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How To Sell Your Golf Clubs & Upgrade To New One's

We get it. New golf clubs are expensive, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the technology improvements that golf manufacturers make every year. Your old clubs can help you reduce the size of the investment. Selling golf clubs isn’t hard and is a great way to practice budget golf.

There’s no reason to leave your old golf clubs in the garage collecting dust. Turn them into credit or cash and treat yourself to some new clubs. Are you new to the world of selling used golf clubs? We can help. Below we cover the different options available and give you the pros and cons so you can use the right service for you.

Best Places To Sell Your Golf Clubs


Of course, we have to start with eBay. It’s by far the largest marketplace for you to buy and sell anything and they always have plenty of golf equipment available. With eBay, you’re selling your golf clubs to other golfers directly. eBay simply provides the platform and takes a percentage of your sale. 

how to sell your golf clubs on eBay

You put your golf club or clubs and other golfers can bid on your equipment. It’s an auction, so the highest bidder wins and is shipped the clubs. eBay is easy to use and you can quickly get your auction started. The most common form of payment is Paypal, so you quickly get your cash once the club is received by the buyer.


  • You get paid in cash for selling your golf clubs
  • Phone app is easy to use - very intuitive and you can monitor your auction and communicate with potential buyers
  • Well-managed platform and great processes. Dispute center if you run into any issues while selling your golf clubs
  • eBay has millions of customers, so you will have plenty of potential buyers


  • They do take a fee - a percentage of your sale. The amount varies depending on much you make and what services your leverage when setting up your auction
  • eBay is a broad service - it is used to sell everything, so not golf club-specific


2ndswing is an online and retail business focused on one thing: Buying and selling used golf clubs. They offer an online tool that allows you to check the value of your used golf clubs. Next, you ship them your clubs and they pay you within a couple of weeks. You can choose to be paid in cash or in credit.

2ndswing homepage

You’ll get the most value from your golf clubs if you take the credit and purchase your upgraded clubs directly from If you happen to live near one of their locations, you can trade-in in person and shop for new equipment during your visit.


  • 2ndswing is a well-known service that you can trust
  • The tool they built to give you the value of your club is great - a great way to understand how much you can make from selling your golf clubs
  • They have a large inventory of both new and used clubs that you can buy


  • It’s simpler than going the auction route (eBay, etc.), but you most likely will make less money when selling golf clubs via 2ndswing
  • While they have a large inventory, they may not have everything


Shop Golf Accessories


    The best way to describe Offerup is to call it “your friendly neighborhood eBay.” It’s a marketplace that allows you to buy and sell goods with people that live near you. Instead of shipping your golf clubs across the country, you can simply meet up with the buyer. You add the item you’re trying to sell, give a price, and buyers can message you to negotiate. Once you agree on the price you schedule a time to meet and complete the transaction.

    selling golf clubs on Offerup


    • No shipping charges and no waiting for your money - you get paid when you meet your buyer
    • It’s easy to negotiate price via secure messaging
    • You may end up meeting another avid golfer in your area - who knows, could be a new member of your weekend foursome


    • Offerup is designed for anything you want to sell, so not specific to the golf world
    • It’s only local, so you have fewer buyers than a national marketplace offers you a chance to trade-in your current equipment in order to purchase new golf clubs from them. You fill out a form, they provide you with an estimated trade-in value, and you print a shipping label and send them your golf clubs. You can immediately use your trade-in value to buy new golf clubs. If the value of your trade-in is more than $99, your shipping will be free!

    global golf trade in page

    They’ll take more than just golf clubs. They also accept rangefinders, GPS devices, and push carts. 


    • You quickly get access to your trade-in value
    • No hassle of trying to find a buyer - simply ship to and you’re done
    • Free shipping if your trade-in value is greater than $99


    • You can’t shop around for the best deal on your new clubs - you have to use your credit at
    • You might be able to get more value for your clubs if you sell to a buyer versus a trade-in


    Sidelineswap is an online marketplace designed for athletes to sell to other athletes. The focus is all sports equipment, including selling golf clubs. You create a listing to display what you’re interested in selling, set the price, and wait for a buyer. Once your golf clubs sell, you can either get a cash payment or use your funds to buy equipment from Sidelineswap.

    golf clubs for sale on sideline swap


    • Athletes selling to athletes - this platform has been specifically designed for sports equipment (including selling golf clubs)
    • Easy to communicate and/or negotiate with potential buyers from across the country
    • You have payment options - cash, credit on Sidelineswap or gift cards


    • Less potential buyers than larger marketplaces (eBay)
    • All sports are highlighted, so not specifically focused on selling golf clubs

    Facebook Marketplace

    Facebook Marketplace is a unique platform that is a combination of Offerup and eBay. Selling your golf clubs is fairly easy and buyers have the option to look for local items. You post a price and negotiate with potential buyers. You can decide to meet up to exchange the golf clubs or ship them. If you use Facebook, you’ve probably seen items for sale in your feed. It’s quick and easy to post what you’re interested in selling.

    golf clubs for sale on Facebook Marketplace


    • Facebook allows you to reach a diverse population of potential buyers
    • The “local” option is nice if you aren’t interested in shipping your golf clubs across the country
    • You get to pick how you get paid - typically, cash or Paypal is used


    • People sell anything and everything on Facebook Marketplace - may not be the first place golfers look for used equipment
    • If you aren’t a Facebook user, this probably isn’t the best option for you


    Shop Golf Accessories

      Golf Galaxy Trade-In Center

      Golf Galaxy is one the largest golf retailers in the world and their trade-in center is worth your consideration when selling golf clubs. The process is simple. You check the value of your clubs, ship them to Golf Galaxy or bring them to a store, and use your credit to buy new golf equipment. You’ll receive a Golf Galaxy gift certificate via email and you can start shopping.

      Golf Galaxy gold club trade in


      • You can skip the “shipping process” by bringing your old golf clubs to one of their retail locations
      • Golf Galaxy has a vast inventory of golf clubs - you won’t have any problem finding the new clubs you want
      • All they do is golf - they’re experts


      • There’s no option for a cash payment - your trade-in value must be used to purchase new equipment at Golf Galaxy
      • You may be able to get more for your clubs using an auction-style site

      Selling Golf Clubs: Frequently Asked Questions

      What’s the resale value of golf clubs?

      The value of used golf clubs will depend on the age and condition of the clubs, including how often they’re cleaned. You can check the value of your equipment using an online “value guide.” 

      How can you tell how old a golf club is?

      You can use the brand (Callaway) and the make (Mavrik) to determine the age of the golf club. Search for this combination and you find out when that golf club was produced.

      Do golf clubs go dead?

      Various things can happen to a golf club that’ll impact its performance. Golf clubs are designed to work for many years, but it’s possible to crack the face and this would make the club feel dead. 

      How often should I replace my golf clubs?

      This will depend on the player, how many golf clubs the player has, and how often the clubs are used, but 3-5 years is a good target range to consider when deciding when to replace your golf clubs. 

      Get Value From Your Old Golf Clubs

      Selling your golf clubs is the right answer. How you do it is a personal choice. Ask yourself a few questions. Do you want cash or trade-in credit? Do you want to negotiate with buyers or simply deal with a golf manufacturer? Would you prefer to sell locally? Your answers will tell you the best way to sell your golf equipment.

      Once the sale’s complete, the fun part starts. Buy some new golf clubs. Good luck and enjoy your days in the fairway!

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