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18 Best Men's Golf Bags [Buyer's Guide]

Are you in the market for your first men’s golf bag or is it time to replace your existing one? This is a product you’ll likely use for several years, so take your time and make an informed purchase. It’s always a good idea to do some research before buying a men’s golf bag.

We’ve developed our list of the 18 best men's golf bags. We provide you with the features you should consider and the price. Find the right bag for you based on how you enjoy the game of golf. The right men’s golf bag will improve your on-course experience. 

The 18 Best Men’s Golf Bags

1. Loma Bag By Sunday Golf

The Loma Bag is the perfect men’s lightweight Sunday golf bag. Weighing less than 2 lbs, anyone can carry this bag to the driving range or for a quick afternoon 9. 

best mens golf bag by Sunday Golf

Designed to carry between 6-8 clubs and all of your golf essentials (balls, tees, glove, etc.), this men’s golf bag is perfect for the minimalist player. Do you like a cold beverage on the course? The Loma has a frosty pocket to keep it cool until you make the turn.

Stylish in design, you can choose from 10+ colors including Black Camo, Ron Burgundy, Matte Black, or Midnight Green. Priced at less than $135, the Loma Bag can be the perfect complement to your larger cart bag.

Shop The Loma Bag

Loma bag by Sunday Golf in burgundy

2. Callaway Chev Stand Bag

Callaway golf is one of the larger brands in the game, and their Chev Stand Bag is worth a look. This mid-size stand bag is larger than most carry options (4.3 pounds), but this gives you more storage options for your golf gear.

Callaway Chev mens golf bag

There’s plenty of space for all of your clubs, your valuables, and rain or cold weather apparel. You also have a place to store your umbrella and a matching rain hood. It’s available in a red, white, and blue color scheme and will cost you $189.99.

While you could walk with this men’s golf bag, it’s designed particularly for the player that enjoys riding in a cart.

3. The LOMA XL by Sunday Golf

The LOMA XL is the “big brother” of the popular LOMA bag. It is designed to hold 8 clubs and only weighs 3.4 pounds. The same style as the LOMA, but it comes with a double shoulder strap and a 3-way divider to help you organize your clubs.

midnight green Loma XL men's golf bag

It also has a “frosty pocket” to keep your drinks cold and a velour-lined pocket to keep your valuables safe. Pick from 4 different colors for less than $150!

Shop The Loma XL

4. MV2 Golf Bag

The MV2 men’s golf bag is a unique offering that brings several different features to the table. For example, it has a “cooler like” thermal pocket that can hold up to 6 12-ounce cans and an internal stand mechanism.

MV2 Golf mens golf bag

Reengineered side and ball pockets create wider openings and more storage places that close via magnets instead of zippers. This men’s golf bag also comes with a Bluetooth speaker with 8-hour battery life.

All of these unique features do slightly increase the weight and price of this carry bag. It weighs 5 pounds and will cost you $249. 

5. Sunday Golf El Camino

Sunday Golf is famous for their lightweight golf bags that are designed to carry less than 14 clubs. They feel that simpler is better and less is more. The El Camino is a compromise with the golf purist. 

It weighs less than 4 pounds and can comfortably hold 10 clubs. Do you need more than 10 clubs to enjoy a round of golf? The El Camino comes with all of the bells and whistles. It is easy to carry with a double strap. It has an insulated pocket for your drinks and a 4-way divider to help you organize your clubs. 

Grey El Camino mens golf bag

The perfect golf bag for your next afternoon 9! Pick from 4 different colors for less than $180.

Shop The El Camino

6. SL2 Men’s Golf Bag By Stitch

Stitch golf is known for making high-quality, premium-priced men’s golf bags and the SL2 is no exception. It’s made from a proprietary product (Touring Fabric) that has the strength of leather, but is more durable, more lightweight, and water-resistant. 

SL2 Men’s Golf Bag By Stitch

You have the option to convert this carry bag from a single strap to a double strap at any time. This men’s golf bag weighs 4-pounds and is both stylish and functional. There’s plenty of storage for everything you’ll need on the golf course. Choose from black, gray, or navy for the price of $388.

7. Sun Mountain 2.5+ 14-Way Bag

Sun Mountain has been making men’s golf bags for 30+ years and continues to offer quality products like the 2.5+ 14-Way. This is a lightweight carry bag (less than 4 pounds) that has been built for the golfer that prefers to stroll the fairways instead of riding on the cart path.

Sun Mountain mens golf bag

A unique feature compared to other bags in this category is the 14 separate dividers (one for every club). For the price of $239.99, you can select from gunmetal-inferno, cement-navy, black, or navy-white-red.

8. Titleist Players 4 Plus Stand Bag

If you play golf, you’re aware of the Titleist brand. They’re best known for their golf balls (ProV1), but they offer a full line of golf products, including men’s golf bags. The Players 4 Plus is a carry bag designed for walkers. 

Titleist Players 4 Plus Mens Stand Bag

Key features include a premium double strap, a waterproof valuables pouch, and two external water bottle pockets. It weighs a little over 4 pounds and has multiple pockets to store apparel. Twelve different color combinations are available, but our favorites are gray-navy-flame and charcoal-gray-canary. The Players 4 Plus bag costs $250.

Shop The Loma Bag

9. Titleist Premium Carry Bag

Titleist goes “back to back” on our list of best golf bags, this time with their Premium Carry Bag. This men’s golf bag is a minimalist or sunday golf bag. It doesn’t have a stand.

7. Titleist Premium Carry Bag

It’s ultralightweight (slightly more than 2 pounds) and easy to carry, this bag can hold up to 10 clubs. There’s an external water bottle holder and it’s offered in 3 different colors (black/red, charcoal/grey, royal/black). The Premium Carry Bag is priced at $135.

10. Sunday Golf Ryder Stand Bag

The Ryder Stand Bag by Sunday Golf is a full-size golf bag packed with cool features. This high-quality product comes with a self-adjusting dual strap, a pass-through cart strap, an umbrella holder, and an easy-access glove holder. Do you ever get thirsty on the course? How about a “frosty” pocket that can hold up to 4 cans?

Ryder stand bag by Sunday Golf

This men’s golf bag is available in 8 different colors including Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, Seafoam, and Salmon. It will cost you $199 and is worth a look.

11. Vessel Lite Lux Stand Bag

The Lite Lux stand bag by Vessel is a premium men’s golf bag. While you’ll pay a bit more for this bag, you’ll enjoy features like a patented equilibrium 2.0 convertible shoulder strap, a cooler-lined water bottle sleeve, and 3-point personalization: ball pocket, left & right pockets.

Vessel Lite Lux Stand Bag

You’ll enjoy finely crafted details, hand-stitched leather touch-points, a beautiful crosshatch pattern, and premium YKK zippers. This men’s golf bag does feel luxurious. You’ll pay $355 and can select from maroon, natural, or black.

12. Jones Utility Trooper 2.0

The Utility Trooper 2.0 is a slightly larger carry bag option. Weighing in at 5 pounds, this men’s golf bag provides you with more storage than most. The restyled apparel pocket features a new valuables compartment on the side and a stress-free phone pocket on top. Do you like to share drinks with your buddies on the back 9? The Utility Trooper 2.0 has an extra-large front cooler compartment.

Jones Utility Trooper mens golf bag

We’d recommend this golf bag to the player that occasionally walks but often jumps on a cart before they head to the first tee. This men’s golf bag will cost you $250.

13. Callaway Org 7 Cart Bag

The second Callaway bag to make our best golf bags list is the Org 7 Cart Bag. This is a unique offering because it’s designed as a cart bag, but is fairly lightweight (less than 5 pounds). This is great for a golfer that wants to leave their options open (walk or ride). If you want to walk with this bag, we’d recommend a pushcart. 

10. Callaway Org 7 Cart Bag

With a larger men’s golf bag, you get more storage options. It comes with 8 forward-facing pockets including two soft-lined valuables pockets with waterproof zippers, a cell phone sleeve, and 2 large apparel pockets. This bag will cost you $225+.

14. Asher Golf Carry Bag

The Golf Carry Bag by Asher is another example of a lightweight, minimalist men’s golf bag. Very easy to carry on the course, it weighs less than 4 pounds, but it isn’t designed to hold all 14 clubs. It’s for casual rounds, practice sessions, or par 3 courses.

Asher mens golf bag

The Golf Carry Bag offers enough storage for your basics (balls, tees, gloves, rangefinder, etc.) and does include a stand. It’s priced at $199.

15. Moto Caddy Pro Series Bag

Do you prefer to ride in a cart? No interest in carrying your clubs around the course? Give the Pro Series Bag by Motocaddy a look. This men’s golf bag is packed with cool features: 14 full-length dividers, 9 spacious pockets, 2 waterproof valuables pouches, and an external beverage pocket, to name a few.

Moto Caddy Pro Series Bag

It weighs 7+ pounds and you can select from black/red, black/blue, and black/yellow. Made from Premium Nylon & PU materials, it’ll cost you $270.

16. Srixon Ultra Light Stand Bag

There’s nothing unlucky about #13 on our best golf bags list. The Ultra Light Stand Bag by Srixon is an excellent choice for the walking golfer that needs all 14 clubs.

Srixon Ultra Light Stand Bag

This men’s golf bag weighs less than 3.5 pounds and has plenty of storage (5 pockets). You can select from 3 different stylish colors (grey/lime, grey/blue, grey/red). You’ll pay $220 for this product.

17. Cobra Speedzone Staff Bag

Cobra is known in the golf industry as a “cool” brand and their Speedzone Staff Bag is no exception. Rickie Fowler has used this bag on the PGA Tour. It’s built for the player that either rides on a cart or has a full-time caddie.

Cobra Speedzone Mens Staff Bag

This men’s golf bag weighs 11+ pounds and allows you to store all of your golf gear. No planning is needed because you can leave everything you own in it. This premium product will cost you $375.

18. Mizuno Tour Staff Mid

Mizuno is best known for their irons, but the Tour Staff Mid is worth your consideration. It’s a hybrid between a full staff/pro bag and a walking bag. That being said, you’ll need to rent a cart or use a pushcart with this bag. Not a carry bag.

Mizuno Tour Staff Mid

Built from premium materials, it has plenty of storage, an insulated drink pocket, and a waterproof, fleece-lined valuables pocket. This men’s golf bag will cost you $350.

How To Find The Best Men’s Golf Bag

Now that you have read about our favorite 18 men’s golf bags, let’s discuss the features you should consider when making your final decision.


What golf equipment do you use on the course? You want to make sure the bag you pick has enough storage to carry all of your gear. Are there any “special” storage areas that are important to you? Items to consider are apparel pockets, valuables pocket(s), and frosty/cooler pockets for your favorite beverages. 

extra drink and valuables pockets in Loma Bag

Shop The Loma Bag


We do feel that function is key, but you also want to look good. The style of your men’s golf bag says something to other players you encounter on the course. You can use a high-quality men’s golf bag for years, so make sure you pick one that you will be proud to carry. Looking good makes you feel more confident and confidence goes a long way in the game of golf.


We work hard for our money and we want to spend it on quality products. Pay attention to the type of material used in constructing the golf bag and check out reviews. If many other golfers have enjoyed the men’s golf bag you can buy it with confidence.


The price is always worth considering before you make a golf gear purchase. Does it fit within your budget? If you can save some money and still get a high-quality men’s golf bag, do it! Use the additional funds on greens fees or on that new golf towel you have been considering. 

Pick The Men’s Golf Bag That Matches How You Play The Game

Similar to all golf purchases, it comes down to identifying what features mean the most to you. 

There’s no wrong way to enjoy the game of golf. The key is to buy the golf equipment that matches how you play. We want you to have a blast when you’re on the course!

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