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15 Apps for Golfers You Need To Download Today

Our smartphones have become our most prized possessions. We’re sure you use them to manage your work, order food, stay in touch with friends, get directions, or simply pass time with gaming. Have you considered using it to help your golf game or improve your on course experience?

Golf lessons and GPS devices can be expensive, but you can get the same type of information via an app on your phone. There are many different options available in the app store, so we’ve come up with our favorite 15 apps for golfers. Regardless if you’re looking for a golf gps app or simply the best app for golf, we have you covered.

As you read through our list, be thoughtful about the most critical features for your game. Apps for golfers include things like GPS distance, Scoring & Statistics, Handicap Index integration, Voice enablement, Swing Capture, Swing Feedback, Swing Metrics, Short Game Support, Gaming Fun, and Tee Time Acquisition. Most of the apps on our list offer a combination of these features. It may make sense to download a few of them.

The vast majority of golf apps come with a free version or free trial, but to get the full feature set, you'll need a subscription.

1. Golfshot

Golfshot is an app for golfers that want to get GPS distances while playing and track statistics on their game. Key features include GPS yardages with Voice Assistant. You can leave your phone in your pocket or on your cart and listen as the app gives you yardage information.

This golf GPS app also allows you to leverage statistics to determine weaknesses in your game. You can link to your GHIN account to manage your handicap and enter real-time statistics as you play. This app does not offer features related to swing videos or tee time acquisition. Below are a couple quick screenshots from the home screen and the statistics area of the app.

apps for golfers: golf shot

golf shot app

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2. Blast Golf Swing Analyzer

Blast Golf Swing Analyzer is a combination package of a phone app and sensors that you attach to your clubs. This is a full-game (long and short game) offering that helps you improve your swing by using both swing video technologies and data from the sensors.

This combination allows you to get immediate feedback following each swing or each putting stroke. This is one of the best golf apps for the analytical player. You’ll have a tremendous amount of data about your swing at your fingertips.

Due to the fact that you’ll need to purchase the sensors, this app is more expensive than most. Also, if you’re not a student of the golf swing, this amount of data might be overwhelming. This app for golfers does provide features to help explain what the data is telling you.

blast golf

blast golf swing analyzer

3. Golf Coach

The Golf Coach app is designed to help students and instructors communicate and share feedback. Key features include swing videos, goal creation and tracking, and capturing key statistics about your game.

The cool part is that all of this data is shared with your swing coach who can make comments and discuss strategy going forward. Even if you can’t always physically be getting a lesson, your coach can support your improvement via this app for golfers.

In order to get started, your coach needs to create an account and share his or her code. You can then join as a student and you’ll be connected.

golf coach

4. Fun Golf GPS

Fun Golf is a golf GPS app that allows you to get yardage for all shots (in yards or meters) and track key statistics related to your play. A nice, simple app that is focused on these key features without a lot of other bells and whistles.

As you can see in screenshots below, this app for golfers allows you to keep a scorecard with metrics that are easy to use. You can save rounds of golf and even keep scores and stats for other players in your group.

fun golf gps

fun golf app

5. Golf Clash

Alright, you got us! Golf Clash is a game and it won’t improve your golf swing, but it may help take your mind off that bad round. It’s a rapid fire golf game that allows you to compete in 1-on-1 battles with players from across the world.

Most matches are 1 - 3 holes, so it’s perfect when you have a few minutes of free time and want to quench your golf thirst. It’s cartoon golf, so don’t take it too seriously, but be careful - it’s almost as addictive as the real game. 

golf clash

6. GolfLogix

GolfLogix is one of the most advanced golf GPS apps you can find on the market. They’ve taken the time to map over 35,000 courses all around the world, so regardless of where you play, this app has you covered.

Key features include GPS yardage, in round stat tracking, and 3-D views of the hole you’re playing. These are great, but the truly cool thing about this app is the approach view and putt line view. They allow you to see the undulation of the green to understand where your approach should land and where you should aim your putts. 

These unique features make GolfLogix one of the best golf apps available. Here’s an example of the putt line feature. 


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7. Grint

The Grint is an app for golfers that allows you to manage your handicap, track stats, and even create a live leaderboard if you have a large group. Like many other apps you can do live tracking of your score and stats, but the leaderboard is a differentiator.

The leaderboard allows you to see how everyone in your group is playing - it updates as soon as they enter the score for each hole. It can make your next golf trip much more enjoyable! Another cool feature is that you can take a picture of your scorecard and the app will automatically upload your scores.

The Grint also offers GPS services to provide you with the information you need to pick the correct club. You can use features on their website to analyze your golf stats.

apps for golfers: the grint

the grint

8. 18Birdies

18Birdies is one of the best golf apps because of its diversity. It is very feature-rich. It provides you with GPS functionality and stat-tracking. It allows you to read reviews of courses from other golfers and even book your next tee time.

Our favorite feature is the AI-powered Swing Coach & Swing Analyzer. It’ll quickly review your swing and provide feedback, even possible drills for you to try to get better.

Another cool feature is you can benchmark your statistics versus other golfers who have played the same course. The perfect app for golfers that want a bit of everything in one place.


9. mScorecard

Like many of the apps for golfers on our list, mScorecard provides the basics of GPS distancing, statistic tracking, and handicap management. Where it stands out amongst its peers is with the additional features included. A simple example is a landscape view of your scorecard, which is much easier to read if you are playing in a foursome.

As we know, golfers enjoy a nice side bet and mScorecard has incorporated this part of the game. It allows you to program and calculate Skins, Nassau, Stableford, and more.

This golf GPS app doesn't have features related to game improvement or instruction, but takes the scoring and bet calculation further than most.

mScorecard hole view

mScorecard gps

10. GolfNow

While the GolfNow app for golfers has some other features, its bread and butter is tee time acquisition. More importantly, discounted golf tee times. You can search and book a tee time at over 9,000 courses.

You can look for “hot deals” and save some serious cash. It also includes a rewards program that allows you to save even more money. GolfNow is the best golf app if you like to try different courses while getting a deal.

golf now

11. Rapsodo Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo Launch Monitor allows you to leverage the power of your phone app to get PGA-level data on each shot. In order to use this app for golfers, you do need to purchase the launch monitor and this is a significant investment in your game. However, the information you will get is amazing.

You’ll be able to understand the following metrics about your shots: distance, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, launch angle, and launch direction. This is enough data to satisfy Bryson DeChambeau!

The features include Shot Tracer, GPS Shot Map, Video Playback, Interactive Games, and a Shot Library.


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12. Hole 19

Hole 19 is a golf GPS app that provides some unique features for the social golfer. Of course, you can use the app to confirm yardages and it has been designed to work with your smartwatch. You can also track your critical golf-related stats.

The social features of this app for golfers separates it from others. First, you can search for courses in the area you want to play and get reviews from other players just like you. Second, you can create a profile that allows you to share scores with others.

hole 19

hole 19

13. Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

The Zepp Golf app does scoring and some leaderboard functionality, but its focus is swing improvement and highlights. The highlight feature allows you to film a shot and add a ball tracer, TV style graphics, and a voice over. 

It also includes integration to your Apple Watch that can provide some swing metrics while you practice. It will provide your tempo, hand path, and hand speed after each shot.

Not as robust as other swing analyzer apps, but a useful tool for the golfer looking to improve.

zepp app


14. Golf Live 24

Golf Live 24 is the app for golfers that love to track and stay on top of the professional tours around the world. Perfect for the golf super fan!

This application provides leaderboards and hole-by-hole scoring for tours across the planet. You can review the current world golf rankings and see upcoming tee times for your favorite players.

golf 24

15. V1 Golf

The V1 Golf app for golfers is all about swing videos, swing analysis, and getting feedback from your instructor or from a V1 teacher.

You can video HD quality swing videos, slow them down to frame-by-frame, and leverage drawing tools to highlight angles or swing planes. You can send your videos to your V1 golf instructor and get instant feedback.

One of the best golf apps to improve your swing, V1 Golf allows you to organize your clips and manage them efficiently.

V1 golf app

Improve Your Game

If you love the game of golf, why not take advantage of the tools available to you via apps for golfers? Depending on the features you would enjoy, you don’t need to download all 15, but most players would get value from at least 3-4 of the best golf apps.

Let your smartphone work for you. Track your game and improve. Establish a handicap and challenge your buddies. Record and analyze your swing. Find new courses to play and potentially, save some money. Get more out of your practice time. Get more out of your game!

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