

    Price: $225

    Cobra Ultralight Pro in grey


    • Full-size golf bag with plenty of storage for your golf gear.
    • The oversized cooler pocket is a unique feature - it can hold up to 11 cans
    • The stand and base work well - this bag is stable on all surfaces


    • This walking golf bag is heavier than other choices
    • Reasonably priced, but has fewer features than other bags

    4. Stitch SL2 Golf Bag

    The SL2 by Stitch is the bag for you if you are the "weekend golfing warrior" who plays hard and prefers walking. Featuring multiple dividers, optimal storage, and a two-shoulder harness system, the SL2 provides ultimate comfort as a walking stand bag.

    Weight: 4.6 pounds

    Dividers: 4-way divider

    Pockets: 6 pockets including a pencil pocket and insulated water bottle pocket

    Colors: Black or Navy

    Price: $298

    Stitch SL2 Golf Bag


    • Well-made product, constructed with high-quality materials

    • Plenty of storage for a lightweight stand golf bag - comes with rain hood

    • Easy to carry, but also works well on if you use a push cart


    • Unique shape and material - some golfers love it, others do not

    Best Golf Stand Bags For Storage

    1. Ryder by Sunday Golf

    The Ryder bag by Sunday Golf is a full-size lightweight golf stand bag that can do it all. It has a 5-way club divider top that will allow you to organize a full set of 14 golf clubs. The self-adjusting, double shoulder strap will keep your back & shoulders feeling fresh throughout your round. Are you worried about bringing all of the gear to the course? Don’t, because the Ryder has all of the storage you will need to enjoy your day.

    Weight: 4.9 pounds

    Dividers: 5-way top divider

    Pockets: 6 pockets

    Colors: 7 different colors available

    Price: $229

    The Ryder bag in toasted almond

    image of the Ryder highlighting all of its features


    • We love the unique storage options - the insulated 4-can frosty pocket is awesome
    • The premium self-adjusting, double shoulder strap makes this bag an easy carry for all golfers
    • A full-size golf stand bag with plenty of storage that weighs less than 5 pounds? Hard to compete with the Ryder


    • Sunday Golf is a newer brand than some on our list, but is this important to you? Do you need to have the same brand as your grandfather?

    Shop The Ryder

      2. PING Hoofer Lite

      The PING Hoofer Lite is a popular golf walking bag. It’s a full-size bag designed to carry 14 clubs, your golf essentials, and additional gear (rain/cold). It weighs 5 pounds and is offered in 10+ different color combinations. The Hoofer Lite comes with a padded, double-shoulder strap that makes it comfortable to carry.

      Weight: 5 pounds

      Dividers: 4-way top divider

      Pockets: 9 pockets (7 zippered and 2 slip)

      Colors: 19 different colors available (check out Clubs of Paradise)

      Price: $245

      The Ping Hoofer Lite Golf Bag



      • PING is a well-known golf brand that’s been making quality golf stand bags for over a decade.
      • The strap is comfortable and well-designed - it helps you handle the additional weight of a full-size walking golf bag that can hold 14 clubs.
      • Visually appealing - we like the design and color schemes.


      • Weighing 5 pounds, this golf stand bag is heavier than others on our list.
      • The price for the PING Hoofer Lite is a bit higher than other options.

      3. Vessel Player III DXR

      The next option on our list of best golf stand bags is the Player III DXR by Vessel. You might call this the “luxury” option. The Player III has a unique look due to its ultra-lightweight nylon material backed with an x-pattern of ripstop backing for added durability. This creates a diamond pattern on the bag. It has 9 different pockets for your gear and dual water body sleeves. Vessel has built the bag to be weather resistant and it has a self-adjusting strap. 

      Weight: 6.35 pounds

      Dividers: 6-way or 14-way divider

      Pockets: 7 pockets including a ball pocket and internal valuables pocket with combination lock

      Colors: 1 color option (Ignite)

      Price: $345

      Vessel Player III DXR in black


      • This is a high-quality product made from the best materials.
      • The amount of storage available in this stand golf bag is unparalleled.
      • It’s a unique and beautiful golf bag - definitely will be noticed on the 1st tee.


      • This is a major investment in your golf game - it’s pricey.
      • The heaviest bag on our list - the Player III weighs 6 pounds.

      4. TaylorMade Flextech Lite Stand Bag

      TaylorMade's most versatile golf bag has now been made lighter and more functional with upgraded features. The Flextech Lite checks all of the boxes if you are looking for a golf stand bag with plenty of storage. 

      Weight: 3.9 pounds

      Dividers: 4-way top divider

      Pockets: 6 pockets including a valuables pocket

      Colors: 6 basic color options

      Price: $269.99

      TaylorMade Flextech Lite Stand Bag


      • TaylorMade is a brand you will see on the PGA Tour - they make high-quality products
      • Lightweight option for a bag with this much storage
      • Easy access to your valuables and wallet when the beverage cart shows up


      • The price is a bit high - you can find a better deal

      5. Wilson Exo II Stand Bag

      Wilson may be the first brand you think of when you think of golf bags, but the EXO II is a nice option. Storage options include a DryTech valuables pocket, large garment pocket, accessories pocket, water bottle sleeve, and large ball pocket to organize and protect your gear.

      Weight: 5 pounds

      Dividers: 5-way top divider (plenty of room for your putter)

      Pockets: 6 pockets (5 zippered)

      Colors: 6 basic color options

      Price: $219.99

      Wilson Exo II Stand Bag in black 


      • Elite level of storage for a walking stand bag
      • Not an exciting-looking bag, but is functional and gets the job done
      • Reasonably priced for this category of stand bag


      • Yes, there is storage, but this bag is a bit large & bulky

      Best Waterproof Stand Bags

      1. Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry

      Titleist is another big player in the golf industry and their Players 4 Plus StaDray is the 3rd walking golf bag to make our list. If you enjoy playing regardless of the conditions, you should consider the Players 4 Plus StaDray. It has waterproof construction and seam-sealed zippers to keep your clubs and gear dry. High-grade aluminum legs give it “best in class” stability and the premium double strap will feel great on your back and shoulders.

      Weight: 4.2 pounds

      Dividers: 4-way top divider

      Pockets: 8 pockets including two external drink pockets

      Colors: 11 color combinations

      Price: $335

      Titleist Players 4 Plus StaDry


      • If you’re playing in wet conditions, this golf walking bag will help you play your best.
      • This is a full-size bag, designed to carry 14 clubs - the weight is still fairly low (4.2 pounds).
      • High-quality product - both the premium double strap and the stand mechanism are top of the line.


      • This is one of the best golf stand bags, but it’s an expensive product.
      • The weight is reasonable, but the bag feels a little bulky for a walking golf bag.

      2. Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag

      The name says it all - the H2NO Lite Speed stand bag by Sun Mountain is designed for the walking golfer who isn’t worried about a little rain. Sun Mountain took their approach for making rainwear and applied it to this golf bag. X-Strap System is easy to get on and off and works well as a single strap for short carries.

      Weight: 4.2 pounds

      Dividers: 4-way top divider

      Pockets: 6 pockets

      Colors: 4 color options (we like the Navy-Blue-Ocean)

      Price: $265

      Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Speed Stand Bag


      • A great-looking golf bag that has been designed to perform in bad weather conditions
      • Ample storage that includes a hydration sleeve, full-length apparel pocket, and a two-compartment, velour-lined valuables pocket so you can keep your wallet separate from your phone.
      • Matching rain hood


      • Not a hybrid golf bag - not designed to be used on a golf cart

      3. OGIO All Elements Hybrid Stand Bag

      The ALL ELEMENTS Stand bag by OGIO features waterproof fabric and is seam-sealed throughout with a premium waterproof valuables pocket to keep all of your electronics dry. The 8-way top divider is a unique feature and there is ample storage for your golf gear. 

      Weight: 5.7 pounds

      Dividers: 8-way top divider

      Pockets: 9 pockets

      Colors: 10 bold color options (check out Red Flower Party & Double Camo)

      Price: $280

      OGIO All Elements Hybrid Stand Bag


      • Bold color and design options make this bag unique - you will stand out on the course
      • You will have all of the storage you need to enjoy your round
      • A hybrid bag - you will have the option to walk or ride


      • Bulky and heavy if you play to walk (5.7 pounds)

        What To Look For In A Stand Bag 

        You are looking for a golf stand bag because you at least want the option of walking the course when you play. There are great options listed above, but we understand you might want to do your research. Here are the factors you should consider while shopping.


        A stand golf bag is designed to be carried, so the weight is a critical factor. You don’t want to wear down at the end of your round and start hitting poor shots. Pay close attention to the weight before you buy a new bag. 

        When you walk a golf course you will travel ~7 miles - even a couple of pounds can add up during your round. Save your back and finish strong!


        What golf gear and accessories do you use when you play golf? You need to make sure your bag can accommodate everything you need to enjoy your afternoon. Check for options such as an insulated cooler pocket, a velour-lined valuables pocket, and easy access to your golf balls and rangefinder. 


        Your golf bag should last for years. This means you will spend a lot of time looking at it on the golf course. You should love how it looks! We want you to feel cool as you stroll towards the first tee. Select a golf bag that matches your sense of style. 


        You will be carrying this golf bag for 4+ hours when you play. It needs to be comfortable for your shoulders and back. Pay close attention to the shoulder strap(s) that come with your golf bag. They should be easy to adjust and easy to get on and off. If you plan to walk on a consistent basis, you probably want a double-shoulder strap system. 

        That’s it! You are ready to find the perfect golf bag.

        Shop The El Camino

        Best Golf Stand Bags: Frequently Asked Questions

        What’s a hybrid golf bag?

        A hybrid golf bag has been designed for both walking and riding in a golf cart. It has straps that make it easy to carry, but it also comes with the appropriate handles to attach it to a cart.

        How do you walk with a golf bag?

        The majority of golf bags designed for walkers now come with a double-shoulder strap that makes carrying the bag a lot like wearing a backpack. This makes it quite comfortable to walk down the fairway with your bag. 

        Can you put a golf stand bag on a push cart?

        Yes, golf stand bags work well on a push cart. When you play golf with a golf stand bag you will always have options. You can walk and carry, you can walk and push, or you can strap to a golf cart and ride.

        Can you walk with a cart bag?

        You can, but you don’t want to. Cart bags are bulky, heavy, and don’t have the straps you need to comfortably carry them when walking. They’re designed to be used on a golf cart.

        How many miles does a golfer walk in 18 holes?

        It’ll vary based on the golf course, but on average, a golfer will walk 5-7 miles playing an 18-hole round of golf.

        Enjoy The Golf Course The “Right” Way

        Golf courses are intended to be walked. Save money from renting carts by investing in one of the best golf stand bags on the market. You’ll get more out of the game of golf once you start walking down the fairway instead of driving a cart. Stay hydrated and play well!
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