Ryder 23 Embroidered Pocket

No need to send your bag back! We will send you out a brand new pocket with any name or nickname you would like embroidered.

Customer Reviews

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William McCaffrey

My bag took a few days(10) to arrive at my home on the East Coast. Even though it was not needed at the time ( winter) , I was a little annoyed. When I received the bag and opened the box I was not disappointed. It came as advertised. Light , many pockets, and well built. Looking forward to the golf weather in NY to show off my new golf bag

Fabian Torres
Ryder 23

Perfect size! Light weight! The wife loved it!!!!!

Cory Hedrick
Lightweight and still holds everything

The bag weighs basically nothing! But there is a ton of storage for drinks jackets and all the golf essentials! When I wear this bag out I will buy another and another and another!

Charles Yambao
Best Investment Ever!

This is the first golf bag that I actually purchased as it took me awhile to land on something that fit all of my needs. It’s light, stylish, has full length dividers, and plenty of storage. The strap system is pretty comfy and adjustable. Has good size pockets to store everything you’d need for a round.
The only thing I would nit pick is the lack of tee straps on the exterior of the bag like the lona has.
Overall, this is truest a stylish and functional bag that catches the attention of others. Sometimes I still do a double take at it

Cody Schrader
First round blew me away

Went from a thiccccc Cart bag to the Ryder 23 and man what a difference! Great storage, loved the frosty pocket 😉. The functionality and pure badassery was beyond my expectations!

martin ferrer
Aweful straps and squeaking

I want to love this bag. The bag looks awesome, fits all my clubs, and is extremely light. The pockets are nice as well. Nevertheless, there are two big issues I can't ignore. The first issue relates to the squeaking sound this bag makes when I walk. The squeaking is from the plastic parts on the straps and the connection to the bag. I tried lubing these pieces with WD-40 and zipper lube. Nothing appears to work. Additionally, the black dye on the shoulder straps also bleeds on to all my shirts on hot days. I tried contacting the sunday golf multiple times but they have not responded to me (3-4 weeks later). I am hoping this rating will get thier attention. I have the loma bag and XL loma bag as welll. The quality of the first two bags I purchased is much better than the ryder bag. Hoping Sunday golf will address my issues rather than making me throw out a $225 bag. The picture I posted shows the black dye bleeding onto my shirt.

Marcus Castillo Castillo
Amazing Bag!

I absolutely love my Sunday Ryder Bag. I struggled with picking a color but I’m very happy with the heather grey. Fits all 14 clubs well and holds everything I need without adding anymore weight. The straps are comfortable and it’s also a nice bottom to fit on a push cart or riding cart. I hope I keep this bag for a long long time. Even thinking of getting a loma bag now.

Awesome bag

What a wonderful bag. Give enough space for 14 clubs and no issues pulling one out. Have enough space for anything I need to put into the bag and got to show some love to the air freshener they are giving with the bag! Thank you for putting out a reasonably priced golf bag!