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Great golf bag for the price

I've walked 5 rounds since receiving my bag and I have to say that overall I am happy with my purchase. I've been using the cooler pocket for balls and my range finder which has worked great and the other pockets are more than adequate for what I carry with me (though it would be nice to have an interior pocket sewn into the "ball pocket" for tees). My only annoyance(s) are the trying to fit a hybrid, driver, 5-wood and putter (1.5 grip) into one section and the carry straps which always seem to twist when I put them on - I don't like to consciously have to pay attention to the way I pick up the bag and put the straps on my shoulders so they don't twist. Like every bag I've ever owned, not one has been perfect but I would have no qualms recommending this bag to anyone that asks. The bag feels solid so hopefully I get 5 years out of it before needed a new one.

Fab smallish bag!

Wanted a bag that can do all the things the old big bag did but is light, smaller in circumference and doesn't topple over on uneven ground or in the wind. The El Camino checks all of those boxes. Holds a lot but takes up minimal space. Sturdy, spring loaded legs. Sweet insulated cooler pocket for course road bevvies. Velcro panel to stick glove. Holds my set of 10 clubs snug but comfortably. Could fit a few more irons if you remove their head covers. Super stable and easy to carry. Straps are adjustable, well padded and clips seem strong and secure. Seafoam color is a vibe. Great bag, would buy again! Thanks Sunday Golf!

Great bag!

Love my new bag! Hold my 9 clubs without banging them up. Material, zippers and construct hold up well. Able to carry ample extras like wind shirt, retractable retriever, snacks and insulated pocket rocks it. Lightweight, easy to carry or use on cart.

Great hat, even better color!

Love this hat! I was hesitant because I need hats with lower crowns so most hats make me look even more dorky. The unstructured design of this hat works perfectly and is super comfortable. Another premium product from the folks at Sunday Golf.

Zipper Broke

Got this as a gift for Christmas. Zipper broke after opening and closing maybe 10 times (wasn’t yet golf season so it want getting a to of use). Submitted twice to customer service and haven’t gotten a response after a month. I really liked the bag and was hoping it was just defective and I could have it replaced, apparently the customer service is defective as well.

edward Krisiak
Perfect bag for golfers who carry

The bag is amazing. Lightweight and holds the perfect amount of clubs. First time I bought a mystery bag and I was not let down. Great bag for the course,the range and lessons. You will not be disappointed with Sunday products.

Sunday Bag-Customer Service-Great Brand and Product

I think I’ve written 3 reviews in my life and I felt it was needed for this product and company.

I got my bag, and it exceeded expectations. Fits in the cart perfect. Super lightweight, so many convenient pockets and parts. The bag is somehow minimalist but also super in depth and well made. It’s extremely high quality and I love it. I get pumped just walking out to the cart with it. So first off the bag is awesome and I immediately bought my wife one. I’ll never get another bag.

The company deserves its own review, I have never seen customer service this good, I had a slight issue with my order and the customer service was on it so fast and so responsive it’s so rare now a days and very impressive. Camden is the head of the Customer Service and is awesome. Camden and Sunday Golf go out of their way to ensure their customers are more than satisfied. Every company big and small should look to Sunday golf as an example of how Customer service should be done. All in all, love the bag, love the customer service, love the company and I will gladly pledge my allegiance to Sunday Golf for as long as I pick up a club. Thanks guys!

Great option if you prefer the single strap!

I often prefer the single strap over the dual that comes with the Loma XL just because my bag is so light and the single strap is even more convenient. High quality strap, just like the Loma XL and all Sunday Golf products. Highly recommended!

El Camino

Awesome bag! Has space for everything I need and is still light and compact. I fit 14 clubs in it with some finesse (D, 3W, 2-9, P, S, LW, Putter) Highly recommend!

My bag took a few days(10) to arrive at my home on the East Coast. Even though it was not needed at the time ( winter) , I was a little annoyed. When I received the bag and opened the box I was not disappointed. It came as advertised. Light , many pockets, and well built. Looking forward to the golf weather in NY to show off my new golf bag

Color does not match

I received my Sunday green rope hat that was a dark green which differers from the site. I ordered this hat over 3 weeks ago now and received the wrong item the first time. So far it has not been a great experience with this order.

THE LOMA | Seafoam Par 3 Bag
Ricky Golfing Family
pretty, good

One supporting leg arrived slightly bent/curved, and bag doesn’t quite hold shape, little bummed because of price and brand value; however, overall appearance, color and form is nice- family likes it.

The OFFICIAL bag for Speedgolf Southern California and all fitness golfers

The Sunday Golf Loma bag is the perfect bag for playing speedgolf (or fit golf as some call it), our players in LA, OC and Temecula love the lightweight design and durability. Ideal for playing 18 holes, jogging 4 miles and being done before 8am!

Sunday Golf Rope Hat | WHITE & NAVY
Joshua McQueen rev__mac
Revs wife approves!

Never in my life did i think a something so simple like a hat, completely change my life. The comfort is out of this world, it matches with basically everything i own and my wife, let’s just say I can NOT keep her off me when I'm wearing it. So that’s why i wear it all the time if you know what I mean (wink). Sunday golf, y’all are amazing, keep doing the darn thing. #foretheweekend

Fantastic Bag

The Loma bag is out of this world amazing. My girlfriend and both have them and use them often whether it's for the range or a jaunt around a par 3 course. Highly recommend it for any and all golfers!

Perfect Half Carry Bag

I typically like to play with a half set of clubs in the winter to work on 3/4 shots with irons and this bag is perfect for that. Lightweight and high quality. Great bag!

Loma XL

I love the Loma XL! It holds just enough clubs and the toasted almond color in my opinion is beautiful. Great bag!!

Ryder 23

Perfect size! Light weight! The wife loved it!!!!!

Loma XL

Got a damaged bag, sent me a second bag which was damaged worse. Cool they replaced it, bummer it was messed up

Love my Loma!

Best golf purchase that I made this year! I was carrying around my full set of clubs with heavy bag to lessons and the driving range every week. The Loma is so lightweight yet can hold 8 clubs, my wallet and drink. I love it! I just wish that it came in more colors!

Happy mystery box

Well, I got a box in the mail. Then I stared at the box for a good few minutes trying to guess what’s inside like you would any mystery box. Then I ripped it open and was pleasantly surprised to find a camo Loma bag! It was just in time for Veterans Day too! Super light bag and was perfect for taking the few clubs I need to practice on to the range instead of lugging my huge bag with me with everything! Loving it so far!

First Sunday Bag

Love my new Sunday Golf bag, fits 10 clubs great for me!

PERFECT Bag for Walkers!

As an avid walker, this bag is exactly what I was looking for. It has just enough of everything you’d need for a day out on the course, but nothing extra that would way down the bag or the experience with needless frills.

Things I love about this bag:
1) Easily accessible range finder pocket - easy to get in and out without zippers or flaps, but secure enough I never worry about losing it.
2) Comfortable to carry - I hoof almost 100% of my rounds and I want to have something that sits well on my back. This fits the bill as well as any bag I’ve carried. Also, the additional top handle makes it really easy to just pick up and move to the other side of the green if I have to move quickly move the bag a few feet or in and out of the car.
3) Just the right amount of pockets - a “bigger” pocket to hold a light jacket, a small sunscreen, etc., a softly-lined “valuables” pocket for my keys, AirPods, sunglasses, etc., a cooler pocket which perfectly fits either my water bottle or a few bevies for the course, a mesh pocket for easy access to a few balls, the aforementioned range finder pocket, and then a ball pocket for a few extras or anything else you need to carry. Plus a bunch of handily accessible slots for ready access to tees, scorecard pencils, etc., and a velcro flap for my glove.
4) Bigger than expected - Sunday Golf is underselling when it says that this can hold “up to 10 clubs” - I currently regularly game 12 or 13 in this thing without a problem. (It’s a bit tight with 13 - some sticking getting clubs in and out), but it’s definitely doable. Though I do like the encouragement to be a bit more minimalist in my carry set-up.
5) Top notch service - I’ve had a few very minor issues I wanted to get addressed, and Sunday Golf has excellent customer service that responds immediately and with service you don’t see much anymore. Shout out to Camden for his great service.

While the bag does fit on my push cart, it is narrower than most so took a bit of adjustment to make work. However, I rarely push and almost always carry, so this isn’t a problem.

Final word: If you are primarily a walking golfer who looks to carry and is looking for a good bag for a full-round, I don’t think you can do better than the El Camino. If you primarily push or take a cart, I think the Ryder bag might be a better option, but as a carry guy, this one is the way to go.

Note: I also have had the Loma bag for years and it’s perfect for the local par 3, taking a few clubs to the range with the kids, or any other casual round.

THE LOMA | Seafoam Par 3 Bag
elizabeth babiera
great golf bag

It is cute, portable and just what I need for my clubs to practice.

Cute and functional

Love this bag! Fits my driver, 3W, 5H and 3 irons. Could accommodate 2 -3 more. Perfect for a day at the driving range!