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The Loma | Yourmyboy Blue Par 3 Bag

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GOLF BAGS FORE THE WEEKEND Those who live for the thrill of a spontaneous round and the camaraderie in every shared story on the fairway.

We proudly offer four distinct golf bag styles, each with its unique flair but united in purpose.

Every bag is designed with precision, emphasizing lightweight convenience, functional features, and lasting quality. We’re committed to ensuring that our golf bags satisfy the demands of passionate players everywhere.

When you choose one of our golf bags, you're not just gearing up for a round; you're embracing a lifestyle. Fore the weekend, fore the memories, fore the love of the game.

Do you only make small golf bags?

No, Sunday Golf initially began with creating a par 3 bag, the Loma, but our range has since expanded. We now also offer the Loma XL which holds up to 8 clubs and suits those who need a bit more space. The El Camino, which is ideal for walking any courses and carries up to 10 clubs. And the Ryder, which is a full-size, lightweight stand bag for all 14 clubs, and tons of storage space.

Which golf bag is best for me?

To find the best Sunday Golf bag for you, consider your playing style and needs. The Loma is feather weight and perfect for par 3 courses, the range, and holds up to 6 clubs. The Loma XL, offers a little bit more room, with space for up to 8 clubs and suitable for the range or walking any size course. The El Camino comfortably carries up to 10 clubs and is a versatile bag that’s great fore all course sizes and fore those that like to walk and ride. These are all great options for those that don’t use 14 clubs or love to strategize and plan out what clubs they need to bring. The Ryder, a full-size lightweight stand bag, accommodates all 14 clubs, and is perfect fore the cart lover that loves the occasional walk.  

For a detailed comparison, visit our Find My Bag page.

Can I customize my golf bag?

Yes! You can customize your Sunday Golf bag. Just select the bag you like, choose the 'Personalize My Bag' option, and enter your desired embroidery text. It's a great way to add a personal touch to your golf bag.

How do I organize my golf bag?

Organizing your golf bag depends on the size and style you select. With smaller bags, the strategic selection of what clubs you’ll need on the course is key. For example, bringing your go-to clubs like a mid-iron, wedge, and putter. For larger, full-size bags, you have the flexibility to carry a complete set of clubs and additional equipment. Generally you would organize the clubs in your bag from longest to shortest, starting at the top. For example, drivers and woods at the back, irons in the middle, and wedges and putters towards the front.

The Loma
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Up to 6 clubs
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Up to 8 clubs
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Walking Golf Bag
Up to 10 clubs
The Ryder
Lightweight Stand Bag
Up to 14 clubs
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