80+ Funny and Clever Fantasy Golf Team Names

80+ Funny and Clever Fantasy Golf Team Names

We love playing fantasy golf. You get to hang out with your buddies, draft your favorite players, and talk a little trash when your squad does well.

The only challenge can be coming up with a unique and funny team name. You want your name to stand out from the pack and make your friends chuckle.

Don’t worry, we can help find the perfect name for your team and your league. You will see plenty of team name ideas below.

Good luck and we hope your squad dominates the competition.

Funny Golf Team Names

1. She Has Caddie Issues

2. Ace Venturers

3. Grip It And Sip It

4. Sir Shanks-A-Lot

5. The Drawshank Redemption

6. The Happy Hookers

7. Victorious Secret

8. Shankapotamus

9. Bring in Da Fred Funk

10. Cink or Swim

11.0Everything But The Kitchen Cink

12. Always Wash Your Balls

13. Party Of Fore

14. Slackers and Wackers

15. Has-Beens and Wannabes

16. Golfers Unite

17. I Like Big Putters and I Cannot Lie

18. Unlimited Mulligans


Clever Golf Team Names

19. Weapons of Grass Destruction

20. Breaking Baddeley

21. Divot And Goliath

22. Don't Rory Be Happy

23. Dude, Where’s My Par

24. Jabba The Putt

25. Puff Caddie

26. The Power-Putt Girls

27. Where's Faldo

28. Nicklaus at Night

29. May the Schwartzel Be With You

30. The Grateful Sned

31. Fore Fathers

32. Stroke Of Luck

33. Even God Can’t Hit a 1-iron

34. Fore Play

35. Shooters Gotta Shoot

36. Putt Pirates Of The Calcutta

37. Give Me Your Keys, We Are Swingers

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Cool Golf Team Names

38. Ball Busters

39. Designated Drivers

40. The Bogey Brothers

41. Nineteenth Hole Newbies

42. Par-Tee Girls

43. Serenity Now

44. The Eagles Have Landed

45. Shank You, Shank You Very Much

46. Jagged Little Phil

47. The Poulter-geists

48. Hackers Anonymous

49. Bunker Babes

50. Back 9 Ballers

51. Wrecking Balls

52. Wonder Whackers

53. The Hole In My Heart

54. Goodness Gracias, Great Balls of Fire

55. The Bogey Men in Black

56. Bros Before Holes

57. Par Slayers

58. Every Shot Could Be A Hole-in-One


Great Golf Team Names

59. Angry Birdies

60. Chip Off The Old Shot

61. Droppin' A Deuce

62. Fairway To Heaven

63. How’s My Driving - Call 1-800-867-5309

64. Lions, Tigers, and Bogeys, Oh My

65. Sandbaggers Wife

66. The Thunder Birdies

67. Worm Burners

68. The Fore Horsemen

69. Fists of Furyk

70. Hey, Mr. Vijay

71. The Spieth Who Shagged Me

72. Weir Science

73. Don’t Have a Hack Attack

74. Sultans of Swing

75. Tiger’s Wood

76. Wedgies

77. Happy Gilmore’s Grandma

78. Short Sticks & Long Balls

79. Foot Wedge

80. The Best Club In My Bag is My Pencil

81. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg (For Gimmes )


Tips For Choosing The Par-fect Golf Team Name

The best golf team names are ironic, funny, and unique. Don’t like one of the options above?

Brainstorm your own fantasy golf team name, but keep these tips in mind.

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Consider The League And The Audience

When you are coming up with the perfect name for your squad, what is your primary goal?

The name won’t actually impact how your team performs, so it isn’t about winning. Your goal is to make the other members of your fantasy league smile.

Another way to look at it is that you are trying to tell a joke with your team name and you always want a joke to be relatable to your audience. Assuming you know the other people in your league, think about what they might find funny.

Do they play golf competitively or are they weekend hackers? How old are they? Why is there age important? If they are all under the age of 25, they probably won’t enjoy pop culture references from the 1980s.

For example, “Jagged Little Phil” is a great name if you have some Alanis Morissette fans in your league.

Identify Team Member’s Personalities And Interests

We recommend you reconsider your team name after you draft your players. For example, if your team includes McIlroy then “Don’t Rory, Be Happy” is a great option.

Take a broad look at your roster - do your players have anything in common that you can use?

Maybe they are all known for hitting the ball a long way or maybe they all played college golf in the SEC conference. If you can find a common thread that applies to all or most of your roster, use it in your team name.

Use Puns And Wordplay

The perfect Fantasy golf team name is all about the wordplay. Use puns, synonyms, and of course, double entendres. We recommend you keep it PG-13, but depending on your league, a name that is a bit naughty might get some laughs.

Yes, some of these will be “dad jokes”, but hey, your league might be full of dads. The more creative your name is, the better.

Avoid Duplicating Names

Never use the same team name from year to year - always try to keep it fresh. You should also pay attention to the other names in your league.

If someone is already using “Cink or Swim” you don’t want to go with the same joke and use “Everything But The Kitchen Cink”.

Do you have a few different team names you like?

No problem, most fantasy golf seasons are months long and there is no rule that says you can’t change your name during your season. If your team starts off playing poorly maybe a new name will get them going.

Fantasy Golf Is Fun - Make Sure Your Team Name Embraces This Idea

The great thing about fantasy golf names is that they are not permanent. Be creative and be bold - if your name doesn’t get the desired result from the rest of your league, simply try again.

We are confident you will find one that will make your competitors smile.

Have fun and don’t take it too seriously - don’t forget that it is “fantasy” golf!

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