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Best gift I’ve ever received

Got gifted the Ryder by my girlfriend for my birthday. After playing a couple rounds with this bag I’m already in love. It’s much lighter than typical carry bags and also holds firmly when strapped into a cart. The frosty pocket is perfect and kept my drinks ice cold in 90 degree heat for a full round of 18. There’s no wasted space in this bag which I appreciate. All in all this bag is perfect for me. The only downside I could see is if you use jumbo grips you probably won’t be able to easily fit 14 clubs into the bag, but it’s not a problem for me since I use standards on all my clubs. Definitely recommend if you’re the type of golfer who prefers to walk a course.

Great Bag

Good bag with full lenght dividers, light weight, and fits 7 clubs nicely. Well made. Good customer service from Camden at Sunday golf.

Perfect Bag!

Needed a walking bag as I fell in love with walking and golfing. Have a Sun Mountain cart bag that has straps that I thought could work but saw reviews of Sunday Golf and thought I’d give it a try. Perfect purchase! Lightweight, sturdy and stylish! A++, highly recommend!

Incredible bag. Incredible price.

This bag is it. I’ve used two big brand names cart bags in the past and as I’ve gotten more into the game, I found myself switching to stand bags. Trying a handful of stand bags and never loving any, I finally found Sunday Golf bags thanks to TikTok. Teetering between the canvas green bag and the premium leather, I went for the leather as the all black look is quite sleek and pairs well with my equipment style. The bag itself is perfect. I’ve found the outer pockets to be plenty of space to store some rain green, a speaker, spare gloves, spare bucket hat, and other items that are sometimes needed. The main ball pocket is great for tees and balls and the no smell pocket is great for glove storage. I’m incredibly impressed with the red lined valuables pocket at the top as it is so soft and a great size for ball marks, keys, wallet, and phone. The look is premium at a very fair price for the quality this bag has to offer. Two friends with vessels complimented the look and actually preferred the softer vegan leather as opposed to theirs. The 5 divider system works well and is only a bit snug and maybe my fat putter grip is to blame for that. Overall this bag is incredible and at that price its an easy 5/5. Hoping Sunday Golf continues to grow their lines and I plan to run with their bags for the foreseeable future.

Everything I was looking for in a stand golf bag!

I ordered and received my Ryder back in November 2023 and wanted to get at least six months into it before I made a review. Well deserved wait because this bag is everything I was looking for in a stand bag. It has the perfect number and sizes for pockets. Little things like the spot to thread a cart strap securely as well as how it sits on a cart are fantastic. I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Sunday Golf!!!

Great bag

Loma XL is perfect for what I need. Holds my 9 clubs just fine. Will probably eventually move up to the El Camino, but for the foreseeable future, this is perfect. Light, great construction, looks great. Highly recommend Sunday Golf.

Embroidered Pocket
Cheryl Simonton
Incredible Bag!

Beautiful! I absolutely love it. I had mine embroidered. I will upload an image. Excellent communication. Delivered on time even with getting the extra attention with having my name put on it. Did I mention outstanding communication? lol That is very rare nowadays. Extremely light weight. I fit my full club set in. Nice place to keep tees organized. Lots of easily accessible pockets for glove & plenty of balls. ⛳️ Thrilled I chose this company. A++++++

Best bag on the market

Light, clean, waterproof, and everything in between. This bag gives me the aesthetically pleasing style along with functionality for my golf game.

Ryder bag

Great golf bag. Fits clubs well. Extremely lightweight. Happy with purchase and priced correctly. Happy golfing thank you my brothers at Sunday golf.

Update from previous review: Bag is exactly what I needed and more!

First off, I want to thank Camden for personally following up on my order. There were a couple of unfortunate events paired with delayed communication, regardless, Sunday Golf made things right by sending an expedited replacement along with additional swags on them. I am so pleased to say I took the Loma bag (holds ~6 clubs) out for a round of Par 3, it definitely lived up to my expectations if not more! Extremely lightweight. They even thought about a velcro portion for your glove, a cooler koozie built in pocket for a drink, many pockets, and kickstand is so responsive! The handle makes carrying with ease and quick transition to move throughout the course, so I can quickly return to my game. No time wasted! Would highly recommend everyone to invest in a Sunday Golf bag, they will not disappoint. Couple friends are inspired and all want one, good thing there’s a Father’s day sale (15%) going on this week!

This is a really great golf bag

I bought a Ryder for my grandson, it's his second Sunday bag - we both have a Loma. I bought the Ryder because of the quality of the Loma, and to give him room to carry his full set of clubs. We have walked two rounds with it and he's thrilled; it's light, it comes on and off easy, the stand mechanism works flawlessly. This was a great purchase for a high school golfer. I'd recommend a Sunday bag to anyone.

Starter Bag

Just started learning how to play and had bought the smallest par 3 bag and loved it. Finally graduated to a full sized course and needed a bag to fit all my clubs and the El Camino was perfect. Bough myself the fanny pack as well and use that regularly!

Very comfortable, very compact, stylish.

The choice of pockets are fantastic! The large accessory pouch with soft valuables pocket and a quick access is a masterpiece of bag design. The ability to remove the ball pouch lid to get a custom embroidery is even better. Then to top it all off with a drink cooler pouch! Where else will you find such options on a golf bag for the price. Even though it's designed to hold 10 clubs you could probably snug all 14 in.


This bag has everything I need an then some! Stylish, the Toasted Almond is too sweet and looks fucking fantastic! Pockets everywhere, frosty pocket is a must have! This bag is slicker than an otters pocket!

Overall a great golf bag!

I am a beginner in golf, so i didn’t want to buy a golf bag that was overly expensive, just on the off chance i changed my mind and didn’t want to keep playing, but this bag makes me want to play more! i was using my boyfriend’s old strata golf bag before i bought this one, and the El Camino is sooo much lighter and easier to carry. My boyfriend is saying he wants to buy The Ryder after seeing mine lol. So glad I found Sunday Golf!


So cute, which to be honest was most important to me. I love the beige color way! Just ties in so cute with my outfits. Not only that, but it is super high quality! I love the velvety pocket where I store my phone/wallet. All of the compartments are awesome -- I have yet to fill them up but so far I love it. There were many more comartments that came with the bag than I expected. One cool idea would be if you guys did a build in speaker or speaker pouch somehow into the bag. I want to bring my JBL but it's too big.

Big Rig
Bryant Agcaoili
Awesome Bag

Love all the features and it’s the perfect cart bag!

Ryder 23.

The Ryder 23 golf bag is super legit. The quality is amazing and there’s so much room in the bag to pretty much hold whatever you might need on the course. It’s wild how light the bag is while walking with it! I can’t wait to use the Ryder 23 bag for more rounds! Thank you Sunday Golf for making a great bag!

Carry bag for my wife

Very clean looking design and super lightweight. My wife tried it for the first time yesterday and fell in love with it!

Get one, you won’t regret it.

These bags are awesome! I have found no downside… none! I play a short set(odds) so I carry a driver, 3 wood/3 iron, 5,7,9, sometimes a wedge and putter. Love the three way divider. Driver and 3 wood/3 iron in the top. 5,7,9 Irons on the lower left and putter and wedge on lower right! Perfect placement. The bag rides well on a cart, as long as you don’t strap it down too tight, or it’s great for walking! Love the frosty pocket, for obvious reasons. Lined pocket for my wallet and keys. Can’t really ask for much more here! Go on and get one, you won’t regret it!

The Loma Bag FTW!

The Loma is another awesome product from Sunday Golf! A super lightweight bag that is made with premium materials is tough to find but SG made it. I love my Loma and its simplicity while still being super functional.

Awesome cart bag!

I love this bag! Has plenty of room, looks great, and really dig the cooler pocket! Glad I went with the Sunday Golf bag versus the others I was considering!

Best. Bag. Ever.

I’ve played ~10 rounds with this bag — walked with a push cart for half of them and otherwise rode in a cart. I have to say that this is, by far, the best and lightest bag I’ve ever seen (short of my par3 bag). I love it. Plenty of pockets; all of which make sense with ample space.
In fact, wifey just stole my heather gray bag, which gave me the opportunity to buy the s-class leather version for myself!! I mean it, highly recommend.

Great Bag and Better Price

This is a fantastic bag at a fantastic price. I’d recommend it to anyone that needs a great cart bag.

El Camino Nails It!

I have had every conceivable golf bag over the last 40 years. I always wanted something light, durable and could transition to a cart. The size is perfect…not too small. I do not carry every piece of golf equipment I own, but there is plenty of room for what you need. I got the midnight green. The colorways are really nice and understated. Couldn’t be happier…value/price and customer service top notch!