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The Top Places To Get Fitted For Golf Clubs

You wouldn’t buy a new car without test-driving it, so why should you buy new clubs without “testing-driving” them? You can purchase golf clubs directly off the rack, but you most likely won’t get the best golf equipment for your swing.

Just like fingerprints, all golfers have different swings. Your level of play, your clubhead speed, and your swing path all impact how a golf club will perform in your hands. Isn’t golf hard enough without your clubs working against you?

Getting the right clubs could be the difference between you getting frustrated with the game and you taking the next step. Starting hitting the ball more consistently and shooting lower scores with golf clubs built just for you.

You still aren’t sure? Bring your current clubs to your fitting and compare the results. You’ll see that club fitting is well worth the time and money. Let’s get started!

Where To Get Fitted For Golf Clubs

The first step is to determine where and how you’ll complete your golf club fitting. There are several options - we’ve covered 5 of them below.

1. Independent Specialist Golf Club Fitter

This is their business. All they do every day is club fittings. The most famous is Club Champion, but there are others. Do a search in your area to find the most convenient for you.

club fitting at Club Champion

The advantage of this type of custom golf club fitting is they aren’t limited to one product line. They can let you try all major golf brands (Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Mizuno, etc.). They have all the technology available to measure your swing and match it to the best possible clubs.

Independent Specialists will use a simulator and trackman to capture data as you hit shots. They can quickly switch out shafts and clubheads until you find the perfect combination.

2. Local Golf Professionals

Are you a member of a private country club or get lessons from a PGA professional? If so, you may want to ask them if they do club fittings. The advantage here is that you have a relationship with the person during your golf club fitting.

This is a great way to get new golf clubs and support a local business. Most PGA professionals will have agreements with certain golf manufacturers - it's a good idea to ask the types of clubs they can fit you for prior to your session. For example, if you really want Titleist golf clubs, but your local pro is a “Callaway guy” you should look for a different option.

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3. Golf Club Manufacturer Demo Days

Demo days are the perfect way to try out some different clubs and interact with a knowledge resource related to the golf equipment you are hitting. Demo days are almost always a single manufacturer. For example, you can attend a PING demo day or a Mizuno demo day.

Mizuno demo day

Demo days are typically held at a driving range and you will see a tent setup. The representative will be able to explain the golf club technology and let you try different options. They typically bring a trackman to help you understand the performance of different clubs.

4. Golf Retailers

You may be surprised to read that golf retailers do custom fitting, but it’s true. You can make an appointment at your local Golf Galaxy or PGA Tour Superstore and a professional will spend time helping your find the right golf clubs. Most golf retailers have a launch monitor and will give you a discount on the purchase you make following your club fitting.

5. Golf Club Manufacturer’s Headquarters

Do you want the PGA Tour player experience? Do you know the brand of golf clubs you want to purchase? Do you mind spending a few extra dollars?

If you answered “yes”, “yes”, and “no” you might as well go directly to the source. You can sign up for a custom fitting at the headquarters of your favorite golf brand. It’ll cost you, but it’ll be an experience you remember for years.

Types Of Fittings

We’ve talked about the “where” - now it’s time to talk about the different types of fittings that are available to you.

Full Bag Fitting

Pretty self-explanatory. Sign up for a “full bag” fitting and you’ll leave with everything from a driver to a putter. Your fitting experience will take several hours and you’ll learn priceless information about your swing and your stroke.

The biggest advantage to a full bag fitting is that all of your clubs are being built at the same time and they’ll be designed to work well together. Your clubs being consistent across your entire set will help you be a more consistent player regardless of the shot you’re trying to play.

Driver Fitting

The driver is the most important club in your bag and is the first club we’d recommend you customize. Getting off the tee well is critical to playing good golf. A custom-fit driver will maximize your distance and accuracy. Club head, club length, launch angle, spin rate, and ball speed are all critical to the performance of your driver.

Driver fitting portion of a full bag fitting at Club Champion

The shaft in your driver is a component that’s far too often overlooked. You have numerous options and picking the correct one for your swing makes a significant difference in how you drive the golf ball.

If you sign up for only one golf club fitting, make sure it’s a driver fitting.

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Fairway Wood Fitting

In many ways, your fairway woods are similar to your driver, but you don’t use them as often. The data you consider and the process you follow during a fairway wood fitting will be the same as a driver fitting. For most models, your fairway woods will have fewer shaft options than your driver.

Hybrid & Iron Fitting

If you’re looking to understand why golf club fittings are different for different clubs, think about the goal of a driver versus an iron/hybrid. Distance is the critical factor for a driver, but accuracy is more important for your irons and hybrids.

When you’re fit for irons, you’ll focus more on shot dispersion and consistency of strike. You also want a consistent yardage gap between your clubs. Ideally, you have an iron for any yardage you encounter on the golf course. With irons your want distance control and with a driver you simply want max distance.

Wedge Fitting

Wedges have unique features that are often misunderstood by golfers. A wedge fitting will help you get the correct bounce, lie, and “gaps” to help you improve your “short game.“ Most players will use their wedges when they are 100 yards or closer to the hole. This is the area of the golf course where you can save strokes.

A better understanding of the wedges in your bag will help you shoot lower scores.

Putter Fitting

Different golfers have very different putting strokes. Some players keep the face square, while others have a stroke that opens and shuts the face. Some golfers have a short and quick stroke, while others use a long, flowing motion.

putter fitting at Golf Center

Different putter models are designed to work with different types of strokes. A putter fitting will give you valuable information about your putting stroke and help you understand the style, length, and lie of the putter you should use. We’d all enjoy making more putts.

Stop Playing With Someone Else’s Clubs

It’s time to get a set of clubs that are truly yours. Engineered to help you play better golf. Do you think Tiger Woods would simply walk into a Dick’s Sporting Goods and grab a driver off the rack? Of course not!

Take your game to the next level by getting a set of fitted clubs. It could be the key that unlocks your full potential. Don’t wait, schedule your golf club fitting today.

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