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20 Luxury Golf Bags That Stand Out In 2024

You decide you want to play the game of golf.

You know you need clubs, balls, tees, and a golf bag to carry all of your gear. 

Shopping for a golf bag is easy, right?

I mean how many options truly exist?

You might be surprised to learn there are at least 5 types of golf bags. The right bag for you will depend on your golf budget and how you enjoy playing the game.

You’ve probably heard of Sunday golf bags, carry golf bags, stand golf bags, and cart golf bags, but are you familiar with the luxury golf bag category?

The luxury golf bag category is the one that many golfers aren’t aware of - you probably won’t see any luxury golf bags in the pro shop of your local public golf course.

With that in mind, we spent some time checking out these bags.

What Is A Luxury Golf Bag?

The name sort of gives it away.

It’s a high-quality, stylish golf bag that’s made from the finest materials and truly stands out at the golf course.

It’s highly possible you’ve never seen one at your local driving range.

How does it differ from a regular bag?

Most luxury golf bags are made from expensive leather and were designed with fashion/style in mind. They include various features that aren’t available on regular golf bags. Are they as functional as a regular golf bag? The answer to that question depends on the player.

Why do you need a luxury golf bag?

You want to look good on the golf course and like to invest in your golf game. You want to stand out and be unique. You want to make sure no one else has the same golf bag when you step to the first tee.

How To Choose The Best Luxury Golf Bag

If you’re interested in finding the best luxury golf bag for your game, we recommend you keep 5 factors in mind while shopping.

1. Material Used

As you’ll see below, luxury golf bags are offered in every style, from a lightweight golf bag to a cart bag.

The material does vary.

Do you want python leather or canvas?

You’ll be able to choose from the finest materials.

2. Overall Quality

As you can imagine, luxury golf bags are true works or art and designed to be the highest of quality.

That doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Pay attention to craftsmanship and customer reviews.

Make sure your luxury golf bag is functional and not just beautiful.

3. Durability

A significant amount of time is spent making luxury golf bags look great.

You could argue they’re as much fashion and art as they are golf equipment.

If you plan to use your luxury golf bag on the course, you need to make sure it’s built to last.

4. Design & Features

You should love the design of your luxury golf bag.

It should be love at first sight, but also focus on the “extras” or features that are offered with it.

Luxury golf bags are selling a look and an experience.

You want to make sure that’s the experience you want to have on the course.

5. Price

As you’ll see below, all luxury golf bags are an investment, but that doesn’t mean they’re priced the same.

Determine your budget before you start shopping.

You never want to spend more than you can afford.

20 Luxury Golf Bags

The luxury golf bag market is new to many golfers.

We wanted to help by highlighting 20 of the best luxury golf bags available.

For each one, we provide some information about the bag and let you know an approximate price.

Be prepared, you might experience some “sticker shock.”

20. Steurer & Jacoby Pencil Style Luxury Golf Bag

The “pencil style” golf bag from Steurer & Jacoby is the first luxury minimalist golf bag on our list. This bag is built with American tanned leather, Classic Cotton Duck Canvas and solid brass hardware and is designed to be used while walking the course or practicing on the driving range.

Steurer & Jacoby Premium Leather Pencil Style Golf BagsSource: Steurer & Jacoby

Extremely lightweight (2 pounds), this bag will hold up to 9 golf clubs and all of your essentials (balls, tees, gloves, etc.).

You can create your own bag with 10 different color options for the canvas and 3 different options for the leather trim. Add free personalization on the sling.

Price: $225


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19. Steurer & Jacoby Airliner Style Golf Bag

Crafted with personally selected American tanned hides and American made brass hardware, the Airliner style golf bag from Steurer & Jacoby is fully customizable. You have 13 color options for the waxed cotton duck canvas and 4 color options for the Chestnut leather.

Steurer & Jacoby Premium Leather Airliner Style Golf BagSource: Steurer & Jacoby

This luxury golf bag weighs 7 lbs and is designed to be used by the golfer that enjoys walking the fairways in style. 

Price: $550

18. Modest Vintage Player Deluxe Leather Golf Bag

The Deluxe Tan Leather Golf Bag by Modest Vintage Player is one of the more economically priced luxury golf bags to make our list.

This is a carry bag with a stand that is made from premium full grain tan cowhide leather.

It is relatively lightweight (just under 11 lbs.) and comes with a genuine leather cover. 

Price: $799
Modest Vintage Player Deluxe Tan Luxury Leather Golf Bag

Source: Modest Vintage Player


17. Piel Leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag

The final luxury golf bag to make our list is the “Leather Deluxe” by Piel Leather. Handcrafted in South America using naked leather (giving it a soft feel).

It comes with a matching leather hood and a detachable shoulder strap. Plenty of storage and designed to be used when you rent a cart or hire a caddie.

Price: $1,238
Piel Leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag

Source: Piel Leather


16. Caratto Ostrich Golf Bag

This is the second golf bag by Caratto to make our list of best luxury golf bags. The features and construction of this golf bag are very similar to “#1” on our list with one key difference. Instead of using python leather, this bag is made from the finest Italian ostrich leather. You can select from 15 standard colors or request a custom color.

Caratto Ostrich Golf Bag

Source: Caratto

Several bonus accessories come with your Caratto luxury golf bag. An umbrella with a leather handle that matches your bag, a golf hat with matching leather clasp, and numbered leather head covers. You also receive a clutch bag in the same leather.

Price: Unavailable on their site

15. The Links Luxury Golf Bag

The Links Golf Bag by Links and Kings is an example of classic design meeting modern performance. Made from premium leather, this carry golf bag has a single shoulder strap, a towel loop, and side pocket for storage.

The Links Golf Bag
Source: Links and Kings

This luxury golf bag is fully customizable. You can pick from 20 different color options and add a monogram, embroidery, or embossing. Make this bag your own.

Price: $1,000

14. MacKenzie Luxury Golf Bag

If you’re looking for a unique, luxury, walking golf bag, you should check out MacKenzie golf bags. Each bag is built to order. You start by selecting your base material (leather bag, a waxed canvas bag, a treated canvas bag, or a nylon bag). Next you decide on the size of your bag - this design will impact the amount of storage you have and how much the bag weighs.

MacKenzie Golf Bag

Source: MacKenzie

Of course, you also get to select colors, embellishments, and additional features. All of your choices can and will impact the final price of your MacKenzie golf bag.

Price: $1,000 - $1,500

13. Macdonald Artisan―Argyle Golf Bag

The Argyle Golf Bay by Macdonald is a unique looking luxury carry golf bag. Very lightweight and made from superb leather. What makes this golf bag unique is the design/style. We bet you haven’t seen a golf bag that looks like this one. 

Price: $2,000

Macdonald Artisan―Argyle Golf BagSource: Macdonald



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12. Terrida Imperial Luxury Golf Bag

The Terrida Imperial is handmade in Italy from waterproof leather. There’s an optional shoulder strap, but most players with this bag will choose to ride in a cart or hire a caddie. You can choose from 8 different colors and have the ability to customize where those colors are used when building your bag. 

Price: $2,400

Terrida Imperial Golf BagSource: Terrida


11. Terrida Carbon Golf Bag

The Carbon Golf Bag is the second one made by Terrida to make our list. This bag is handmade in Italy with a combination of real leather and vegetable tanned leather. There is an optional shoulder strap, but this bag is designed to ride on a cart.

Terrida Carbon Golf Bag

Source: Terrida

This bag looks great and also provides you with plenty of storage for everything you need to enjoy your round. 

Price: $2,400

10. CHIARUGI Prestige 8" Genuine Italian Leather Golf Bag

This handsome golf bag by Pellevera could be used on a golf cart or could be carried on the course. Made from brown, vegetable-tanned leather with gold tone metal highlights, this bag has a stylish and classic feel. Made in Italy, this bag has plenty of storage for your golf gear and a matching leather hood for travel.

Price: $3,500


CHIARUGI Prestige 8" Genuine Italian Luxury Leather Golf BagSource: CHIARUGI


9. Prada Nylon Luxury Golf Bag

Prada is known for making purses and handbags, but they also offer a luxury black golf bag as well. Designed to be used on a golf cart, this bag has plenty of storage for your rainsuit or winter jacket. All black design with Prada Milano logo.

Price: $4,700

prada luxury golf bag

Source: Prada

8. Bentley Golf Tour Luxury Bag

If a Bentley vehicle is out of your price range, maybe the Bentley Golf Tour Bag instead? This luxury golf bag was designed to be stylish and functional. Built with ultra soft premium waterproof leather and features waterproof zippers, all detailing has been hand stitched. This is a tour bag, meaning you wouldn’t want to walk the course with it, unless you have a caddie.

Price: $2,800


Bentley Golf Tour BagSource: Bentley Golf


7. Soul of Nomad Kennedy Golf Bag

The Kenney golf bag by Soul of Nomad is a beautiful option that’s available in sand, red, blue, or black. It’s another example of a leather luxury golf bag - made from embossed italian calf leather. Silver brass hardware elements and quilted pockets make this bag stand out from the rest. A comfortable shoulder strap allows you to carry this bag, but most players will use a cart when using the Kennedy golf bag.

Price: $9,975
Soul of Nomad Kennedy Golf Bag

Source: Soul Of Nomad


6. Louis Vuitton Golf Bag

The Louis Vuitton golf is made to order and is made from monogram canvas and natural leather trimmings. It is a functional golf bag that can be used to walk or ride the course. A durable luxury golf bag with a washable liner that makes it easy to maintain.

Louis Vuitton Golf BagSource: Louis Vuitton

Unique features include a matching rain hood, a washable Louis Vuitton golf towel, and golf kit/pouch to hold tees and golf balls. Plenty of storage for your golf gear.

Price: $15,000

5. Treccani Milano Brown Ostrich Golf Bag

This is the second time Treccani Milano has made our list and this time we want to share details on their Brown Ostrich luxury golf bag. It’s handmade in Italy using only the finest ostrich leather and each individual bag is made to order.

Price: $22,500
Treccani Milano Brown Ostrich luxury Golf Bag

Source: Treccani Milano


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4. Caratto Python Luxury Golf Bag

The Caratto Python golf bag is luxurious and beautiful.

It’s designed to be used on a cart and has a body made from carbon and kevlar that allows it to be both durable and lightweight. It’s made from the finest Italian Python leather and you can choose from 15 color options or request a customer color.

The bag is 100% handmade.

Caratto Python Luxury Golf BagSource: Caratto

Several bonus accessories come with your Caratto luxury golf bag. An umbrella with a leather handle that matches your bag, a golf hat with matching leather clasp, and numbered leather head covers. You also receive a clutch bag in the same leather.

Price: Unavailable

3. BARCHI Empire Black Golf Bag

The BARCHI Empire Black Golf Bag combines functionality with elegance. This luxury golf bag is handmade from crocodile skin and carbon fiber. Designed to be used on a cart, it offers plenty of storage for all your golf gear. Included with your purchase is a hood, shoulder strap, and 5 head covers that match your bag.

Price: $57,000
BARCHI Empire Black Golf Bag

Source: BARCHI


2. Treccani Milano Black Alligator Golf Bag

The Treccani Milano Black Alligator golf bag is an example of a luxury carry bag. If you prefer, you can request the bag be made with ostrich or calf leather. It’s made in Italy and comes with a nylon waterproof travel bag with details in the same leather and color of the bag you selected. 

Price: $54,000
Treccani Milano Black Alligator Luxury Golf Bag

Source: Treccani


1. Valigeria Grignola Blue Crocodile Luxury Golf Bag

The Valigeria Grignola Blue Crocodile golf bag is made from blue-hued crocodile leather and is beautifully hand-sewn.

Designed to be used on a golf cart, you’ll find separate compartments for an umbrella and your other golf essentials (towels, tees, balls, gloves, rangefinders, etc.).

Your purchase includes a set of leather headcovers and a leather travel hood for the bag.

Price: $60,000

Valigeria Grignola Blue Crocodile Luxury Golf BagSource: Valigeria Grignola 

Do You Need A Luxury Golf Bag?

Well, no one really “needs” a luxury golf bag.

The better question is: Do you want a luxury golf bag?

Is now a good time to “treat yourself”?

If so, we hope our list of the 20 best luxury golf bags helps.

Determine your budget, determine how you like to play golf (walk or rent a cart), and pick the luxury golf bag that gets you excited about the game. 

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